Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Jazz Scene 1622


Segment One

Blue Cee by Charles Mingus
CD: The Clown (Atlantic)

The Joy of a Pie by Romero Lubambo and Weber Drummond
CD: Face to Face (GSP)

Circle by Shawna Yang
MP3 Album: Simple Life (AsiaMuse)

Segment Two

Adrienne by The George Robert-Tom Harrell Quintet
CD: Lonely Eyes (GPR)

Almost Like Being in Love by Hal Mckusick and Betty St. Claire
CD: Hal Mckusick Plays... Betty St. Claire Sings (Fresh Sound)

The Thrill is Gone by Roni Ben-Hur and the Barry Harris Trio
CD: Backyard (TCB)

Segment Three

Blues Well Done by Donald Byrd
CD: The Creeper (Blue Note)

Sweet Lorraine by The Derek Smith Trio
CD: Love for Sale (Progressive)

Body and Soul by Ted Vieira
CD: Quiet Places (self-released)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jazz Progressions 1622


Segment One

Brujo by National Health
CD: National Health (Century)

T.P.C. by Philip Catherine
LP: September Man (Atlantic)

Segment Two

Son of Mr. Green Genes by Frank Zappa
CD: Hot Rats (Rykodisc)

Návšteva U Tety Markéty, Vypití Šálku Čaje by Blue Effect and Jazz Q Praha
CD: Coniunctio (Bonton)

Segment Three

Rose Dance by Masters of Unorthodox Jazz
Double LP: Vienna Jazz Avantgarde (WM Produktion)

Classics and Beyond 1622


Segment One

Niels W. Gade: Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in F Major Op. 42
I. Allegro Animato
II. Allegro Molto Vivace
III. Andantino
IV. Finale: Allegro con Fuoco
The Danish Piano Trio
Lars Bjornkjaer: Violin
Toke Moldrup: Cello
Katrine Gislinge: Piano
CD: Danish Romantic Piano Trios (Dacapo)

Segment Two

Renaissance: Running Hard, I Think of You, Things I Don't Understand
Annie Haslam: Vocals
Michael Dunford: Guitar, Vocals
John Camp: Bass, Vocals
John Tout: Piano, Keyboards
Terence Sullivan: Drums, Percussion
CD: Turn of the Cards (Repertoire)

Segment Three

Cyrus Chestnut Trio: Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)
Cyrus Chestnut: Piano
Dezron Douglas: Bass
Neal Smith: Drums
CD: Moonlight Sonata: Swingin' Classics (Venus)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sounds From the Global Village 1621


All selections on this program taken from the double CD compilation: The Most Beautiful Songs of the World (ARC Music)

Segment One

Taimse 'im Chodladh by Brian Kennedy
Conmigo by Marta Gomez
Omeko Anao by Hanitra
Supo Mani Mamulina by Lidojosais Paklajs and Ieva Akuratere

Segment Two

Auto-Retrato by Maria Ana Bobonne
Appak Suyuu Tartuulaym by Kambarkan Folk Ensemble
Kimanga Cha Manga by Bomas of Kenya
Emina by Divanhana

Segment Three

Corsica by Petru Guelfucci
O Seu Olhar by Ceumar
If Only I Knew by Seckou Keita
Solan Bushi by Joji Hirota

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Jazz Scene 1621


Segment One

Autumn Leaves by The Ahmad Jamal Trio
CD: Ahmad's Blues (GRP)

Recursion by Jim Snidero
CD: MD66 (Savant)

Segment Two

Superjet by Tad Dameron With John Coltrane
CD: Mating Call (Original Jazz Classics)

I Remember You by The Michael Radliff Quartet
CD: Night and Day (self-released)

C.T.A. by Chet Baker and Art Pepper
CD: Playboys (Pacific Jazz)

Segment Three

End of a Love Affair by Eric Alexander
CD: Straight Up (Delmark)

Atras da Porta by Michel Camilo
CD: Solo (Telarc)

Laura by The Joe Beck Trio
CD: Girl Talk (Venus)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lake Air 1621


Segment One

Far From Turtle by Bob James
CD: Grand Piano Canyon (Warner Brothers)

October Wedding by Montreux
CD: Let Them Say (Windham Hill)

Locked Away by Raymond Gonzalez and Amy Malkoff
CD: When October Goes: Autumn Love Songs (Philo)

Let's Wait a While by Nelson Rangell
CD: Playing for Keeps (GRP)

Segment Two

On My Mind by Brian Culbertson
CD: Secrets (Bluemoon)

Give Me the Night (Chill Night Remix) by Randy Crawford
CD: The Best of Randy Crawford (Warner Brothers)

Tone Row Weaver by John Klemmer
CD: Touch (MCA)

Segment Three

Night Moves by Wilton Felder
CD: Nocturnal Moods (ITM)

Hot Beach by Interior
CD: Interior (Windham Hill)

Anywhere is by Enya
CD: The Memory of Trees (Reprise)

Horizons II by Ralf Illenberger
CD: Circle (Narada)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Classics and Beyond 1621


Segment One

Kurt Atterberg: Symphony No. 6 in C Major Op. 31 "Dollar Symphony"
I. Moderato
II. Adagio
III. Vivace
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Kurt Atterberg: Conductor
78 RPM Album: Atterberg: Symphony No. 6 (Deutsche Grammophon)

Segment Two

Giovanni Bottesini: Double Bass Concerto No. 2 in B Minor
I. Allegro Moderato
II. Andante
III. Allegro
Edgar Meyer: Double Bass
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
Hugh Wolff: Conductor
CD: Meyer-Bottesini Concertos (Sony Classical)

Segment Three

J.S. Bach: Trio Sonata No. 2 in C Minor BWV 526
I. Vivace
II. Largo
III. Allegro
Trio SR9: Paul Changarnier, Alexandre Nicolas, Cousin Esperet: Marimbas
CD: Bach au Marimba (Naive)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Jazz Progressions 1621


Segment One

Elijah by Spirit
CD: Spirit (Epic)

Ortodoxia by Jarka
CD: Ortodoxia (Pricap)

The First Tune by Exmagma
LP: Exmagma (Neusi)

Segment Two

The Shadow of Lo by Return to Forever
CD: Where Have I Known You Before? (Polydor)

Euroaquilo Silence by Horacee Arnold
Double CD: Tribe/Tales of the Exonerated Flea (Mig)

One for Dianne by Dr. Tree
CD: Dr. Tree (EMI New Zealand)

Segment Three

Unshielded Desire by John Abercrombie
CD: Gateway (ECM)

Over Birkerot by Terje Rypdal
Triple CD: Odyssey in Studio and in Concert (ECM)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Upstate Radio Theatre 1621


Suspense "The End of the String" 1-17-56
The Milton Berle Show "Salutes the New York Theater Season Opening" 10-14-47

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sounds From the Global Village 1620


Segment One

Gafale by Diaou Kouyate
CD: Putumayo Presents Africa (Putumayo World Music)

Never Tire of the Road by Andy Irvine
CD: Putumayo Presents A Celtic Collection (Putumayo World Music)

Campina by The Afro Cuban Jazz Project
CD: Putumayo Presents Cuba (Putumayo World Music)

Midal by Telek
CD: Putumayo Presents Gardens of Eden (Putumayo World Music)

Segment Two

Quante Stelle Nel Cielo Con la Luna by Lucilla Galeazzi
CD: Putumayo Presents Italian Musical Odyssey (Putumayo World Music)

Mev Amor Mev by Zeca Baleiro
CD: Putumayo Presents New World Party (Putumayo World Music)

India Blue by Ali Akbar Khan
CD: Putumayo Presents A World Instrumental Collection (Putumayo World Music)

Neila by Amina
CD: Putumayo Presents Women of the World: International (Putumayo World Music)

Segment Three

Give the People What They Want by Jimmy Cliff
CD: Putumayo Presents Jamaica (Reggae Homeland) (Putumayo World Music)

Rachamim by Ofra Haza
CD: Putumayo Presents a Jewish Odyssey (Putumayo World Music)

L'Amor es Deu en Barca by Miquel Gil
CD: Putumayo Presents Cafe Latino (Putumayo World Music)

Les Lendemains Melodieux by Pascal Lejeune
CD: Putumayo Presents Cafe del Mundo (Putumayo World Music)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Lake Air 1620


Segment One

If Ever by Peter White
CD: Here We Go (Heads Up)

Bright Dawn by Ron Cooley
CD: Fireplace Memories (self-released)

Cruising for Bruising by Basia
CD: London, Warsaw, New York (Epic)

When I'm With You by Elizabeth Mis
MP3 Album: Smooth Jazz Best of Sax (Trippin' 'N' Rhythm)

Segment Two

It's Only Human by Chris Geith
CD: Well Tempered Love (self-released)

Sweet Sensations by Janet Marlow
CD: Smooth Romance (self-released)

Stand Behind Me by Christy Barron
CD: Retrospective (Chesky)

Confessions by Dee Brown
CD: No Time to Waste (Nu Groove)

Segment Three

The Stranger by Rick Braun and Richard Elliot
CD: R n R (ARTizen Music)

Scorpio by Liz Story
CD: Night Sky Essays (self-released)

Open World by Billy McLaughlin
CD: Exhale Blue (Proton)

Tell Me More by Pat Kelley
CD: Views of the Future (Nova)