Below are some commonly asked questions about Quality Radio Productions, along with their answers. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please e-mail qualityradioproductions@gmail.com.

Are QRP Shows Really Free?

Yes. Any radio station can air our content free of charge. All we ask is that you do your best to keep us updated on which programs you are airing, and the days and times they are aired on your station. Also, you must air each show in its entirety from beginning to end. You may not edit or otherwise interfere with the content of any program at any time for any reason, unless you are given permission to do so by QRP.

I Run A Commercial Radio Station, Can I Still Have Your Shows?

Yes, but keep in mind that these shows are primarily designed for noncommercial broadcasters. As such, most shows clock in at approximately 59 minutes in length. This doesn't leave a lot of room for ads. Still, if your station wants to air our content, and you can make allowences for the lack of time available for ads, then you are welcome to our shows.

I Run An Internet Radio Station, Can I Have Your Shows?

Absolutely. Keep in mind, though, that your station is responsible for paying any applicable music licensing fees, as with our terrestrial radio affiliates.

I Am An Artist, Or I Represent An Artist Or Record Label. Can I Submit Music For Airplay?

Absolutely! QRP is always on the lookout for new music and emerging artists. Before submitting any music for airplay, please give a listen to some of our shows on this website to get a feel for the kind of programming we do. If after listening to our shows you still feel your music would be a good fit, then feel free to send it along. All music submitted will be listened to with an open mind, and will be given fair consideration for airplay. We would prefer that you submit music digitally, such as mp3 files or other audio formats that can be easily downloaded from a website or FTP server. Physical media such as CDs or vinyl are still accepted, but not preferred due to limited physical space at our studio location (we already have a fair amount of CDs and LPs in our library as it is). Please e-mail music submissions to qualityradioproductions@gmail.com. If you absolutely must send physical media, the address is:

Jason Longwell
295 Hamilton St.
Apt. 85
Geneva, New York
14456 USA

We look forward to hearing your music, and possibly sharing it with the radio audience.

Can I Make A Song Request?

Of course! Listener feedback is very important. Please e-mail your requests to qualityradioproductions@gmail.com, or text them to (315) 217-1308. Please specify which radio series you listen to where applicable. Please be patient. New shows are produced as my schedule allows, so it may be a while before I get to your request, but please know that if I have it, I will play it as soon as I can. Thanks for all your submissions. Keep 'em coming!

Do You Accept Monetary Donations?

Yes, although QRP doesn't actively seek listener support. Honestly, we would prefer that you support your local community radio station that brings you our content week in, week out. However, if you would like to make a contribution, the best way to do so is via PayPal. Our PayPal e-mail is qualityradioproductions@gmail.com. Thanks for your support!

We hope this FAQ was helpful. Again, if you have additional questions, comments or suggestions, please e-mail qualityradioproductions@gmail.com.

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