Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sounds From the Global Village 1621


All selections on this program taken from the double CD compilation: The Most Beautiful Songs of the World (ARC Music)

Segment One

Taimse 'im Chodladh by Brian Kennedy
Conmigo by Marta Gomez
Omeko Anao by Hanitra
Supo Mani Mamulina by Lidojosais Paklajs and Ieva Akuratere

Segment Two

Auto-Retrato by Maria Ana Bobonne
Appak Suyuu Tartuulaym by Kambarkan Folk Ensemble
Kimanga Cha Manga by Bomas of Kenya
Emina by Divanhana

Segment Three

Corsica by Petru Guelfucci
O Seu Olhar by Ceumar
If Only I Knew by Seckou Keita
Solan Bushi by Joji Hirota

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