Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2015


Segment One

Zoology by Christophe Zoogones
Digital Album: Zoology (Ilan)

Saturday and Sunday by Jackie McLean
CD: One Step Beyond (Blue Note)

Segment Two

Buzz-At by Hank Jones and Thad Jones
Digital Album: Phases (Nagel Heyer)

Is You is or is You Ain't My Baby by Diana Krall
CD: Only Trust Your Heart (GRP)

I'm Just a Lucky So and So by The Richard Wyands Trio
CD: Reunited (Criss Cross)

Segment Three

Venita's Dance by Kenny Dorham
CD: Afro Cuban (Blue Note)

Fauna by The Raphael Pannier Quartet
Digital Album: Faune (French Paradox)

Doo Boo Loo Blues by Claude Luter and Barney Bigard
Digital Album: Miracles (Nagel Heyer)

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