Thursday, November 30, 2023

Jazz Progressions 2322


Segment One

Butterflies by Barry Altschul, Paul Bley and Gary Peacock
CD: Virtuosi (Improvising Artists Inc.)

Shenandoah by Perry Robinson
CD: Kundalini (Improvising Artists Inc.)

Segment Two

Vampira by Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Bruce Ditmas and Paul Bley
CD: Pastorius, Metheny, Ditmas, Bley (Improvising Artists Inc.)

Specific Gravity One by Mike Nock
CD: Almanac (Improvising Artists Inc.)

Segment Three

Utah by Steve Lacy and Michael Smith
CD: Sidelines (Improvising Artists Inc.)

Finale by Lester Bowie and Philip Wilson
CD: Duet (Improvising Artists Inc.)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2325


Segment One

Angel by Dave Eggar
Digital Album: Angelic Embrace (self-released)

Lost Canyons by John Huling
CD: Spiritlands (Red Feather)

Into Forever by Constance Demby
CD: Polar Shift (Private Music)

Send in the Drums by James Asher
CD: Feet in the Soil (New Earth)

Rose in the Heather/Tom Billy's Jig by William Coulter
CD: Celtic Crossing (Gourd)

Segment Two

Walk on Water by Scott Huckabay
CD: Synesthesia (self-released)

Baby Interphase by Bioshpere
CD: Microgravity (Apollo)

Crystal Dance by Tom Barabas
CD: Piano Impressions (Soundings of the Planet)

Dark Island by Mike Oldfield
CD: Voyager (Reprise)

Good Sign by Davol
CD: Good Sign (self-released)


Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Lake Air 2325


Segment One

Stay Awhile by Steve Cole
CD: Stay Awhile (Mesa)

Second Thought by Cal Scott
CD: Second Thought (Tamarack)

Sweet Refrain by Gayle Marie
LP: Night Rainbow (Gayleo)

Christina by Marcio Montarroyos
CD: Samba Solstice (Black Sun)

Segment Two

True Companion by The Rippingtons
CD: Sahara (GRP)

Pax de Deux by Scott Cossu
CD: Stained Glass Memories (Windham Hill)

When We Were One by Vanessa Rubin
CD: Soul Eyes (Novus)

Turning Night Into Day by Nelson Rangell
CD: Turning Night Into Day (GRP)

Segment Three

Here's My Number by Norman Brown
CD: Sending My Love (Concord)

Geometry by Michael Manring
CD: Toward the Center of the Night (Windham Hill)

I Wonder by Angela Bofill
CD: I Wanna Love Somebody (Zomba)

Kyle's Smiles by Kirk Whalum
CD: Floppy Disk (Columbia)

Monday, November 27, 2023

Jazz and More 11-26-23

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Quiet Departure by Eberhard Weber
CD: Fluid Rustle (ECM)

Hour One Segment Two

Out of This World by John Coltrane
CD: Coltrane (Impulse!)

Reaching Fourth by McCoy Tyner
CD: Reaching Fourth (Impulse!)

Hour One Segment Three

Song For Antarctica by Yanni
Lullaby by Jim Chappell
Polar Flight by Steve Howe, Paul Sutin and Constance Demby
CD: Polar Shift: A Benefit For Antarctica (Private Music)

Hour One Segment Four

She Moved Though the Fare by Patrick Ball
CD: Fiona (Celestial Harmonies)

Hour Two Segment One

Thinking About You by Norman Brown
CD: Sending My Love (Concord)

Star of a Story by George Benson
CD: Give Me the Night (Warner)

The Morning After by Ronny Jordan
CD: The Quiet Revolution (Island)

Hour Two Segment Two

Secret Love by Mike Denny
CD: Now... Here... This... (Origin)

Little Walk by John Scofield
CD: What We Do (Blue Note)

Hour Two Segment Three

Only Time Will Tell by Mike Oldfield
CD: The Songs of Distant Earth (Warner)

One by Chris Spheeris
CD: Culture (Essence)

Hour Two Segment Four

Spiral Garden by Dave Eggar
Digital Album: Angelic Embrace (self-released)

Wishing Well by Mia Jang
CD: Water Circles (Narada)

Hour Three Segment One

Will-O-the-Wisp by Passport
CD: Cross-Collateral (Atlantic)

Wildlife by The New Tony Williams Lifetime
CD: Believe It! (Columbia)

Epilogue by Jack DeJohnette
CD: Sorcery (Prestige/OJC)

Hour Three Segment Two

If I Were a Bell by Miles Davis
CD: Relaxin' With the Miles Davis Quintet (Prestige/OJC)

Adelaide by Eddie Costa
CD: Guys and Dolls Like Vibes (Coral)

Hour Three Segment Three

The Illusionist by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: El Dorado (Private Music)

The Constant Search by Steve Haun
CD: Inside the Sky (Silver Wave)

Pilgrimage by Davol
CD: Paradox (Silver Wave)

Hour Three Segment Four

The Water is Wide by Maireid Sullivan
CD: Celtic Voices: Women of Song (Narada)

Stor Mo Chroi by William Coulter
CD: Celtic Crossing (Gourd)

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Sounds From the Global Village 2317


Segment One

Musolou by Sona Jobarteh
Digital Album: Badinyaa Kumoo (self-released)

Seb'a Nejmat by Moneim Adwan
CD: Once Upon a Time in Palestine (Accords Croises)

La Morena by Graciana Silva
CD: Moliendo Cafe (Accords Croises)

Ah Hani A Garan by Alan Stivell
CD: Chemins de Terre (Disques Dreyfus)

Segment Two

Guanabacoa by Ana Carla Maza
Digital Album: Caribe (self-released)

Aurinko Nousee by Pekko Kappi
Digital Album: Credo (Rockadillo)

Wachna by Suzzana Owiyo
CD: Mama Africa (ARC)

Cemargu by Uruna
Digital Album: El Primeru (self-released)

Segment Three

Dandaulo by The Tonga Boys
Digital Album: Tiri Bwino (self-released)

Dil Ka Diya Jalaya Main Ne by Noor Jehan
CD: Greatest Collection Vol. 3 (Oriental Star)

Nuestro Destino by Marco Toro y Su Ensamble
Digital Album: 12+1 Anniversary (self-released)

Eh Kad Bi Ti by Sako Polumenta
CD: Eh Kad Bi Ti (Lucky Sound)

Thursday, November 23, 2023

The Jazz Scene 2323


Segment One

Raincheck by Terell Stafford
CD: This Side of Strayhorn (Maxjazz)

Paula by The Christoph Spendel Trio
CD: Back to Basics (Blue Flame)

Everybody's Somebody's Fool by Dexter Gordon
CD: Gettin' Around (Blue Note)

Segment Two

Chilches by Ben Winkelman
CD: Heartbeat (OA2)

East of the Sun (West of the Moon) by Tony Bennett
CD: Perfectly Frank (Columbia)

Reaction by The Jodi Proznick Quartet
CD: Foundations (Cellar Live)

Segment Three

Blade's Groove by Dan Heck
CD: Compositionality (Origin)

Guys and Dolls by The Eddie Costa Quartet
CD: Guys and Dolls Like Vibes (Coral)

Morning Fun by Scott Hamilton and Bucky Pizzzarelli
CD: The Red Door (Concord)

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Jazz and More 11-19-23

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Rice Field by Ira Stein and Russel Walder
CD: Elements (Windham Hill)

Thanksgiving by George Winston
CD: Windham Hill Sampler '84 (Windham Hill)

Visual Promise by Scott Cossu
CD: She Describes Infinity (Windham Hill)

Hour One Segment Two

Batista's Groove by David 'Fathead' Newman
CD: Straight Ahead (Atlantic)

Come, Gone by Sonny Rollins
CD: Way Out West (Contemporary/OJC)

Hour One Segment Three

Reflective Current by Behn Gilece
CD: Walk of Fire (Posi-Tone)

Rain by Mike Freeman
CD: Wiggle Stomp (VOF)

Hour One Segment Four

Karima by Maher Cissoko
Digital Album: Kora World (Ajabu!)

Yankadi by Paul Horn and Nexus
CD: Africa (Kuckuck)

Hour Two Segment One

Pent-Up House by The Christoph Spendel Trio
CD: Back to Basics (Blue Flame)

Remembrance by Christian Jacob
CD: Maynard Ferguson Presents Christian Jacob (Concord)

Can't We Be Friends? by The Sonny Clark Trio
CD: Blues in the Night (Blue Note)

Hour Two Segment Two

Meeting of the Spirits by The Mahavishnu Orchestra
CD: The Inner Mounting Flame (Columbia)

Crazed Fandango by Tommy Bolin
CD: Live at Ebbets Field (Zebra)

All 4 One by Billy Cobham
CD: Spectrum (Atlantic)

Hour Two Segment Three

Farther Than the Stars by Bill Douglas
CD: Cantilena (Hearts of Space)

Na Laethe Bhi by Clannad
CD: Banba (Atlantic)

Hour Two Segment Four

Facades by Philip Glass
CD: Glassworks (CBS Masterworks)

Hour Three Segment One

Healing the Wounds by The Crusaders
CD: Healing the Wounds (GRP)

Leading Me Back to You by Joe Sample Feat. Michael Franks
CD: Spellbound (Warner)

Small Town Girl by Larry Carlton
CD: Collection (GRP)

Hour Three Segment Two

Angel Eyes by Richard Cole
CD: The Forgotten (Origin)

Blood Count by Joe Henderson
CD: Lush Life (Verve)

Back Burner by Tom Scott
CD: Born Again (GRP)

Hour Three Segment Three

Terra Vista by Paul Speer
CD: Collection 983: Spectral Voyages (Rainstorm)

Mountain in the Mist by Craig Chaquico
CD: Acoustic Highway (Higher Octave)

Hour Three Segment Four

An Arc of Doves by Harold Budd and Brian Eno
CD: Ambient 2: The Plateau of Mirror (EG)

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2324


Segment One

Phoenix of Love by Do'a
Digital Album: Ancient Beauty (self-released)

Resistance by Vicente Avella
Digital Album: Physics of Light (self-released)

Optimism by Nic Potter
CD: Sketches in Sound (Zomart)

Leaving Home by Kim Skovbye
CD: There And Back Again (Fonix)

Minou's Waltz by Ira Stein and Russel Walder
CD: Elements (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

Day Star by David Lanz
CD: Heartsounds (Narada)

Pandemonium by Daniel Paul
CD: Between Two Worlds (Soundings of the Planet)

Ancient Prophecies by Michel Genest
CD: Ascension (Narada)

Faith, Hope and Love by Michael Gulezian
CD: The Dare of an Angel (Timberline)

He Who Loves You by Vox
CD: From Spain to Spain (Erdenklang)

Tara by Bill Douglas
CD: Cantilena (Hearts of Space)

Friday, November 17, 2023

Lake Air 2324


Segment One

The Way Back by Johnny Murdaugh
Single: The Way Back (self-released)

Open Story by Danny Heines
CD: Every Island (Silver Wave)

I Feel For You by Angela Galuppo
CD: Angela Galuppo (Justin Time)

Theme From "Love is Not Enough" by David Sanborn
CD: Heart to Heart (Warner)

Segment Two

Along the Way by Richard Elliot
CD: On the Town (Manhattan)

Red Sky by Wayne Gratz
CD: Reminiscence (Narada)

Walk Softly by Marlena Shaw
CD: Sweet Beginnings (Big Break)

Village Dance by Kevin Eubanks
CD: Shadow Prophets (GRP)

Segment Three

Gabion by Mark Maxwell
CD: Sweet Sax (Desert Dream)

Where the Rivers Run by Tim Timmermans
CD: Seven Bridges (Higher Octave)

Inseparable by Will Downing
CD: Moods (Mercury)

Mellow Magic by Pieces of a Dream
CD: Makes You Wanna (Manhattan)

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Sounds From the Global Village 2316


Segment One

Folk Song Ashiqam and Mugham Hijaz by Nazaket Teymurova
Digital Album: Mughan (Caucaso)

Poli Wari by Inna Baba Coulibaly
Digital Album: Djilly Kawral (Remote Records)

Bailinho Dance Song by Eduardo Caldeira et. al.
CD: Portugal: Music and Dance From Madeira (Smithsonian Folkways)

Misionera by Ignacio Alderete
CD: L'Art de la Harpe du Paraguay (Believe)

Segment Two

Entertainment Love Song by Wokpe et. al.
CD: Kpelle Music of Liberia (Smithsonian Folkways)

Lucky Southern by Mili Bermejo and Dan Greenspan
CD: Ay Amor (Xenophile)

Kao Shan Liu Shui by So Chun-Po
CD: Hong Kong: Instrumental Music (Smithsonian Folkways)

Sulu by Unganisha
Digital Album: Mbili Mbili (self-released)

Segment Three

Keepin' Ir Reel by Boxing Banjo
Digital Album: Round #1 (self-released)

Nama He Ta Geha by Sagarias Tsam
Digital Album: Nama He Ta Geha (self-released)

Min Nyo Sin by The Si Wa Project
Digital Album: Myanmar Root Music (self-released)

Murabba' by Maidah Nazhat et. al.
CD: Iraq: Iraq'at; Traditional Rhythmic Structures (Smithsonian Folkways)

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Jazz Progressions 2321


Segment One

Black Holes Are Hard to Find by Frank Paul Schubert
CD: Black Holes Are Hard to Find (Nemu)

Sandrinella by The Yamabiko Quintet
CD: The Yamabiko Quintet (Nemu)

Hour Two

Many Sparrows by Paul Dunmall
Digital Album: Bright Light: A Joyous Celebration (Discus)

Swoon by Martin Archer
Digital Album: Wasp Honey (Discus)

Kingfisher Blue by Martin Pyne and David Beebee
Digital Album: Ripples (Discus)

Segment Three

Eubanks by Carsten Rubeling
EP: Volk (self-released)

Zealousy by Joey Alexander
CD: Continuance (Mack Avenue)

Monday, November 13, 2023

The Jazz Scene 2322


Segment One

Road Warrior by The Nick MacLean Quartet
Digital Album: Convergence (self-released)

Oslo by Michael Sagmeister With Dave Samuels
CD: Dualism (Timba)

Mopp Shoe Blues by Paul Chambers
CD: 1st Bassman (Vee Jay)

Segment Two

Eiderdown by Miki Yamanaka
Digital Album: Stairway to the Stars (Outside In)

Grab a Little Bit of Golden Sunshine by Tish Oney With the John Chiodini Trio
CD: The Best Part (Blujazz)

Stolen Sweets by Shirley Scott With Stanley Turrentine
CD: Soul Shoutin' (Prestige/OJC)

Segment Three

Kathy by Elio Alves
CD: Musica (Jazz Legacy Productions)

Tahiti by Milt Jackson
CD: Wizard of the Vibes (Blue Note)

Among My Souvenirs by Stephen Riley and Ernest Turner
CD: Original Mind (Cellar Live)

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Jazz and More 11-12-23

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Duet Suite by Gary Burton and Chick Corea
CD: Duet (ECM)

Hour One Segment Two

Polka Dots and Moonbeams by The Tom Hart Quartet
Digital Album: It's What It Is (self-released)

Beyond the Bluebird by Scott Hamilton
CD: After Hours (Concord)

Hour One Segment Three

Something to Believe in by Clannad
CD: Sirius (RCA)

Outward Bound by Quintana and Speer
CD: Shades of Shadow (Miramar)

Returning by Michael Gettel
CD: Return (Narada)

Hour One Segment Four

Mile High Country by Michael Gulezian
CD: The Dare of an Angel (Timberline)

Open Story by Danny Heines
CD: Every Island (Silver Wave)

Hour Two Segment One

I Hear a Rhapsody by The Bruce Forman Quartet
CD: Pardon Me! (Concord)

Blues in the Night by Roni Ben-Hur
CD: Signature (Reservoir)

Hour Two Segment Two

You Happened My Way by The Horace Silver Quintet
CD: Finger Poppin' (Blue Note)

Epistrophy by Milt Jackson
CD: Wizard of the Vibes (Blue Note)

Smile, Stacey by Stanley Turrentine
CD: That's Where It's At (Blue Note)

Hour Two Segment Three

3AM at the Border of the Marsh From Okefenokee by Tangerine Dream
CD: Stratosfear (Virgin)

Detroit Snackbar Dreamer by Edgar Froese
CD: Stuntman (Virgin)

Hour Two Segment Four

Taking Flight by Carly Beth Hand
CD: Taking Flight (self-released)

Daybreak Communion by Douglas Trowbridge
LP: Songs Unspoken (Meadowlark)

Hour Three Segment One

Cheryl by Miki Yamanaka
CD: Stairway to the Stars (Outside In)

Tricrotism by Joe Pass and Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen
CD: Chops (Pablo/OJC)

Hour Three Segment Two

Human Nature by George Howard
CD: Steppin' Out (TBA)

People Make the World Go Round by Ramsey Lewis
CD: Ivory Pyramid (GRP)

Could It Be I'm Falling in Love? by Earl Klugh
CD: Earl Klugh (Blue Note)

Hour Three Segment Three

Watercourse Way by Shadowfax
CD: Shadowdance (Windham Hill)

The Valley of Search by Do'ah
CD: Ornament of Hope (self-released)

Hour Three Segment Four

The Dance of the Water Spirits/The Golden Goose by Orison
CD: Celtic and Contemporary Instrumental Music (Gourd)

Lake Isle by Al Petteway
CD: The Waters and the Wild (Maggie's Music)

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2323


Segment One

The Hall of Crystals by Johan Agebjorn and Mikael Ogren
CD: Artefact (Spotted Peccary)

Walking by Steve Tibbetts
CD: Northern Song (ECM)

Mira by Michael Harrison
CD: In Flight (Fortuna)

Croi Croga by Clannad
CD: Lore (RCA)

Ting by The Higher Intelligence Agency
CD: Freefloater (Wavevorm)

Segment Two

Dreamwalk by William Ellwood
CD: Touchstone (Narada)

Temple by Crystal Moon
CD: Temple (Kinetix)

The Chariot by Troika
CD: Kingdom of the Sun (Enso)

Out at Sea by Carly Beth Hand
CD: Taking Flight (self-released)

Stellar Voyage by Dallas Smith
Cassette: Stellar Voyage (Narada)

Porridge Pines by Alan Gogoll
Digital Album: Solo Acoustic (self-released)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Lake Air 2323


Segment One

Happy Song by Tom Browne
CD: No Longer I (Malaco)

Island Moon by Carol Nethen
CD: A View From the Bridge (Narada)

Baby, You Just Don't Know by Carl Anderson
CD: An Act of Love (Polydor)

The Kiss by Lee Ritenour
CD: Color Rit (GRP)

Segment Two

Heart by Chuck Loeb
CD: Mediterranean (DMP)

Find the Way by John Paris
Digital Album: Journey of Soul (self-released)

Spinning Dreams by Gregg Karukas
CD: Summerhouse (Positive Music)

He's Different by Seven
LP: Seven (P.M.)

Segment Three

Better Days by Everette Harp
CD: Better Days (Blue Note)

Through the Heartland by Michael Gettel
CD: Return (Narada)

My Father's Piano by Kristina Olsen
CD: Kristina Olsen (Philo)

Mayaguez by Earl Klugh
CD: Magic In Your Eyes (Blue Note)

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Sounds From the Global Village 2315


Segment One

Mientras Estas Ausenta by Cesar, Emma and Jaime Junaro
CD: Tu Semilla (Discolandia Dueri y Cia)

Hobaa Layoow Heedhe by The Sahra Halgan Trio
CD: Faransiskiyo Somaliland (Buda Musique)

Dance in the Cart by Trigon
CD: Oglinda (Jaro)

Dede Priscilla by Lea Lignanzi
LP: Sound D'Afrique II: Soukous (Mango)

Segment Two

Kodjaizo by Maalesh
CD: Wassi Wassi (self-released)

El Dolor Campesino by Lalo Rodriguez
CD: Y La Salsa Mayor Vol. 2 (YoYo)

Jangylyk by Ensemble Tengir-Too
CD: Music of Central Asia Vol. 1: Mountain Music of Kyrgyzstan (Smithsonian Folkways)

Onze Passe Dotze by Gai Saber
CD: Electro Ch'OC (Bagarre)

Segment Three

Leili Leili by Nasim Khushnawaz and Gholam Sakhi Rasuli
CD: Afghan Music in Exile (Worlds Within Worlds)

Mbombela by Bholoja
CD: Swazi Soul (Sheer Sound)

Tres Mujeres by Los Hermanos Flores
CD: Conjunto de Arpa (Barajas)

Musika Maile by Pacific Soul
CD: Pacific Soul (Pacific Dream)

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Jazz Progressions 2320


Segment One

Mahat by John Abercrombie
CD: Speak of the Devil (ECM)

Encuentros by John McLaughlin
CD: After the Rain (Decca)

Name That Tune by John Scofield
CD: EnRoute (Verve)

Segment Two

Parallel by Mike Osborne
Digital Album: Starting Fires: Live at the 100 Club (British Progressive Jazz)

Segment Three

The Storm Before the Quiet by Sam Newsome
Digital Album: Cosmic Unconsciousness Unplugged (self-released)

To Birds by Michael Bisio and Kirk Knuffke
Digital Album: Row For William O (Relative Pitch)

Monday, November 6, 2023

Classics and Beyond 2315


Segment One

Lou Harrison: Concerto for Violin and Percussion Orchestra
Nicholas Kitchen: Violin
New England Conservatory Percussion Ensemble
Frank Epstein: Director
CD: Works for Violin and Percussion Orchestra (Naxos)

Segment Two

John Johnson: The Delight Pavan/Carman's Whistle/Chi Pasa/The Marigold Pavan/Goodnight
Christopher Wilson, Shirley Rumsey: Lute
CD: John Johnson: Lute Music (Naxos)

Segment Three

Astor Piazzolla: Oblivion/Agustin Barrios Mangore: Julia Florida/Celso Machado: Pacoca
The Dawidek-Poyner Duo
CD: Oblivion: Latin American Music for Oboe and Guitar (First Hand)

Upstate Radio Theatre 2320


The Alan Young Show "Alan Writes an Opera" 12-12-44
Official Detective "The Hogan Murder Case" 5-14-49

Upstate Radio Theatre 2319


Mindwebs "The Squirrel Cage" 6-24-77
Music For Moderns "Woody Herman" 3-14-53

Upstate Radio Theatre 2318


Boston Blackie "Blackie Goes to Jail for Diamond Theft' 12-3-46
Red Ryder 'Painted Valley Rustlers" 4-11-42

Upstate Radio Theatre 2317


The Mysterious Traveler "Queen of the Cats" 7-2-44
The Charlotte Greenwood Show "Homework Problems" 3-11-45

Something Beautiful 2316


Segment One

The Impossible Dream by Geoff Love
Let Me Try Again by Harald Winkler
Love Me Tender by The Hollyridge Strings
Scarborough Fair by Anthony Ventura
A Time For Us by Percy Faith
Blues in the Night by Max Harris
Strangers in the Night by Martin Bottcher
My Kismet by John Fox
For Adeline by Henry Arland

Segment Two

Two For the Road by Johnny Pearson
Blowin' in the Wind by The Astro Strings
Love Will Keep Us Together by The Living Strings
Night and Day by Ronnie Price
MacArthur Park by Joe Reisman
I Get a Kick Out of You by Ray Ellis
The World We Knew by Jeff Saunders
Mellow Yellow by Vic Lewis
Young at Heart by Peter Knight

Something Beautiful 2317


Segment One

Dream Your Dream by Percy Faith
I'm Stone in Love With You by Peter Piccini
The Twelfth of Never by Manuel
Theme From Mahogany by The Heartstrings
In Between the Heartaches by John Fox
What a Wonderful World by Ray Davies
Songbird by Frank Chacksfield
You And Me Against the World by Bill Loose
Take Me Home by Eddie Blair

Segment Two

Weekend in New England by Roland Shaw
Angel Eyes by Michael Goltz
Release Me by Mantovani
Sam by The Buckingham Strings
You Don't Bring Me Flowers by Ferrante and Teicher
Chi Mai by James Last
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing by Chet Atkins
More by Lex de Azevedo
Here Comes the Sun by Stu Phillips

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Classics and Beyond 2314


Segment One

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quartet No. 14 in G Major K. 387
The Cleveland Quartet
CD: Mozart: String Quartets Nos. 14 and 15 (Telarc)

Segment Three

Joaquin Rodrigo: Concerto Serenade for Harp and Orchestra
Nicanor Zabaleta: Harp
The Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
Ernst Marzendorfer: Conductor
LP: Boieldieu: Harp Concerto in C/Rodrigo: Concerto Serenade for Harp and Orchestra (Deutsche Grammophon)

The Jazz Scene 2321


Segment One

It's You or No One by The Alex Clarke Quartet
Digital Album: Only a Year (self-released)

Updraft by Silvan Joray
Digital Album: Updraft (self-released)

Radio by Chick Corea and Gary Burton
CD: Duet (ECM)

Segment Two

And Now... by Art Farmer
CD: Portrait of Art Farmer (Contemporary/OJC)

No Moon at All by Mira Choquette
Digital Album; in Real Time (self-released)

Stolen Moments by The Kenny Burrell Quartet
CD: Stolen Moments (Concord)

Segment Three

Finger Poppin' by The Horace Silver Quintet
CD: Finger Poppin' (Blue Note)

KD, Jr. by Steve Slagle and Bill O'Connell
CD: The Power of Two (Panorama)

Nutty Notes by The Terry Gibbs Quartet
CD: The Terry Gibbs Quartet Feat. Terry Pollard (Fresh Sound)

Jazz and More 11-5-23

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Wedding of the Streams by Ralph Towner
CD: Blue Sun (ECM)

It's For You by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays
CD: As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls (ECM)

Hour One Segment Two

Blues For Change by The Affinity Trio
CD: Hindsight (Origin)

Industrielle by Maddie Vogler
CD: While We Have Time (Origin)

Hour One Segment Three

Trees by Roland Kirk
CD: I Talk With the Spirits (Verve)

Yoruba by Hubert Laws
CD: Wild Flower (Atlantic)

Hour One Segment Four

Tisnant An Chatma by Tamikrest
CD: Chatma (Glitterbeat)

Kabsamai by Chikchika
Digital Album: Music Yared (self-released)

Gomo by Chiwoniso
CD: Rebel Woman (Cumbancha)

Hour Two Segment One

A Night in Tunisia by Bill Anschell
CD: Shifting Standards (Origin)

Sun of the East by The Bill mays Trio
CD: Live at COTA (No Blooze)

Hour Two Segment Two

Major in Come by Steve Slagle
CD: Dedication (Panorama)

Black Action Figure by Stefon Harris
CD: Black Action Figure (Blue Note)

Hour Two Segment Three

Find the Way by John Paris
Digital Album: Journey of Soul (self-released)

Frontiers by John Boswell
CD: The Painter (Hearts of Space)

Hour Two Segment Four

Seraphim by Paul Sutin and Steve Howe
CD: Seraphim (CMC)

Soon by Yes
Double CD: Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection (Warner)

Hour Three Segment One

Stairs by The L.A. Express
CD: L.A. Express (BGO)

Margarita by Lee Ritenour
CD: Captain Fingers (Epic)

Room 335 by Larry Carlton
CD: Larry Carlton (Warner)

Hour Three Segment Two

Still Her by Randy Halberstadt
CD: Open Heart (Origin)

Easy Walker by The Larry Fuller Trio
CD: Easy Walker (Pony Boy)

Hour Three Segment Three

Three Circles by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: Trust (Deep Cave)

Things Seen and Unseen by Kevin Braheny
CD: Secret Rooms (Hearts of Space)

Existing Elsewhere by Mark Dwane
Digital Album: The Utopian Paradigm (self-released)

Hour Three Segment Four

Magnolia by Eric Tingstad
CD: A Sense of Place (Narada)

Mirage by Alex de Grassi
CD: Deep at Night (Windham Hill)

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Something Beautiful 2315


Segment One

Love Letters by Ronnie Aldrich
The Very Thought of You by The Romantic Strings
Send in the Clowns by Dick Bakker
Chances Are by Frank De Vol
I Fall to Pieces by John Fox
Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Pat Valentino
Where or When by Paul Weston
Too Much Heaven by Arthur Greenslade
The Entertainer by Percy Faith

Segment Two

Thou Swell by Andre Kostelanetz
La Paloma by The Magical Strings
Our Love is Here to Stay by Syd Dale
If I Were a Carpenter by Bernard Ebbinghouse
I Can't Get Started by Acker Bilk
I Just Called to Say I Love You by The Fantasy Strings
Easy to Love by Norm Geller
Hold Me Close by Hagood Hardy
The Nearness of You by Mitchell Ayres