Monday, April 26, 2021

Jazz and More 05-02-21

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Hour One Segment One

Daybreak by Pat Metheny
CD: New Chautauqua (ECM)

Juggler's Etude by Ralph Towner and John Aberceombie
CD: Five Years Later (ECM)

Hour One Segment Two

Simpatico by Coale Johnson
CD: Time Present... Time's Past (454)

At First Glance by Ray Obiedo
CD: Iguana (Windham Hill)

Night Rhythms by Lee Ritenour
CD: Festival (GRP)

Hour One Segment Three

Owed to Bishop by Marcus Wyatt
CD: Gathering (Sheer Sound)

Haunted Heart by Joe Magnarelli
CD: Persistence (Reservoir)

Hour One Segment Four

Snows of Pennsylvania by Guire Webb
CD: New Frontier (Proxima)

Arms Around You by Eugene Friesen
CD: Arms Around You (Living Music)

Hour Two Segment One

A Greener Blue by Richard Dworsky
CD: The Path to You (self-released)

A Place Without by Wayne Gratz
CD: Panorama (Narada)

Air for Sarah by Fred Simon
CD: Usually/Always (Windham Hill)

Hour Two Segment Two

Between Moons by The John Taylor Trio
CD: Rosslyn (ECM)

Evans Above by The Peter Erskine Trio
CD: You Never Know (ECM)

Hour Two Segment Three

Milestones by Dexter Gordon
CD: Generations (Prestige/OJC)

Keep Hold of Yourself by Sonny Rollins
CD: Next Album (Milestone/OJC)

Hour Two Segment Four

Marble Halls by William Coulter
CD: Celtic Crossing (Gourd)

Willy O'Winsbury by John Renbourn
CD: Faro Anne (Castle)

Hour Three Segment One

Green and Golden by Oregon
CD: Beyond Words (Chesky)

Exploding Colors by David Cullen and Jill Haley
CD: Exploding Colors (Solid Air)

Johnny Appleseed by Tingstad and Rumbel
CD: Legends (Narada)

Hour Three Segment Two

Merge by Steve Roach
CD: Empetus (Fortuna)

Ancient Stars by Kevin Braheny
CD: Galaxies (Hearts of Space)

Waltz of Joy by Constance Demby
CD: Set Free (Hearts of Space)

Hour Three Segment Three

Stiff Neck by Larry Coryell
CD: Lady Coryell (Vanguard)

Footprints by Andy Summers
CD: The Last Dance of Mr. X (BMG)

Hour Three Segment Four

The Marksman by Mark Whitfield
CD: The Marksman (Warner Brothers)

Backyard by Roni Ben-Hur With the Barry Harris Trio
CD: Backyard (TCB)

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