Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Upstate Radio Theatre 1616


Hello Sucker "Portrait of a Sucker" 2-9-52
That's Rich "Rich Meets Freckles (Audition Show)" 11-21-53

Sounds From the Global Village 1615


Segment One

Ana Kulli Leik by Hasna
CD: Hasna (Virgin)

Handarezo by Ballake Sissoko
CD: Tomora (Label Bleu)

Lambada by Machu Pichu
CD: La Colegiala (Vilma)

Segment Two

Bhaja Hure Mana by Radha Krsna Temple
CD: Radha Krsna Temple (Apple)

Chicuelo by Chambao
CD: Pokito a Poko (Norte)

Papa Bonheur by Koffi Olomide
CD: Haut de Gamme (Tamaris)

Segment Three

Maiden Stone by Jenny Sturgeon
CD: Behind the Skein (self-released)

Desafinado by Toninho Horta
CD: From Ton to Tom: A Tribute to Tom Jobim (Video Arts)

Vanhanpiian Valitus by Sanna Kurki-Suonio
CD: Huria (Rocadillo)

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Jazz Scene 1615


Segment One

Liftoff by The J.G. Quintet
CD: Liftoff (Moby Disk)

Emily by Jimmy Bruno and Joe Beck
CD: Polarity (Concord)

It Never Entered My Mind by Ben Webster
CD: Quiet Now: Until Tonight (Verve)

Segment Two

Another World by The Great Jazz Trio
CD: Moreover (Test of Time)

Waiting on the Weather by Sarah Silverman
CD: Sarah (self-released)

I Fall in Love Too Easily by Wolfgang Haffner
CD: Kind of Cool (ACT)

Segment Three

Hamp's the Champ by The Lionel Hampton All Star Band
CD: Live at Newport '78 (Timeless)

I Know That You Know by The Sonny Stitt Quartet
LP: New York Jazz (Verve)

Nuages by Eddy Palermo
CD: The Eddy Palermo Trio (Panastudio Jazz)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lake Air 1615


Segment One

Lost in Your Eyes by Peter White
CD: Excusez-Moi (CGR)

Fortune Smiles by Barbara Higbie
CD: Windham Hill Piano Sampler II (Windham Hill)

Holding Back the Years by Simply Red
CD: Picture Book (Elektra)

Revolving Door by Sergio Salvatore
CD: Always a Beginning (Concord)

Segment Two

That Girl by Mark Whitfield
CD: Mark Whitfield (Warner Brothers)

Santorini by Yanni
CD: Keys to Imagination (Private Music)

Love is Stronger Than Pride by Sade
CD: Stronger Than Pride (Epic)

Marie by Brandon Fields
CD: Other Places (Nova)

Segment Three

California Summer by Brian Tarquin
MP3 Album: Classic Radio Hits (Guitar Trax)

Lake of the White Owl by Keiko Matsui
CD: Night Waltz (CGR)

Heart's Horizon by Al Jarreau
CD: Heart's Horizon (Warner Brothers)

Something I Said by Steps Ahead
CD: Magnetic (Elektra)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Jazz Progressions 1615


Segment One

Magical Elements by Dry Jack
CD: Magical Elements (Inner City)

Peisaj by Marius Popp
LP: Panoramic Jazz Rock (Electrecord)

Trapezoid by Mingo Lewis
CD: Flight Never Ending (Footprint)

Segment Two

Aceita by Desiderio Lazaro
CD: Samsara (Sintoma)

Tasteless by The Galen Weston Band
CD: Plugged In (self-released)

Segment Three

Lover Come Back to Me by Kaoru Abe and Yasukazu Sato
CD: Acacia No Ame Ga Yamu Toki (Wax)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Classics and Beyond 1615


Segment One

Adrian Jones: Nybyggnan: A Folk Music Concerto for Saxophone and Strings
I. Pernilla's Polska - Nybygget, Vals
II. Trolldans, Springlek
III. Nybygget, Gangar - Flyttfaglar, Pols
IV. Nybygget, Gangar - Siljan, Polska
V. Interludium - Stillhet
VI. Final, Rondo
Daniel Reid: Saxophones
Jeanette Eriksson and Sergio Cristosomo: Violins
Adrian Jones: Viola
Anna Wallgren: Cello
CD: Adrian Jones: Nybyggnan (BIS)

Segment Two

Henry Vieuxtemps: 36 Etudes for Solo Violin (Excerpts)
VI. Erzahlung
VII. Qual
XXV. Tarantella
XXVII. Agitato
XXVIII. Moderato
XXXII. Variations on the Gavotte of Corelli
Reto Kuppel: Violin
CD: Vieuxtemps: Works for Solo Violin (Naxos)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Upstate Radio Theatre 1615


The Mysterious Traveler "S.O.S." 5-2-50
Refreshment Club "First Song: I Feel a Song Coming On" 12-17-36

Sounds From the Global Village 1614


Segment One

Long Wait by Omar Faruk Tekbilek
CD: Whirling (Celestial Harmonies)

Sô Bô Sô by Fantcha
CD: Viva Mindelo (Lusafrica)

Chaminuka by Dumisani Maraire
CD: Chaminuka: Music of Zimbabwe (Music of the World)

Segment Two

Dle Yaman by Hraach
CD: Sark 6: Ethnic Remix (Thara)

Pajaro Campana by Nicolas Caballero
CD: The Paraguayan Harp (self-released)

Baba Hammuda Allah Bali-li by Hassan Hakmoun
CD: The Fire Within: Gnawa Music of Morocco (Music of the World)

Segment Three

Robaim Choun Por by The Sam-Ang Sam Ensemble
CD: Echoes From the Palace: Court Music of Cambodia (Music of the World)

Su Determinu by Tenores de Oniferi
CD: Polyphonic Singing From Sardinia (Music of the World)

Bundu by James Makubuya
CD: Watik Watik: Music From Uganda (Music of the World)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Jazz Scene 1614


Segment One

Berlin by Ida Rønshaugen
CD: The Blue and Wise Cats (Codfather)

Pawky by Dorothy Ashby
Double CD: Four Classic Albums Plus (Avid)

In the Corner by Leon Foster Thomas
CD: Metamorphosis (Ropeadope)

Segment Two

Frenzy by One for All
CD: The Third Decade (Smoke Sessions)

Working it Out by The Nicki Allan Sextet
CD: You're Gonna Hear From Me (33 Jazz)

Sunday by John Coltrane and Paul Quinichette
CD: Cattin' With Coltrane and Quinichette (Original Jazz Classics)

Segment Three

A Walk Through Town by the Gregory Gaynair Trio
Take Five (Trumpet and Piano Duo Version) by Urban Beyer
Orphalese by Falk Bonitz
CD: Jazz My Life (Everlasting Sensation)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Lake Air 1614


Segment One

How Excellent by Art Sharrod Jr.
CD: Intervention (Pacific Coast Jazz)

The Inns of Granny White by Mark O'Connor
CD: Elysian Forest (Warner Brothers)

How We Love by Ingrid Michaelson
CD: Human Again (Cabin 24)

Maltese Connection by Jules Broussard
CD: Jules Broussard (Headfirst)

Segment Two

Final Degree by Abraham Laboriel
CD: Guidum (Integrity Music)

Inverness by Suzanne Ciani
CD: History of My Heart (Private Music)

Even if My Heart Would Break by Kenny G
CD: Breathless (Arista)

Ipanema Sunset by Torcuato Mariano
CD: So Far From Home (Nu Groove)

Segment Three

Mother's Eyes by Joe Sample
CD: Ashes to Ashes (Warner Brothers)

Reasons for Moving by Fred Simon
CD: Romance: Music for Piano (Narada)

Wildflower by Joanna Pascale
CD: Wildflower (Stiletto)

Love Poem by Tom Scott and the L.A. Express
CD: Bluestreak (GRP)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jazz Progressions 1614


Segment One

Debut by Colosseum
CD: Those Who Are About to Die Salute You/Valentyne Suite (Sequel)

Teeth by The Soft Machine
CD: Fourth (Columbia)

Segment Two

River's Run by Gary Peacock and Marc Copland
CD: Insight (Pirouet)

Le Reveil du Chat by Chat Noir
CD: Adoration (Splas(h))

No Stars Without Darkness by Søren Dahl Jeppesen
CD: Red Sky (self-released)

Segment Three

T. on a White Horse by Eberhard Weber
CD: The Following Morning (ECM)

All the Mornings Bring by Paul McCandless
LP: All the Mornings Bring (Elektra)