Monday, April 1, 2019

Lake Air 1910


Segment One

Never Too Much by Henry Johnson
CD: Never Too Much (MCA)

April Fool by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: River's Gonna Rise (Private Music)

You Could Come Take Me Home by Angela Bofill
CD: Too Tough/Teaser (Arista)

Blackwood by Eddie Daniels
CD: Blackwood (GRP)

Segment Two

Love Mission by Sherry Winston
CD: Love Madness (Headfirst)

Redwood Nocturne by Spencer Brewer
CD: The Piper's Rhythm (Narada)

Such Good Friends by Michael Tomlinson
CD: Face Up in the Rain (Cypress)

Villa de Martin by Tommy Emmanuel
CD: Midnight Drive (Higher Octave)

Segment Three

Midnight Wind by Rodney Taylor
CD: Can I Blow for You (Equity)

10 Annees Deja by Dan Ar Braz
CD: Acoustic (Green Linnet)

I Want Tomorrow by Enya
CD: The Celts (Warner Brothers)

Body Pulse by John Klemmer
CD: Touch (MCA)

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