Saturday, April 27, 2019

Lake Air 1913


Segment One

Aqui by Walter Beasley
CD: Going Home (Affable)

Compass Rose by Exchange
CD: Between Places (Mesa)

More Than Friends by Jonathan Butler
CD: More Than Friends (Jive)

She's Got the Magic by The Rippingtons
CDL Open Road (Peak)

Segment Two

The Angels I Know by Marcos Ariel
CD: Hand Dance (Nova)

The Best is Yet to Come by Grover Washington Jr. Feat. Patti Labelle
CD: The Best is Yet to Come (Elektra)

Night Season by Do'ah
CD: World Dance (Global Pacific)

Segment Three

The Lady and the Sea by Special EFX
CD: Double Feature (GRP)

Post Modern by James Reynolds
CD: The Mind's Eye (Miramar)

Here We Are by Kenny G Feat. Greg Walker
CD: Kenny G (Arista)

Astoria by Steve Laury
CD: Keepin' the Faith (Denon)

Friday, April 26, 2019

Upstate Radio Theatre 1912


Box 13 "Last Will and Nursery Rhyme" 2-6-49
Enchanted Hour "First Song: Chopin Nocturne in C Minor" 10-16-49

Classics and Beyond 1911


Segment One

Philip Glass: Metamorphosis 
I. Moderate
II. Flowing
III. Moderately Fast
IV. Flowing
V. Moderate
Lavinia Meijer: Harp
CD: Glass: Metamorphosis, The Hours (Channel Classics)

Segment Two

Vagn Holmboe: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra No. 1, Op. 126/M. 279
I. Allegro Con Spirito
II. Andante Tranquillo
III. Poco Lento - Allegro - Piu Allegro
Manuela Wiesler: Flute
Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
Owain Arwel Hughes: Conductor
CD: Holmboe: Concertos for Recorder and Flute (BIS)

Jazz Progressions 1911


Segment One

Spanish Sun by The Sunbirds
CD: Sunbirds (Garden of Delights)

Simple Headphone Mind by Alcatraz
CD: Vampire State Building (Long Hair)

Segment Two

Convulsion by Transit Express
CD: Opus Progressif (Belle Antique)

Elbow by Lockwood
LP: Jazz-Rock (America)

Life and Times by Billy Cobham
CD: Life and Times (Wounded Bird)

Segment Three

Niama by Eugene Chadbourne
CD: End to Slavery (Intakt)

Plato's Blues by Stanley Jordan
CD: Bolero (Arista)

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Lake Air 1912


Segment One

Promenade by Peter White
CD: Promenade (CGR)

Easy Like Spring by Peter Kater
CD: Rooftops (Silver Wave)

Closer to Your Love by Al Jarreau
CD: Breakin' Away (Warner Brothers)

Hands Down by Rod Williams
MP3: Hands Down (self-released)

Segment Two

Zulaya by Ray Obiedo
CD: Zulaya (Windham Hill)

Spirit by Peter Buffett
CD: One by One (Narada)

That's Enough for Me by Patti Austin
CD: Havana Candy (CTI)

Kei's Song by David Benoit
CD: Freedom at Midnight (GRP)

Segment Three

A Moment in Time by John Nyerges
CD: Points of View (self-released)

Monkeys and Bears by Billy Joe Walker Jr.
CD: Painting Music (MCA)

I Can Give You Love by Alphonse Mouzon
CD: Early Spring (Optimism)

Stylin' by Gregory Goodloe
Single: Stylin' (Hip Jazz)

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Jazz Progressions 1910


Segment One

School Days by Stanley Clarke
CD: School Days (Epic)

Intergalactic Strut by Colosseum II
CD: Electric Savage (MCA)

Streamer by Kamaeleon
LP: Kamaeleon (Amar)

Segment Two

Killing Time by John Abercrombie
CD: Current Events (ECM)

Rainy Wednesday by Kazumi Watanabe
CD: Resonance Vox (Polydor)

Rumble Buzz  by The Wrong Object
CD: Into the Herd (Off)

Segment Three

The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution by Frank Zappa
CD: Sleep Dirt (Rykodisc)

Beneath the Earth by Larry Coryell and Alphonse Mouzon
CD: Back Together Again (Atlantic)

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Upstate Radio Theatre 1911


The Green Hornet "Trouble Hits the Trolleys" 6-8-39
Fibber McGee and Molly "Fibber Needs Glasses" 4-15-41

Friday, April 12, 2019

Sounds From the Global Village 1908


Segment One

Todo Me Lleva a Ti by Monica Giraldo
CD: Putumayo Presents Acoustic Women (Putumayo World Music)

Safar by Waed Bouhassoun
CD: Safar (Buda Musique)

Makangou Ma Tata by Les Tambours de Brazza
CD: Kongo (Buda Musique)

Segment Two

Chashme Rehmat by Fanna-Fi-Allah
CD: Muraqaba (Buda Musique)

Neneh Salima by Kunda Drame
CD: African Tribal Rhythms: Kora Fola (Superbuy)

The West Coast of Clare by Dervish
CD: The Great Irish Songbook (Rounder)

Segment Three

Frejas Indblik by Stine Michel
CD: Acoustic Women (Putumayo World Music)

Recitation of Leisure by Guo Gan
CD: Moon Night (10 Erhu Solos) (Felmay)

Biby Aomby by D'Gary
CD: Malagasy Guitar (Shanachie)

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Lake Air 1911


Segment One

Blue Soul by Justin Young
CD: Blue Soul (self-released)

Coast of Dreams by Chi
CD: Jet Stream (Sonic Atmospheres)

Sister Clarissa by Anne Hills
CD: October Child (Flying Fish)

Receiving by Justo Almario
CD: Plumbline (Sparrow)

Segment Two

Space Between Us by Alex Murzyn
CD: Alex Murzyn (Kamei)

Where Eyes Converge by Danny Heines
CD: One Heart Wild (Silver Wave)

When I Think of Us by Michael Franks
CD: The Camera Never Lies (Warner Brothers)

A Perfect Day by Freddie Ravel
CD: Sol to Soul (DTS)

Segment Three

Song for Lorraine by Spyro Gyra
CD: Morning Dance (MCA)

Sky Writing by Montreux
CD: Sign Language (Windham Hill)

The Poetry Man by Phoebe Snow
CD Box Set: Phoebe Snow: Albums (Sony)

In the Wind by Jimmy B
CD: I'm Still Standing (WKM)

The Jazz Scene 1908


Segment One

Chattin' by Jonathan Bauer
CD: Walk Don't Run (Slammin' Media)

34 Skidoo by Eddie Daniels
CD: This is Now (GRP)

Four by Michael Dease
CD: Grace (Jazz Legacy)

Segment Two

Tom's Thumb  by Kenny Burrell, Tommy Flanagan, Pepper Adams, Paul Chambers and Kenny Clarke
Double CD: Pepper Adams: Four Classic Albums (Avid)

For All We Know by Nicki Parrott
CD: Yesterday Once More: The Carpenters Songbook (Venus)

Joy Spring by Gary Burton
CD: New Vibe Man in Town (BMG)

Homestretch by Joe Henderson
CD: Page One (Blue Note)

Segment Three

On the Bright Side by The Ted Dunbar Quartet
CD: Gentle Time Alone (Steeplechase)

Hat Snatcher by The Andre Ceccarelli Trio
CD: Hat Snatcher (Phonogram)

More of the Same by Thad Jones
CD: Thad Jones (Original Jazz Classics)

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Something Beautiful 1907


Segment One

Manhattan Serenade by Enoch Light
LP: Enoch Light and His Orchestra

A Day in the Life of a Fool by Tony Motola
CD: Spotlight on Tony Motola

Tango Regina by James Last
LP: With Compliments

Somewhere My Love by Tommy Garrett
CD: The Best of the 50 Guitars, Vol. 3

Love by Starlight by Frank Chacksfield
CD: Starborne Limited Edition #21

Love Me Tender by Norman Chandler
LP: Try a Little Tenderness

The Shadow of Your Smile by The Midnight String Quartet
CD: Rhapsodies for Young Lovers

Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time by Jackie Gleason
CD: Music to Remember Her

Witchcraft by Peter Knight
LP: Music in the Night, Vol. 1

Claire de Lune by Dan Troxell
CD: Shan-Gri-La

Yesterday When I Was Young by Frank Mills
LP: 20th Anniversary

Segment Two

All Night Long by The Fantasy Strings
LP: Songs for Today

Somewhere by Bob Blom
LP: Spotlight on Bob Blom #10

What a Wonderful World by Alain Morisod
CD: 20 Melodies Pour Rever

The Sweetheart Tree by Douglas Gamley
CD: From the Heart

Out of Nowhere by Acker Bilk
CD: Horn of Plenty/Mood for Love

Mostly for Lovers by American Symphonette
CD: The Music of Henry Mancini

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte by The Living Strings
LP: Songs From the Silver Screen

Cry Me a River by Frank Pourcel
LP: In a Nostalgia Mood

Friday, April 5, 2019

Classics and Beyond 1910


Segment One

Johannes Brahms: Piano Trio No. 2 in C Major, Op. 87
I. Allegro
II. Andante con Molto
III. Scherzo-Presto
IV. Finale-Allegro Giocoso
Trio Kanon
Diego Maccagnola: Piano
Kena Yokoyama: Violin
Alessandro Copia: Cello
CD: Brahms/Dvorak: Piano Trios (WM)

Segment Two

Igor Stravinsky: Firebird Suite
I. Introduction/Dance of the Firebird
II. Round of the Princesses
III. Infernal Dance of Kastchei
IV. Berceuse/Finale
Isao Tomita: Synthesizers
LP: Firebird (RCA)

Upstate Radio Theatre 1910


CBS Radio Mystery Theater "The Lodger" 5-13-74

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Jazz Progressions 1909


Segment One

Hyrax by Jasper Van't Hof
CD: Eyeball (Limetree)

Mango Sunrise by John Lee and Gerry Brown
CD: Mango Sunrise (Blue Note)

Neon by Electromagnets
CD: Electromagnets II (Vortexan)

Segment Two

Butterfly by Herbie Hancock
CD: Thrust (Columbia)

Eloquence by Passport
CD: Looking Thru (Atlantic)

Captain Marvel by Return to Forever
CD: Light as a Feather (Polydor)

Segment Three

Ished by Chick Corea and the Elektric Band II
CD: Paint the World (GRP)

High Bias by Niacin
CD: High Bias (Stretch/Concord)

Monday, April 1, 2019

Lake Air 1910


Segment One

Never Too Much by Henry Johnson
CD: Never Too Much (MCA)

April Fool by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: River's Gonna Rise (Private Music)

You Could Come Take Me Home by Angela Bofill
CD: Too Tough/Teaser (Arista)

Blackwood by Eddie Daniels
CD: Blackwood (GRP)

Segment Two

Love Mission by Sherry Winston
CD: Love Madness (Headfirst)

Redwood Nocturne by Spencer Brewer
CD: The Piper's Rhythm (Narada)

Such Good Friends by Michael Tomlinson
CD: Face Up in the Rain (Cypress)

Villa de Martin by Tommy Emmanuel
CD: Midnight Drive (Higher Octave)

Segment Three

Midnight Wind by Rodney Taylor
CD: Can I Blow for You (Equity)

10 Annees Deja by Dan Ar Braz
CD: Acoustic (Green Linnet)

I Want Tomorrow by Enya
CD: The Celts (Warner Brothers)

Body Pulse by John Klemmer
CD: Touch (MCA)