Affiliate Stations

Quality Radio Productions' programs are broadcast on numerous radio stations across the US and beyond. Some stations carry the full slate of QRP program offerings, while others only carry one or two series, based on their needs. The list of stations, and the days and times they air our shows changes quite frequently, and some stations carry our programming on a "floating" or "as needed" basis. As such, we cannot post exact program day, time and station listings here. Below is a list of known QRP affiliates. We recommend you contact these stations to inquire about specific days and times for QRP programs. You can also e-mail and we'll send you a list of current listings as we have them. If your radio station would like to carry QRP programming, please use that same e-mail address to submit your inquiries.

KBOG Bandon, Oregon 97.9 FM
KCCK Cedar Rapids, Iowa 88.3 FM
KJZX Austin, Texas 89.1 FM
KRFY Sandpoint, Idaho 88.5 FM
KTWH Two Harbors, Minnesota 99.5 FM
KXCJ Cave Junction, Oregon 105.7 FM Fort Collins, Colorado
Seymour FM Seymour, Victoria, Australia 103.9 FM
South Norfolk Radio Wymondham, UK
WBDY Binghamton, New York 99.5 FM
WDWN Auburn, New York 89.1 FM/Fulton, New York 97.7 FM
WEIU Charleston, Illinois 88.9 FM
WGHC Chicago, Illinois 98.3 FM
WGMC Greece/Rochester, New York 90.1 FM
WHWS Geneva, New York 105.7 FM
WIUP Indiana, Pennsylvania 90.1 FM
WMNB North Adams, Massachusetts 107.1 FM
WNPA Canton, Ohio 102.5 FM
WQNA-DB Springfield, Illinois
WRAQ Angelica, New York 92.7 FM
WRFA Jamestown, New York 107.9 FM
WRWO Ottawa, Illinois 94.5 FM
WXDR New Orleans, Louisiana 99.1 FM
WXHR Hillman, Michigan 103.5 FM
WYAP Clay, West Virginia 101.7 FM


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  2. Do you have a playlist? I hear you on KXCR, on which I also have a program.