Saturday, April 10, 2021

Lake Air 2108


Segment One

In Search of Proper I.D. by Dan Siegel
CD: Future Prospect (Optimism)

Road Less Traveled by Kurt Bestor
CD: Seasons (Airus)

How Far? How Fast? by Robin Frederick
CD: How Far? How Fast? (Higher Octave)

Arco do Kama by Carlos Guedes
CD: Toda America (Heads Up)

Segment Two

Hideaway by Stanley Clarke
CD: Hideaway (Epic)

Windrider by Scott Duncan
CD: Contemporary Salon (Visual Musik)

If I'm Dreaming (Don't Wake Me) by Lee Ritenour
CD: Earth Run (GRP)

End of the Night by Kenny G
CD: Breathless (Arista)

Segment Three

Pleides by Tim Eyermann
CD: Outside Inside (Bluemoon)

Cloud 7 by Don Harriss
CD: Abacus Moon (Sonic Atmospheres)

Broken Wing by David Knopfler
CD: Lips Against the Steel (Cypress)

Baiao do Povo by Marcos Silva and Intersection
CD: Here We Go (Crossover)

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