Saturday, April 10, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2107


Segment One

Northern Lights by Kyle Jameson
Digital Album: Miracle Planet (self-released)

Healing Journey by Patricia Spero
CD: Healing Harp (New World)

Unaccountable Effect by Liz Story
CD: Unaccountable Effect (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

First Flight by Elgin Wells
CD: Butterfly Dreams (Earth)

Silver Gate by William Ackerman
CD: The Opening of Doors (Windham Hill)

Innerdimensional by The Heavenly Music Corporation
CD: Consciousness III (Silent)

Sung to Sleep by Michael Manring
Double CD: Lullaby (Windham Hill)

Lake Air 2108


Segment One

In Search of Proper I.D. by Dan Siegel
CD: Future Prospect (Optimism)

Road Less Traveled by Kurt Bestor
CD: Seasons (Airus)

How Far? How Fast? by Robin Frederick
CD: How Far? How Fast? (Higher Octave)

Arco do Kama by Carlos Guedes
CD: Toda America (Heads Up)

Segment Two

Hideaway by Stanley Clarke
CD: Hideaway (Epic)

Windrider by Scott Duncan
CD: Contemporary Salon (Visual Musik)

If I'm Dreaming (Don't Wake Me) by Lee Ritenour
CD: Earth Run (GRP)

End of the Night by Kenny G
CD: Breathless (Arista)

Segment Three

Pleides by Tim Eyermann
CD: Outside Inside (Bluemoon)

Cloud 7 by Don Harriss
CD: Abacus Moon (Sonic Atmospheres)

Broken Wing by David Knopfler
CD: Lips Against the Steel (Cypress)

Baiao do Povo by Marcos Silva and Intersection
CD: Here We Go (Crossover)

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Jazz Scene 2106


Segment One

Solidarity by Jeremy Pelt
CD: Griot: This is Important (HighNote)

I Hear You by The Alan Broadbent Trio
CD: Trio in Motion (Savant)

Time of the Barracudas by Rob Scheps
CD: Comencio (Steeplechase)

Segment Two

Breakthrough by The Mack Avenue Super Band
CD: Live at the Detroit Jazz Festival 2012 (Mack Avenue)

I Remember You by Jazzmeia Horn
CD: A Social Call (Prestige)

Stairway to the Steinway by Joe Roland
CD: Easy Living (Bethlehem)

Segment Three

I'm Going Down Slow by Kevin Dean
CD: Venous Lake (Gemini)

Blurring the Blues by Jihee Heo
CD: Are You Ready? (OA2)

Just Squeeze Me by Warren and Allan Vache
CD: Mrs. Vache's Boys (Nagel Heyer)

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Jazz and More 04-04-21

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Cloud Surfer by Rom Ryan
CD: Mysteria (self-released)

Cascade Skyline by Doug Smith
CD: Alone at Last (Solid Air)

If I Only Had Wings by D.R. Auten
CD: Guitar Fingerstyle (Narada)

Hour One Segment Two

Darkness of Space by Constance Demby
CD: Sunborne (Sound Currents)

Goldstone by Jonn Serrie
CD: The Stargazer's Journey (New World)

Hour One Segment Three

I'll be Seeing You by Thilo Wagner
Digital Album: Finally (self-released)

I'll See You Again by Bill Evans
CD: Trio 64 (Verve)

I See Your Face Before Me by The Benny Green Trio
CD: Greens (Blue Note)

Hour One Segment Four

Meditation by The Charlie Byrd Trio
Twisted by Mark Murphy
This Here by Bobby Timmons
CD: Riverside Original Jazz Classics Sampler (OJC)

Hour Two Segment One

Dreaming Beyond the Dawn by Kyle Jameson
Digital Album: Miracle Planet (self-released)

Beginnings by Richard Souther
CD: Heirborns (Meadowlark)

Hour Two Segment Two

The Journey Home by John Doan
Women of Ireland by Deiseal
The Inisbofin by Robert Leon
CD: Celtic Twilight 2 (Hearts of Space)

Hour Two Segment Three

I'll Remember April by Warren Vache and Allan Vache
CD: Mrs. Vache's Boys (Nagel Heyer)

It Was Always You by Eddie Daniels
CD: This is Now (GRP)

Hour Two Segment Four

His April Touch by Billy Childs
CD: His April Touch (Windham Hill)

April Snow by The Don Thompson Quartet
CD: Ask Me Later (CBC)

Hour Three Segment One

Chejudo by Jack Lee
CD: What Now? (Par)

Teresa's Confession by Kilauea
CD: Tropical Pleasures (Brainchild)

In the Moment by Brad Alexander
Digital Album: Just Between Us (self-released)

Hour Three Segment Two

Relevance by Jeremy Pelt
CD: Griot: This is Important (HighNote)

Capricorn by Miles Davis
CD: Water Babies (Sony)

Water Babies by Wayne Shorter
CD: Super Nova (Blue Note)

Hour Three Segment Three

Still Moment by Tunde Jegede
CD: Still Moment (Hettra)

Freak One's by Nazih Borish
Digital Album: Roots of Strings (Groupe Analekta)

Hour Three Segment Four

Journey to the Heart by Warren Bennett
CD: Pathways to Love (New World)

Flying Condor by Cucso
CD: Apurimac (Higher Octave)