Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Sounds From the Global Village 2305


Segment One

Diego by Sijam Bukan
CD: Ears of the People: Ekonting Songs From Senegal and the Gambia (Smithsonian Folkways)

The Belfort Set by Willos'
Digital Album: From Now On (Altri Suoni ETS)

Medley: Naz Ban/Nazpar/Halay by Trio A.G.A.
CD: Meeting (Naxos World)

Dodo Sya  by Zene'T Panon
Digital Album: Guet Sa! (self-released)

Segment Two

Made Eviwo by Dogo Du Togo
Digital Album: Made Eviwo (self-released)

Joropo by Unknown Artist
CD: Dances of Venezuela (Smithsonian Folkways)

Ahlane Ouassahlane by L'Orchestre National Mauritanien
Digital Album: Ahl Nana (Radio Martiko)

You've Forgotten Me by Laxmi and Raj Adhikari
Digital Album: Nepali Songs in Halifax (self-released)

Segment Three

Flor de Agua by Fabiola Mendez
Digital Album: Afrorriquena (self-released)

Bala Ghitina by Teres Aoutes String Band
Digital Album: Meuseucca Servadze (self-released)

Nawwar by Le Trio Joubran
Digital Album: Asfar (Randana)

Adios Morena by Rio Mira
CD: Marimba del Pacifico (AYA)

Monday, March 20, 2023

Something Beautiful 2304


Segment One

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by The Countdown Orchestra
Oh, But I Do by Reg Owen
Just the Way You Are by Starshine Orchestra
Don't Fence Me In by Leo Addeo
Too Marvelous for Words by The Romantic Strings
All the Things You Are by The Romantic Strings
Never Believing by Francis Goya
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You by The Melachrino Strings
'S Wonderful by Richard Alden

Segment Two

I've Told Every Little Star by The Limelight Strings
I Left My Heart in San Francisco by The MOR Orchestra
I Say a Little Prayer for You by The Countdown Orchestra
Moonlight in Vermont by The Magic Strings
'Round Midnight by George Shearing
The Last Time I Saw Paris by The Ambassador Strings
By the Time I Get to Phoenix by The Montmartre Strings
So Lonely by John Fox
The Waltz You Saved for Me by The Living Strings

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Classics and Beyond 2305


Segment One

William Schuman: Symphony No. 3
The Philadelphia Orchestra
Eugene Ormandy: Conductor
LP: Schuman: Symphony No. 3 (Columbia)

Segment Two

Joseph Haydn: String Quartet in C Major, Op. 76-3 "Emperor"
The London String Quartet
78 RPM Album: Handy: String Quartet in C Major, Op. 76-3 (Columbia)

Jazz and More 03-19-23

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2

Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Blues a la Carte by Wayne Shorter
CD: Introducing Wayne Shorter (Blue Note)

Mosaic by Art Blakey and the Jaz Messengers
CD: Mosaic (Blue Note)

E.S.P. by Miles Davis
CD: E.S.P. (Columbia)

Hour One Segment Two

Arab Arab by Louis Hayes
CD: Crisis (Savant)

Homeward Bound by Jonathan Blake
CD: Homeward Bound (Blue Note)

Hour One Segment Three

Sirens by David Bedford
CD: The Odyssey (Virgin)

Ik Ook by Philip Glass
CD: North Star (Virgin)

Hour One Segment Four

Start of Love by James Marfleet
CD: Sonic Imagery (self-released)

Intimate Interlude by Jim Bajor
CD: Gentle Images (self-released)

Hour Two Segment One

Storm by Wayne Shorter
CD: Odyssey of Iska (Blue Note)

Crystal by Weather Report
CD: I Sing the Body Electric (Columbia)

Lilia by Wayne Shorter
CD: Native Dancer (Columbia)

Hour Two Segment Two

O.P. by The Count Basie Trio
CD: For the First Time (Pablo)

Rhode Island is Famous for You by The Ray Kennedy Trio
CD: The Ray Kennedy Trio Plays the Music of Arthur Schwartz (Arbors)

Honeysuckle Rose by Hank Jones
CD: Handful of Keys (Decca)

Hour Two Segment Three

Distant Thunder by Checkfield
CD: Distant Thunder (American Gramaphone)

Horse Latitudes by Eko
CD: Future Primitive (Higher Octave)

Hour Two Segment Four

March Sky by Alex de Grassi
CD: Slow Circle (Windham Hill)

Cloud Chaser by David Stevenson
CD: Echoes of an Inner Domain (self-released)

Hour Three Segment One

The Last Silk Hat by Wayne Shorter
CD: Atlantis (Columbia)

Memory of Enchantment by Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter
CD: 1+1 (Verve)

Zero Gravity by The Wayne Shorter Quartet
CD: Beyond the Sound Barrier (Verve)

Hour Three Segment Two

Next Chapter by Michael Rabinowitz
Digital Album: Next Chapter (self-released)

Kinda Elegant by Eldad Tarmu
Digital Album: Tarmu Jazz Quartet (self-released)

Hour Three Segment Three

Luizana by Oscar Castro-Neves
CD: Oscar! (Living Music)

Bodas de Prata by Paul Horn
CD: The Altitude of the Sun (Black Sun)

Hour Three Segment Four

Dreamwalk by William Ellwood
CD: Touchstone (Narada)

Mailbox Suite by Wind Machine
CD: Rain Maiden (Silver Wave)

Prologue by Kotaro Oshio
CD: Dramatic (Narada)

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2307


Segment One

March Sky by Alex de Grassi
CD: Slow Circle (Windham Hill)

Through City Light by Jon Jenkins
CD: Beyond City Light (Brain Laughter)

Puppet Flower by Eric Watson
CD: Piano One (Private Music)

The Stallion's Dream by Friedemann
CD: Passion and Pride (Biber)

Gaelic Air/Forest of Garth by Neal Hellman
CD: Autumn in the Valley (Gourd)

Segment Two

Nen by Stevan Pasero
CD: Guitar Heartsongs (Sugo)

You Are That by Sanjiva
CD: Slumberland (Waveform)

Touch the Light by Joachim Kuhn
Digital Album: Touch the Light (self-released)

Enigmatism by Mike Oldfield
CD: Guitars (Warner)

Returning Home by Steve Haun
CD: Collage (Silver Wave)

Lake Air 2307


Segment One

More Than You Know by Emil Palame
CD: Home Free (Chase)

Coming Home by Sean Harkness
CD: Aloft (Windham Hill)

Too Good by Deidre McCalla
CD: With a Little Luck (Olivia)

We Are One by Pieces of a Dream
CD: We Are One (Elektra)

Segment Two

Pacific Coast Highway by Nils
CD: Pacific Coast Highway (Baja)

Wheels on Beach Park by Christopher Franke
CD: Pacific Coast Highway (Private Music)

World Outside Your Window by Tanita Tikaram
CD: Ancient Heart (Warner)

Down East by Sadao Watanabe
LP: Morning Island (Flying Disk)

Segment Three

Let it Breathe by Michael Broening
Digital Album: Never Too Late (Trippin N Rhythm)

Three Circles by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: Trust (Deep Cave)

Open Wide by Jen Chapin and Stephan Crump
CD: Open Wide (Purple Chair)

Doc by Earl Klugh
CD: Dream Come True (Blue Note)

Friday, March 17, 2023

The Jazz Scene 2306


Segment One

Reset by Mike Cohen
Digital Album: Winter Sun (self-released)

Solace by The JAS Trio
Digital Album: Solace (self-released)

Blues for Barry by Mathieu Soucy
Digital Album: Recollecting (self-released)

Segment Two

Kryptonite by Wayne Shorter
CD: Schizophrenia (Blue Note)

All My Tomorrows by Eden Atwood
CD: Like Someone in Love (SSJ)

Oh, Lady Be Good (Concept 1) by The Count Basie Trio
CD: For the First Time (Pablo)

Segment Three

Lydian Dream by Michael Rabinowitz
Digital Album: Next Chapter (self-released)

If Someone Had Told Me by Thad Jones
CD: The Magnificent Thad Jones (Blue Note)

The Song is You by The Jimmy Giuffre 3
CD: The Jimmy Guiffre 3 (Atlantic)

Jazz Progressions 2307 (Wayne Shorter Tribute)


Segment One

Capricorn by Wayne Shorter
CD: Super Nova (Blue Note)

Joy by Wayne Shorter
CD: Odyssey of Iska (Blue Note)

Segment Two

Sanctuary by Miles Davis
Double CD: Bitches Brew (Columbia)

Crystal by Weather Report
CD: I Sing the Body Electric (Columbia)

Tarde by Wayne Shorter
CD: Native Dancer (Columbia)

Segment Three

Aja by Steely Dan
CD: Aja (MCA)

Shere Khan, the Tiger by Carlos Santana
CD: The Swing of Delight (Columbia)