Saturday, July 23, 2022

The Jazz Scene 2208


Segment One

415 Central Park West by Steve Grossman
CD: Love is the Thing (Red)

Hotcakes by John Stein
Double CD: Lifeline (Whiling City Sound)

Limbo by Markus Rutz
CD: Blueprints Figure One: Frameworks (OA2)

Segment Two

Gravy Waltz by Bruce Forman
CD: Reunion! (self-released)

Time to Go/Curtain Call by Jesse Palter
CD: Nothing Standard (self-released)

Precipice by Matt Slocum
CD: With Love and Sadness (Sunnyside)

Segment Three

Late Leader by Jon Eardley
CD: From Hollywood to New York (New Jazz/OJC)

Waiting by Jared Sims
CD: Against All Odds (Origin)

Gina by Ralph Burns
CD: Bijou (Bethlehem)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2209


Segment One

A Matter of Time by Tangerine Dream
CD: Canyon Dreams (Miramar)

The Hunter and the Haire by John Doan
CD: A Celtic Pilgrimage (Accous)

A View of the Floating World by Nancee Kahler
CD: Open the Sky (Brave Dog)

Campground Stargazing by Isaac Shepard
Digital Album: Wandering Home (self-released)

Valedictory by Chris Proctor
CD: Travelogue (Rounder)

Segment Two

Sun and Water by Danny Heines
CD: Aqua Touch (Silver Wave)

Harmonic Convergence by Steven Halpern
CD: Spectrum Suite (Sound Rx)

Through My Eyes by Vasquez
CD: Wind River (Makoche)

Running Dances by Gabriel Lee
CD: Impressions (Narada)

The Motion of Stars by Vangelis
CD: Direct (Arista)

Lake Air 2209


Segment One

Looks Like Rain by Mike Stevens
CD: Light Up the Night (Novus)

Out of the Blue by Debbie Spring
CD: Ocean Drive (101 South)

Tears of Joy by Kenia
LP: Distant Horizon (Zebra)

A Chunk of Sugar by Roger
CD: The Many Facets of Roger (Warner)

Segment Two

On the Down Low by Roberto Vally
Single: On the Down Low (Woodward Avenue)

Peace Pipes by Arco Iris
CD: Peace Pipes (Passport)

Comes and Goes by Dan Fogelberg
CD: Captured Angel (Full Moon)

Rush Hour by David Sanborn
CD: As We Speak (Warner)

Segment Three

Lost Words by Philippe Saisse and Marc Antoine
Single: Lost Words (Dorian 2000)

Take the Pink Bus by Rob Mounsey
CD: Dig (Sona Gaia)

Sad Beauty by Jill Sobule
CD: Things Here Are Different (MCA)

Theresa's Kind by Purple Changes
CD: Purple Changes (A/D)

Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Jazz Scene 2207


Segment One

Take it or Leave it by Rick DellaRatta
CD: Take it or Leave it (Stella)

Good Vibrations by Marius Nordal
CD: Boomer Jazz (Origin)

Just Friends by Rick Haydon and John Pizzarelli
CD: Just Friends (Mel Bay)

Segment Two

Alternate Side by Tom Tallitsch
CD: Gratitude (Posi Tone)

My Ship by Johnny Hartman
CD: The Voice That Is! (Impulse!)

At Sunside by The Mark Wade Trio
CD: True Stories (self-released)

Segment Three

Blue Bird by Joe Castro
Digital Album: San Jose's Mojo (self-released)

Jet Stream by The Peter Bernstein Quartet
CD: Signs of Life (Criss Cross)

Every Little Bump in the Road by Kevin Hart
CD: The Road to Everywhere (self-released)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2208


Segment One

Rest Now Weary Soul by Chad Lawson
Digital Album: The Piano (self-released)

Zammo-Zansa by James Asher
CD: Globalarium (Silver Wave)

The Measure of Silence by Don Latarsky
Digital Album: The Measure of Silence (Heart Dance)

Mystery Road by Jonn Serrie
CD: Planetary Chronicles, Vol. 1 (Miramar)

Kate's Waltz by Triona Ni Dhomhnaill
CD: The Key's Within (Tee Nee Dee)

Segment Two

Waterfalls (in One Direction) by Present Dreams
CD: Present Dreams (World Disc)

Sonic Reflection by Scott Huckabay
CD: Secret Portal (self-released)

No One Will Ever Know by Ehren Starks
Digital Album: Lines Build Walls (self-released)

Days of Summer by Yanni
CD: Chameleon Days (Private Music)

Tell Me Please by Barry Sulkin
Digital Album: Elba Island (self-released)

Lake Air 2208


Segment One

Let's Stay Together by The Rippingtons
CD: Tourist in Paradise (GRP)

Air Canada by Kris Landrum
CD: Dreaming in Blue (TRI)

My Flame by Bobby Caldwell
CD: What You Won't Do for Love (Big Deal)

Shine a Light by Michael Broening
Single: Shine a Light (Trippin N Rhythm)

Segment Two

Let it Flow by Ryan La Valette
Digital Album: New Beginnings (Trippin N Rhythm)

You've Had Enough Air by One Alternative
CD: Changes (self-released)

Martha's Harbour by All About Eve
CD: All About Eve (Mercury)

Caravan of Dreams by Peter White
CD: Caravan of Dreams (Columbia)

Segment Three

I'm Waiting for You by Jackiem Joyner
CD: Lil Man Soul (self-released)

Windhorse by Bill Douglas
CD: Kaleidoscope (Hearts of Space)

Spain (I Can Recall) by Al Jarreau
CD: This Time (Warner)

Pescadero Pointe by Stefan Dickerson
CD: Romanza (Heads Up)

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Jazz and More 07-10-22

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

The Widow Sky by Giles Reaves
CD: Nothing is Lost (MCA)

Mystery Road by Jonn Serrie
CD: Planetary Chronacles, Vol. 1 (Miramar)

Hour One Segment Two

Don Juan by Tingstad and Rumbel
CD: Legends (Narada)

Tra Amici by John Doan
CD: Departures (Narada)

She Moved Through the Fair by Patrick Ball
CD: Fiona (Celestial Harmonies)

Hour One Segment Three

Someday My Prince Will Come by The Bill Evans Trio
CD: Portrait in Jazz (Riverside/OJC)

Called on Account of Rain by Andre Previn and Russ Freeman
CD: Double Play (Contemporary/OJC)

Hour One Segment Four

Silver's Serenade by Larry Coryell and Kenny Drew Jr.
CD: Duality (Random Act)

How My Heart Sings by Larry Coryell and Emily Remler
CD: Together (Concord)

Hour Two Segment One

Spaces by Larry Coryell
CD: Spaces (Vanguard)

Incident at Neshabur by Santana
CD: Abraxas (Columbia)

Hour Two Segment Two

Ko Ribon by Andrea Brachfeld and Insight
CD: Evolution (Origin)

Cottontail by James Newton
CD: African Flower (Blue Note)

Hour Two Segment Three

Blues for Arcturus by Steven Halpern
CD: The Zodiac Suite (Halpern Music)

Warszawa by David Bowie and Brian Eno
CD: Low (RCA)

Hour Two Segment Four

Sailing Away by Kris Landrum
CD: Profile (TRI)

Butterfly Dance by Yanni
CD: Optimystique (Private Music)

Hour Three Segment One

Bamboo by Mike Mainieri
CD: Wanderlust (NYC)

Heads or Tails by Andy Narell
CD: Little Secrets (Windham Hill)

Hour Three Segment Two

Evergreen Girl by Dmitri Matheny
CD: Cascadia (Origin)

Watertones by Hugo Fernandez
CD: Ozean (Origin)

Hour Three Segment Three

Joy Like a River by Sylvan Grey
CD: Ice Flowers Melting (Fortuna)

Fios de Ouro by The Rodrigo Romani Trio
CD: Fios de Ouro No Ar (Altafonte)

Hour Three Segment Four

Teton Skyline by Scott Moulton
CD: Light on the Mountain (Revere)

Valedicoty by Chris Proctor
CD: Travelogue (Rounder)

Lewis and Clark by Tommy Emmanuel
CD: The Mystery (Favored Nations)

Monday, July 4, 2022

Something Beautiful 2203


Segment One

Autumn Leaves by 101 Strings
Didn't We? by Cyril Ornadel
Make Believe by Hill Bowen
Lizzie by James Last and Richard Clayderman
Living Inside Myself by Pat Valentino
Sophisticated Lady by The Boston Pops
Chico Bolero by Percy Faith
He'll Have to Go by Billy Vaughn
Clair by John Fox

Segment Two

Love Story by Paul Mauriat
A Patch of Blue by Ronnie Aldrich
Ocean Racer by Syd Dale
Moon Over Venice by Frank Chacksfield
Dear Heart by Marty Gold
Pretty Baby by Reg Owen
Street of Dreams by Esquivel
You Make Me Feel Brand New by Nick Ingman
The Way You Look Tonight by Roger Williams
Hold Me by Jackie Gleason

Saturday, July 2, 2022

The Jazz Scene 2206


Segment One

What's Up? by Andrea Brachfeld and Insight
CD: Evolution (Origin)

Flamingo by The Craig Larson Quartet
CD: Classic Standards (HMF)

Not Today by Michael Orenstein
CD: Aperture (Origin)

Segment Two

Still Light by Carol Robbins
CD: Jazz Play (Jazzcats)

Shine by Eddie Daniels and Bucky Pizzarelli
CD: Blue Bossa (Candid)

Lgiht of Day by Sarah Partridge
CD: Never Thought I'd Be Here (Origin)

Minor Mixup by Adrienne Fenemor
CD: Mo' Puddin' (self-released)

Segment Three

I See You Brother by Jim Rotondi
CD: Four of a Kind (Posi-Tone)

Batter Up by Andre Previn and Russ Freeman
CD: Double Play (Contemporary/OJC)

You Go to My Head by Bill Easley
CD: Love Stories (American Showplace)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2207


Segment One

Velvet Shade by Giles Reaves
CD: Nothing is Lost (MCA)

Walking in the Air by George Winston
CD: Forest (Windham Hill)

It Has to Be Like That by Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster and Tom Eaton
Digital Album: The Brothers (self-released)

Oasis by Craig Anderton
CD: Forward Motion (Sona Gaia)

Sunflower by Ulla Van Daelen
CD: Sunflower (Perleberg Verlags)

Segment Two

Moonlit Passage by Ethereal Planes
Single: Moonlit Passage (self-released)

Eniac by Software
CD: Software Visions (innovative Communication)

Nirvana by Samir Bodhi
Digital Album: Stairway to Nirvana (self-released)

The Silence of Knowing by Kevin Kern
CD: Embracing the Wind (Real Music)

Lake Air 2207


Segment One

Mediterranean Shores by Rodney Franklin
CD: Diamond Inside of You (RCA)

Wave Goodbye by Wind Machine
CD: Change of Face (Blue Meteor)

Your Secret's Safe With Me by Michael Franks
CD: Skin Dive (Warner)

Dr. Doolittle by Najee
Digital Album: Savoir Faire (Shanachie)

Segment Two

Coastline Crusader by Paul Hardcastle
Digital Album: Hardcastle X (PH Productions)

Johnny Appleseed by Tingstad and Rumbel
CD: Legends (Narada)

Sweet Summer Days by Ray Obiedo
CD: Sweet Summer Days (Windham Hill)

Steppin' Out by Jordan Love
Digital Album: Servin' it Up (self-released)

Segment Three

Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione
CD: Feels So Good (A&M)

You've Got Me Feeling Your Love by Tania Maria
CD: Love Explosion (Concord)

Four Seasons to Cross by Michael Ross
Digital Album: Four Seasons to Cross (self-released)