Saturday, February 29, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2001


Anton Brucker: Symphony No. 9 in D Minor
New York Philharmonic
Otto Klemperer: Conductor
LP: Brucker: Symphony No. 9 in D Minor (Angel)

Jazz and More 03-01-20

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Hour One Segment One

The Other Man's Grass is Always Greener by Russell Malone
CD: Black Butterfly (Columbia)

Salvation of MRT by Mark Whitfield
CD: Mark Whitfield (Warner Brothers)

Airegin by Was Montgomery
CD: The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery (Riverside/OJC)

Hour One Segment Two

Snow Sprite by The Bert Seeger Trio
CD: Open Book (Cloud)

Just in Time by The Larry Willis Trio
CD: Just in Time (Steeplechase)

Hour One Segment Three

Tales of Snow by David Lange
CD: Return of the Comet (Hearts of Space)

Albedo 0.39 by Vangelis
CD: Albedo 0.39 (RCA)

Hour One Segment Four

Betcha by Golly, Wow by Pat Metheny
CD: What's it All About (Nonesuch)

Man in the Mirror by Tuck Andress
CD: Reckless Precision (Windham Hill)

Hour Two Segment One

Wire Walker by Joe Locke
CD: Wire Walker (Steeplechase)

Betrayal by David Kikoski
CD: Almost Twilight (Criss Cross)

Hour Two Segment Two

Touch by John Klemmer
CD: Touch (MCA)

The Caves of Altamira by Steely Dan\
CD: The Royal Scam (MCA)

Breezin' Easy by Tom Scott
CD: Intimate Strangers (Sony)

Hour Two Segment Three

Silver Gate by Will Ackerman
CD: The Opening of Doors (Windham Hill)

The Spirit of Rydal Mount by Eric Tingstad
CD: A Sense of Place (Narada)

Hour Two Segment Four

Devienne: Trio 1 in D Major by Sara Ligas, Salvatore Rea and Vladimiro Atzeni
CD: Devienne: Six Trios for Flute, Viola and Cello (Brilliant Classics)

Hour Three Segment One

Wish by Allan Holdsworth
CD: Velvet Darkness (CTI)

Magnetic Lady by The Section
LP: Fork it Over (Capitol)

Don't Let the World Pass You by by Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: Cosmic Messenger (Atlantic)

Hour Three Segment Two

Miley by The Ben Jansson Quartet
CD: A Few Things (self-released)

Musica Callada #24 by Pablo Held
Digital Album: Ascent (Edition)

Hour Three Segment Three

The Journey by Doug Cameron
CD: Mil Amores (Narada)

For the Americas by Steve Kindler
CD: Across a Rainbow Sea (Global Pacific)

The Beauty of it All by Carlos Reyes
CD: The Beauty of it All (TBA)

Hour Three Segment Four

Bridget Cruise/John O'Connor/Geogre Brabazon by Dominig Bouchaud and Cyrille Colas
CD: Celtic Treasure: The Legacy of Turlough O'Carolan (Narada)

Si Beag Si Mor by Pat Kilbride
CD: Celtic Treasure II (Narada)

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Upstate Radio Theatre 2003


Edgar Bergen With Charlie McCarthy "Guest: Dick Powell" 11-13-49
Whispering Streets "A Day Off to Remember" 1958

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Jazz and More 02-23-20

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Hour One Segment One

I Know Why by Sonny Greenwich and Ed Bickert
CD: Days Gone By (Sackville)

After Words by Bobby Broom
CD: Upper West Side Story (Origin)

Hour One Segment Two

Obvious Conclusions by Sam Most
CD: Musically Yours (Bethlehem)

Spartacus Love Theme by Bill Evans and Jeremy Steig
CD: What's New (Verve)

5 Plus 3 by The Marc Matthys European Quartet
CD: Best of Both Worlds (Alley Cats)

Hour One Segment Three

Waterwheel by Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company
CD: Like a Duck to Water (Cuneiform)

Cybersports by Synergy
CD: Sequencer (Passport)

Hour One Segment Four

Secret Garden by Kostia
Dream of the Forgotten Child by David Lanz
CD: Narada Lotus Acoustic Sampler 5 (Narada)

Hour Two Segment One

Johnny Come Lately by Terell Stafford
CD: This Side of Strayhorn (Maxjazz)

You and the Night and the Music by Bob Berg
CD: Another Standard (Concord)

Beautiful Love by The Alan Broadbent Trio
CD: Pacific Standard Time (Concord)

Hour Two Segment Two

Vienna by The Rippingtons
CD: Weekend in Monaco (GRP)

Moroccan Wind by Artie Traum
CD: Letters From Joubee (Shanachie)

Bahia Funk by Lee Ritenour
CD: Color Rit (GRP)

Hour Two Segment Three

Wind in the Heather by George Cromarty
LP: Wind in the Heather (Dancing Cat)

Passing Clouds by Peter Finger
CD: Flow (Acoustic Music)

The Delicate Dance (A Wedding Fantasy) by Chris Proctor
CD: Runoff/The Delicate Dance (Rounder)

Hour Two Segment Four

Below the Bass Line by Ernest Ranglin
CD: Music From the Coffee Lands (Putumayo World Music)

Guramayle by Gigi
CD: Music From the Coffee Lands II (Putumayo World Music)

Hour Three Segment One

Into the Sun by Bon
CD: Full Circle Coming Home (Lolo)

Comprendes by Electric Outlet
CD: ON! (Lion)

Hour Three Segment Two

Nancy's Kitchen by Jim Cooper
CD: Itchin' to Groove (self-released)

Get Happy by Peter Appleyard
LP: The Vibe Sound of Peter Appleyard (Audio Fidelity)

Bennie's Pennies by Chuck Redd
CD: All This and Heaven Too (Arbors)

Hour Three Segment Three

One Night in Paris by John Boswell
CD: Count Me In (Hearts of Space)

Once Upon a Time by Yanni
CD: Dare to Dream (Private Music)

Water Trade by Michael Whiteley
CD: Soul of the Machine (Windham Hill)

Hour Three Segment Four

Rain Maiden by Wind Machine
CD: Rain Maiden (Silver Wave)

Light on the Mountain by Scott Moulton
CD: Light on the Mountain (Revere)

Monday, February 17, 2020

Upstate Radio Theatre 2002


Tales of the Texas Rangers "Dream Farm" 3-9-52
Phone Again Finnegan "Finnegan's Club" 7-18-46

Friday, February 7, 2020

Upstate Radio Theatre 2001


X Minus One "Student Body" 7-31-56
The Six Shooter "Sheriff Billy" 11-11-53

Jazz and More 02-16-20

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Hour One Segment One

Turnaround by Joshua Redman
CD: Wish (Warner Brothers)

How Am I to Know? by Scott Hamilton
CD: After Hours (Concord)Hour One Segment Two

Pardon Me by The Bruce Forman Quartet
CD: Pardon Me (Concord)

Jo Jo by The Peter Eigenmann Trio
CD: Something Special (TCB)

Night and Day by Django Reinhardt
CD: Guitar Player Presents The Legents of Guitar: Jazz, Vol. 2 (Rhino)

Hour One Segment Three

First Light by Harold Budd and Brian Eno
CD: Ambient 2: The Plateau of Mirror (EG)

Structures From Silence (excerpt) by Steve Roach
CD: Structures From Silence (Fortuna)

Hour One Segment Four

The Pipers by Sileas
CD: Beating Harps (Green Linnet)

The Lady and the Unicorn by John Renbourn
CD: The Lady and the Unicorn (Shanachie)

Peggy's Waltz by Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill
CD: The Lonesome Touch (Green Linnet)

Hour Two Segment One

Tokyo Traffic by The Dave Brubeck Quartet
CD: Jazz Impressions of Japan (Columbia)

Body and Soul by Michiko Ogawa
CD: It's All About Love (Arbors)

Hour Two Segment Two

Return to Forever by Chick Corea
CD: Return to Forever (ECM)

Moon Germs by Joe Farrell
CD: Moon Germs (CTI)

Hour Two Segment Three

Aerial Boundaries by Michael Hedges
CD: Aerial Boundaries (Windham Hill)

Midwest Sunday by Adrian Legg
CD: Guitars and Other Cathedrals (MMC)

Acoustic Captivity by Dominic Gaudious
CD: Acoustic Captivity (self-released)

Hour Two Segment Four

Desert Walk by Deep Forest
CD: Deep Forest (Epic)

Le Zephyr by Govinda
CD: Entwined and Entranced (Earth Tone)

Hour Three Segment One

Breezin' by George Benson
CD: Breezin' (Warner Brothers)

Let it Flow (For Dr. J) by Grover Washington Jr.
CD: Winelight (Elektra)

Birth Day by Jeff Tyzik
CD: Farthest Corner of My Mind (Amherst)

Hour Three Segment Two

All Too Soon by Howard Alden
CD: My Shining Hour (Concord)

Baby, Baby, All the Time by Mike Jones
CD: Mike Jones Stretches Out (Chiaroscuro)

Hour Three Segment Three

Clockwork by Alex de Grassi
CD: Clockwork (Windham Hill)

Angel's Flight by Shadowfax
CD: Shadowfax (Windham Hill)

Pegasus by Paul Greaver
CD: Joy (Global Pacific)

Hour Three Segment Four

Pachelbel: Cannon in D by Paul Horn
CD: Music (Kuckuck)