Sunday, October 31, 2021

Jazz and More 10-31-21

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Hour One Segment One

The Great Pumpkin Waltz by Chick Corea
CD: Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown! (GRP)

I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You by Diana Krall
CD: Love Scenes (Impulse!)

Witchcraft by The John Wright Trio
CD: Nice 'n' Easy (Prestige/OJC)

Hour One Segment Two

That Old Black Magic by Lionel Hampton
CD Box Set: The Complete Quartets and Quintets With Oscar Peterson on Verve (Verve)

That Old Devil Moon by Doug Raney
CD: Blue and White (Steeplechase)

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Phil Bodner
CD: Jammin' at Phil's Place (JazzMania)

Hour One Segment Three

All Souls Night by Loreena McKennitt
CD: The Visit (Quinlan Road)

Tam Lin by Fairport Convention
CD: Liege and Lief (Island)

Hour One Segment Four

Ghost Dance by Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors
CD: Trance (Raven)

Bones by Mike Oldfield
Double CD: Discovery (Mercury)

Hour Two Segment One

Ding-Dong, the Witch is Dead by Harry Allen
CD: When I Grow Too Old to Dream (Slider)

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered by The Ari Hoenig Trio
CD: Conner's Days (Fresh Sound)

Bewitched by Earl Klugh
CD: The Earl Klugh Trio Volume One (Warner Brothers)

Hour Two Segment Two

Ghost Story by Teo Macero With the Prestige Jazz Quartet
CD: Teo (Prestige/OJC)

Devil May Care by Billy Drummond
CD: The Gift (Criss Cross)

Demon's Dance by Jackie McLean
CD: Demon's Dance (Blue Note)

Hour Two Segment Three

Ghost Beads by Oregon
CD: Winter Light (Vanguard)

Ghostwood by Tingstad and Rumbel
CD: In the Garden (Narada)

Hour Two Segment Four

Heaven and Hell, Part One (excerpt) by Vangelis
CD: Heaven and Hell (RCA)

Hour Three Segment One

Broadway by Martin Wind
Digital Album: My Astorian Queen (Laika)

Turn Out the Stars by Simon Moullier
CD: Countdown (Fresh Sound)

Minuet in G Minor by The Jonathan Fritzen Jazz Trio
Digital Album: Bach and Jazz (self-released)

Hour Three Segment Two

Wonderland by Marion Meadows
CD: The Collected Marion Meadows (RCA)

Modie by Tim Eyermann and East Coast Offering
CD: Outside/Inside (Bluemoon)

Skyline by Najee
CD: Just an Illusion (EMI)

Hour Three Segment Three

Angels' Hymn by Kristian Schulze
Tagmusik by Lightwave
CD: Magic Age II (Erdenklang)

Hour Three Segment Four

Night Crossing by John Doan
CD: Departures (Narada)

Departure by Vin Downes
Digital Album: Unlike the Stars (self-released)

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2127


Segment One

Transmigrant by Matthias Thurow
CD: Cornucopia (Erdenklang)

Wandering Soul by Rachel LaFond
Digital Album: Wandering Soul (self-released)

In the Middle Distance by William Ellwood
CD: Vista (Narada)

Hidden Crater by Mars Lasar
CD: The Eleventh Hour (Real Music)

Blue Orleans by Michael Manring
CD: Toward the Center of the Night (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

Sundance Kid by Tangerine Dream
CD: 220 Volt Live (Miramar)

A Clear Day and No Memories by Steve Tibbetts
CD: Exploded View (ECM)

Sacred Sight Soundtrack by Michael Stearns
CD: Sacred Sight (Hearts of Space)

Steppes II by Jim Hudak
CD: Bridging Textures (self-released)

Riverbend by Vin Downes
Digital Album: Unlike the Stars (self-released)

Friday, October 29, 2021

Lake Air 2128


Segment One

Zebra Man by Bob James
CD: Foxie (Tappen Zee)

Reliable Sources by George Jinda and World News
CD: Reliable Sources (JVC)

Perfect Paradise by Kim Cage Riley and Norman Brown
Digital Album: Family, Friends and Favors (self-released)

You Drive Me Crazy by Century 22 Feat. George Shaw
Digital Album: Flight 2201 (Numero)

Segment Two

Bow to the Cow by Dave Camp
CD: Torrid Rain (self-released)

Michael's Song by Wishful Thinking
CD: Way Down West (Soundwings)

Heaven Help Me by Deon Estus
CD: Spell (Mika)

These Days by Ronnie Laws
LP: Flame (United Artists)

Segment Three

Wishing by Marion Meadows
CD: Keep it Right There (Novus)

Flying Into Red Square by Ira Stein and Russel Walder
CD: Under the Eye (Narada)

Places by Khani Cole
CD: Places (Heavycat)

If You Ask Me by Nick Colionne
CD: Keepin' it Cool (Narada)

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Upstate Radio Theatre 2117


Great Scenes From Great Plays "The Corn is Green" 10-8-48
The Anderson Family "Mary Wants Oliver to Take Her Cousin to the Symphony" 1947

Classics and Beyond 2111


Segment One

Ernesto Cordero: Concierto Festivo
Pepe Romero: Guitar
I Solisti di Zagreb
CD: Cordero: Caribbean Concertos (Naxos)

Segment Two

Sergei Rachmaninoff: Cappricio on Gypsy Themes
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Sergiu Comissiona: Conductor
CD: Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances (CBC)

Segment Three

Pietro Domenico Paradies: Harpsichord Sonata No. 11 in F Major
Alessandro Simonetto: Harpsichord
CD: Paradies: Complete Sonatas for Harpsichord (Brilliant Classics)

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Jazz Progressions 2114


Segment One

City Lights, Part 2 (City of Starsign) by Patrick Pulsinger
CD: Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 1 (Compost)

All That Jazz by 12-10 Series MK 1
CD: Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 2 (Compost)

Aqua Libra (Down Beat Mix) by Cool Blu
Double CD: Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 3 (Compost)

Segment Two

Notion by Tongue
Double CD: Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 4 (Compost)

1300 Milliseconds of Brass by Max Brennan
Double CD: Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 5 (Compost)

Son of Ra Ra by Restless Soul
CD: Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 6 (Compost)

Segment Three

Psycked Up Muzak by DJ Shuriken
CD: Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 7 (Compost)

Dust by Moonstarr
CD: Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 8 (Compost)

MOA by Yellowtail
CD: Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 9 (Compost)

Something Beautiful 2111


Segment One

I'm Stone in Love With You by the Pacific Pops Orchestra
Lollipops and Roses by Roger Williams
When Will I See You Again? by John Fox
Little Miss Molly by Robert Farnon
When You're n Love With a Beautiful Woman by Arthur Greenslade
The Sounds of Silence by Andre Kostelanetz
Strangers in the Night by Roy Etzel
You Know Me by Claudio Casanova
You Are the Sunshine of My Life by Percy Faith

Segment Two

Laughter in the Rain by David Rose
On Days Like These by The Living Strings
Wildfire by Neville Hughes
It Must Be Him by Franck Pourcel
Feelings by Ferrante and Teicher
April is Coming by Ron Goodwin
Evergreen by George Greeley
Twilight Stroll by Len Stevens

Monday, October 25, 2021

Sounds From the Global Village 2108


Segment One

Nonga by Kandy Guira
Digital Album: Nagtaba (Vlad Productions)

Los Condenados by Jose Alejandro Paredes and Juan Carlos Nunez
CD: Rio Arriba (El Centro Nacional del Disco)

Dhkir: Day by Opium Moon
Double CD: Night+Day (Starry Void)

Meda Butu by Black Rose
CD: Kika...? (Mangrove Productions)

Segment Two

The Chieftains' Knock on the Door by The Chieftains
CD: Chieftains 5 (Claddagh)

La Tunda by Herencia de Timbiqui
Digital Album: Herencia Pacifica (self-released)

Muxima by Nuno Mindelis
Digital Album: Angola Blues (self-released)

Id Shid by Big Gee
Digital Album: Street Dreams (REAL)

Segment Three

O Santo do Demo by The Rodrigo Romani Trio
CD: Fios de Ouro No Ar (Altafonte)

Ilha Nua by Marta Dias
Digital Album: Quantas Tribos (BigBit)

Şeytanın Aklını Çeldim by Umut Adan
CD: Bahar (Riverboat)

Nuestros Pueblos by Ukamau
CD: Traditional Music From Bolivia (ARC)

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Jazz and More 10-24-21

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Hour One Segment One

The Epic by The Pat Metheny Group
CD: American Garage (ECM)

American Express by The Connection
CD: Inside Out (Shanachie)

Hour One Segment Two

Weaver of Dreams by Nika Rejto
CD: Bridge Weaver (self-released)

Vadana by Dave Liebman
CD: First Visit (Philips)

Hour One Segment Three

Sundance Kid by Tangerine Dream
CD: 220 Volt Live (Miramar)

Vermilion Sands by Christopher Franke
CD: Electronische Muziek 1989 (KLWM)

Hour One Segment Four

Djiko by Kudialy Kouyate
CD: Aado (Naxos)

Alafia by Ben Aylon
CD: Xalam (Riverboat)

Hour Two Segment One

On the Way Home by Gabriel Santiago
Digital Album: Upright (self-released)

Venturing Out by Daryl Stuermer
CD: Steppin' Out (GRP)

Butane Elvin by Steve Khan
CD: Public Access (GRP)

Hour Two Segment Two

High Seas by Art Taylor
CD: A.T.'s Delight (Blue Note)

Keep it Moving (Take 3) by Wynton Kelly
CD: Kelly Blue (Riverside/OJC)

Hour Two Segment Three

Love's Labour's Never Lost by Rachel LaFond
Digital Album: Encounters of the Beautiful Kind (self-released)

Kites in the Wind by Paul Halley
CD: Pianosong (Living Music)

As for Us by Fernando Ortega
CD: Meditations of the Heart (RPI)

Hour Two Segment Four

Thinking of You by Jon Mark
CD: A Sunday in Autumn (White Cloud)

Mother of the World by Constance Demby
CD: Set Free (Hearts of Space)

Hour Three Segment One

Anna's Song by Sara Caswell
CD: First Song (Double-Time)

Beautiful Love by the Lynne Arriale Trio
CD: Melody (TCB)

Hour Three Segment Two

Happy Hour by Sean Gibbs
Digital Album: When Can I See You Again? (Ubuntu)

Bird's Word by Carlos Vega
CD: Art of the Messenger (Origin)

Hour Three Segment Three

Lost in Thoughts by Bernd Kistenmacher
Valley by Peru
Himalaya by Ron Boots
CD: Electronische Muziek 1989 (KLEM)

Hour Three Segment Four

Nomkhitha: She Who Turns Men's Heads by David Hewitt
CD: The Storyteller (Gresham)

Heliodor by Friedemann
CD: Aquamarine (Narada)

Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Jazz Scene 2119


Segment One

When I'm Sixty Four by Wolff Clark Dorsey
Digital Album: Wolff Clark Dorsey Play Sgt. Pepper (self-released)

That's Your Lot by Sean Gibbs
Digital Album: When Can I See You Again? (Ubuntu)

4-D by The Mark Lewis Quartet
Digital Album: Naked Animals (Audio Daddio)

Segment Two

Pho Twenny by Troy Roberts and Tim Jago
Digital Album: Best Buddies (Toy Robot)

Ruby by The Trish Delaney-Brown Quintet
CD: The Game (ABC Jazz)

Darn That Dream by George Shearing and the Montgomery Brothers
CD: George Shearing and the Montgomery Brothers (Jazzland/OJC)

Segment Three

The Nearness of You by Mike Kaupa
CD: Stardust (MSR Jazz)

Boom Diddle It by Mike Scott
Digital Album: Collecting Things (self-released)

How Insensitive by Nika Rejto
CD: Bridge Weaver (self-released)

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2126


SEgment One

Cloud Walker by Paul Lawler
CD: Sundance (New World)

Picture of Romance by Ben Woolman
CD: Many Moons (self-released)

Mecca of Space by Original Rockers
CD: Three A.D. (waveform)

Woods by George Winston
CD: Autumn (Windham Hill)

Moongate by Secret Garden
CD: Dawn of a New Century (Philips)

Segment Two

Dance of the Lambs by Kim Robertson
CD: Wood Fire and Gold (Dargason)

White Dunes by Open Canvas
CD: Nomadic Impressions (Groove Unlimited)

Breath by Bill Connors
CD: Swimming With a Hole in My Body (ECM)

I Call Your Name by William Aura
CD: Timepiece (Higher Octave)

Ireland by John R. Burr
CD: Piedmont Avenue (Compass)

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Lake Air 2127


Segment One

For Lovers Only by Wilton Felder
CD: Forever Always (Par)

Met Before by Mark Sloniker
CD: Perfectly Human (Music West)

So Long by Ben Sidran
CD: Cool Paradise (Go Jazz)

Only Love by Thom Rotella
CD: Without Words (DMP)

Segment Two

Release by Lin Rountre
Digital Album: Fluid (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)

Madrigal by Eugene Friesen
CD: Arms Around You (Living Music)

An Olive Tree by Basia
CD: The Sweetest Illusion (Epic)

Chejudo by Jack Lee
CD: What Now? (Par)

Segment Three

Pyramid by David Sanborn
CD: Close Up (Reprise)

Destinations by Mark Portmann
CD: No Truer Words (Zebra)

I Just Want to Hang Around You by George Benson
CD: 20-20 (Warner Brothers)

Travel Time by Michael Walker
Digital Album: My Journey (self-released)

Upstate Radio Theatre 2116


Lights Out "Oxychloride X" 2-16-43
CBC Mystery Theatre "The Kitchen Table" 1967

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Jazz Progressions 2113


Segment One

Isis by Shakti With John McLaughlin
CD: A Handful of Beauty (Sony)

Jewel Ornament by Collin Walcott
CD: Grazing Dreams (ECM)

Segment Two

Djinji's Corner by Marion Brown
CD: Afternoon of a Georgia Faun (ECM)

Segment Three

Galaxy 9 by Whit Dickey
CD: Vessel in Orbit (AUM Fidelity)

Sound Neighbors by Greg Burk
Digital Album: Sound Neighbors (self-released)

Monday, October 18, 2021

Something Beautiful 2110


Segment One

Stardust by 101 Strings
Beautiful Obsession by Percy Faith
How Will I Know? by The Fantasy Strings
Once I Loved by The Marina Strings
I Can See Clearly Now by Norm Geller
Young at Heart by Frank Chacksfield
Serenade in Blue by John Gregory
My Silent Love by Caesar Giovanni
I Wish You Love by Nelson Riddle

Segment Two

Blueberry Hill by The Living Strings
Chasing a Dream by Hagood Hardy
Prelude to a Kiss by Russ Garcia
The Good Things by David Snell
Caught Up in the Rapture by Pat Valentino
Tammy by Stanley Black
Mrs. Robinson by Paul Mauriat
You Go to My Head by Enoch Light
Lullaby of Birdland by Geoff Love

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Jazz and More 10-17-21

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

October Morning by Fourplay
CD: Fourplay (Warner Brothers)

Keepin' the Faith by Steve Laury
CD: Keepin' the Faith (Denon)

East River Drive by Russ Freeman
CD: Drive (Peak)

Hour One Segment Two

Love for Sale by Dexter Gordon
CD: Go! (Blue Note)

Deliberation by Harold Land
LP: A New Shade of Blue (Mainstream)

Hour One Segment Three

Away We Go Again by The Chieftains
CD: Chieftains VII (Columbia)

Ommadawn, Part Two (excerpt) by Mike Oldfield
CD: Ommadawn (Virgin)

Hour One Segment Four

Daybreak by Alex Anderson
CD: Tree of Life (Candyrat)

Tapestry by Hunter Van Larkins
CD: Myriad (Candyrat)

Hour Two Segment One

Bent on Monk by Graham Dechter
CD: Major Influence (Capri)

The Eternal Triangle by Jimmy Bruno
CD: Burnin' (Concord)

Waltz for Carmen by Lee Ritenour
CD: Stolen Moments (GRP)

Hour Two Segment Two

Esta Tarde Vi Llover by Eliane Elias
Digital Album: Mirror Mirror (Candid)

Roses Poses by Victor Gould
CD: Earthlings (Criss Cross)

For Sue by Jon Gordon and Bill Charlep
CD: Contrasts (Double-Time)

Hour Two Segment Three

Flightpath by Jonn Serrie
CD: Flightpath (Miramar)

Inside the Sky by Steve Haun
CD: Inside the Sky (Silver Wave)

Flight of Fantasy by Yanni
CD: Reflections of Passion (Private Music)

Hour Two Segment Four

M'Lady Nancy by Bert Jansch
CD: Rosemary Lane (Transatlantic)

Lady Goes to Church by John Renbourn
CD: Sir John Alot (Shanachie)

Hour Three Segment One

Sid's Ahead by Miles Davis
CD: Milestones (Columbia)

Blues Unconscious by Quincy Davis
Digital Album: Q Vision (self-released)

Hour Three Segment Two

Lilies of the Nile by Wilton Felder
CD: Forever Always (Par)

Little Black Samba by Grover Washington Jr.
CD: Come Morning (Elektra)

Deja Vu by John Klemmer
CD: Magnificent Madness (Elektra)

Hour Three Segment Three

Muse of the Round Sky by Paul Avgerinos
CD: Muse of the Round Sky (Hearts of Space)

Your Love is My Cure by Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek
CD: Beyond the Sky (Celestial Harmonies)

Hour Three Segment Four

Moon by George Winston
CD: Autumn (Windham Hill)

Friday, October 15, 2021

The Jazz Scene 2118


Segment One

Countdown by Simon Moullier
CD: Countdown (Fresh Sound)

All the Things You Are by Ted Curson
CD: Blue Piccolo (Whynot)

Blues Evolution by Martin Bejerano
CD: Evolution/Revolution (Reservoir)

Segment Two

Little Joe's Waltz by Joe Puma
CD: Shining Hour (Reservoir)

They All Laughed by Meegan Samantha Coleman
CD: I Hear Music (self-released)

Art of the Messenger by Carlos Vega
CD: Art of the Messenger (Origin)

Segment Three

Moonithology by Graham Dechter
CD: Major Influence (Capri)

In Our Time by Victor Gould
Digital Album: In Our Time (Blue Room)

Compensation by Jon Gordon and Bill Charlap
CD: Contrasts (Double-Time)

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Jazz and More 10-10-21

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Autumn Leaves by the John Coltrane Quartet
Double CD: The Complete Graz Concert (Charly)

Lullaby of the Leaves by Mary Stallings
CD: Manhattan Moods (Concord)

Hour One Segment Two

Vivaldi: Concerto No. 3 in F Major "Autumn" by The Jacques Loussier Trio
CD: Vivaldi (Telarc)

Hour One Segment Three

Out of the Earth by Simon Wynberg
The Desert Song by Ira Stein
Remember, Remember by Sheldon Mirowitz
CD: Earth Songs (Narada)

Hour One Segment Four

Sunshine Rider by Acoustic Groove Experience
CD: Thread of Joy (self-released)

Ten Years by Steve Tibbetts
CD: Yr (ECM)

Hour Two Segment One

She's Leaving Home by Wolff Clark Dorsey
Digital Album: Wolff Clark Dorsey Play Sgt. Pepper (Manhattan Music Productions)

Her Majesty by George Colligan
CD: The Endless Mysteries (Origin)

All of Me by The Oscar Peterson Trio
CD: A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra (Verve)

Hour Two Segment Two

Majestic Dance by Return to Forever
CD: The Romantic Warrior (Columbia)

Macrocosm by Brand X
CD: Moroccan Roll (Caroline)

Do You Hear the Voices You Left Behind? by John McLaughlin
CD: Electric Guitarist (Columbia)

Hour Two Segment Three

Journal October, Stuttgart by David Darling
CD: Journal October (ECM)

Hour Two Segment Four

October Wedding by Montreux
CD: Let Them Say (Windham Hill)

Homecoming by Ken Bonfield
CD: Homecoming (BWE)

Into the Night by Bill Cooley and Kathy Mattea
CD: Sounds of Wood and Steel (Windham Hill)

Hour Three Segment One

Don't Wait for Me by Peter White
CD: Excusez-moi (CGR)

Oriental Flower by Thom Rotella
CD: Home Again (DMP)

London Skyline by Acoustic Alchemy
CD: The New Edge (GRP)

Hour Three Segment Two

Oh Yes, There Will by Jay Graydon
CD: Bebop (Sonic Thrust)

Bittersweet by The Brandon Fields Trio
CD: One People (Blue Star)

Don't Say a Word by Bill Cantos
CD: Love Wins (GIC)

Hour Three Segment Three

Time Caravan by Michael Pluznick
CD: Where the Rain is Born (Narada)

Edge Runner by Michael Shrieve and Steve Roach
CD: The Leaving Time (Novus)

Hour Three Segment Four

Eric's Theme by Spencer Brewer
CD: Dorian's Legacy (Narada)

Speaking Without Words by Mark Sloniker
CD: Perfectly Human (Music West)

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2125


Segment One

Skywriting by Kyle Jameson
Digital Album: A View From Above (self-released)

Heart by Steve Bach
Digital Album: Bach Solo (self-released)

The Mummers' Dance by Loreena McKennitt
CD: The Book of Secrets (Quinlan Road)

All Our Ancestors by Tuu
CD: Al Our Ancestors (Waveform)\

Segment Two

Thread of Joy by Acoustic Groove Experience
CD: Thread of Joy (self-released)

Where the Rivers Are Born by Kostia
CD: Precious Waters (Narada)

Looking at a Rainbow Through a Dirty Window by Calum Stewart
CD: Celtic Cafe (Putumayo)

Butterflies by Suzanne Ciani
CD: Pianissimo III (Seventh Wave)

Lake Air 2126


Segment One

Day by Day by Najee
CD: Day by Day (EMI)

A River Runs East by 7and5
Digital Album: Trading Stories (self-released)

War of the Hearts by Sade
CD: Promise (Epic)

New Day by Randal Clark
Digital Album: Imaginary World (Blue Hour Productions)

Segment Two

Sky Lounge by Scott Allman
Digital Album: Elevated (self-released)

The Two Rubys by Artie Traum
CD: The Last Romantic (Narada)

Dr. Wu by Steely Dan
CD: Katy Lied (Geffen)

Midnight Lady by Lee Ritenour
CD: Feel the Night (Elektra)

Segment Three

Sunny by Bryan Savage
CD: Rush Hour (Higher Octave)

Sunshine by Steve Bach
CD: Holiday (Bach to Bach)

Rules of My Heart (Vocal Version) by Bernard Oattes
CD: Rules of My Heart (Unity)

Drake's Drum by Acoustic Alchemy
CD: Natural Elements (MCA)

Sounds From the Global Village 2107


Segment One

Thiosano by Kadialy Kouyate
CD: Aado (Naxos)

Caballito de Raquira by Niyireth
CD: Music From Colombia (ARC)

Bulbulake Sangshekan by Abdul Mazari
LP: An Anthology of the World's Music: Afghanistan II (Anthology of the World's Music)

Motifs From Banat by The Branko Krsmanovic Group
CD: Music of Serbia and Montenegro (ARC)

Segment Two

Mother I Told You by Henna Haj Hassan
Digital Album: Henna: Young Female Voices From Palestine (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)

Mar de Lagrimas by Rafael and Energia Dominicana
CD: Enamorarse en la Playa (ARC)

Darombi Solo by Unknown Artist
CD: Music From South New Guinea (Smithsonian Folkways)

Moviti Ferma by Eleonora Bordonaro
Digital Album: Moviti Ferma (Finisterre)

Segment Three

First Sign of Morning by The Young Folk
CD: First Sign of Morning (ARC)

Gbenta by Edikanfo
LP: The Pace Setters (Glitterbeat)

Chamamesseiro by Aldeia dos Anjos
CD: Music From Southern Brazil (ARC)

Pireotiko Taximi by S. Giorgiadis
Digital Album: Secret Muscum of Mankind: Guitars Vol. 1: Prologue to Modern Styles (Jalopy)

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Jazz Progressions 2112


Segment One

Voor Anouk by The Paul Van Gysegem Sextet
CD: Aorta (Futura)

Chirato by Perception
CD: Perception (Futura)

Segment Two

Both by The Paul Bley Trio
CD: Ramblin' (Red Record)

Acting No. 4 by The Acting Trio
LP: The Acting Trio (BYG)

Segment Three

We're So Happy by Medeski Martin and Wood
CD: Friday Afternoon in the Universe (Gramavision)

No Jungle by The Dan Stein Group
CD: There Goes the Neighborhood (self-released)

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Upstate Radio Theatre 2115


X Minus One "The Outer Limit" 11-16-55
The G.I. Jive "First Song: Back Beat Boogie" 1944
Nehi Program "First Song: Time On My Hands" 6-1-32

Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Jazz Scene 2117


Segment One

Rainy Days and Mondays by Warren Chiasson
CD: Quartessence (Progressive)

A Minor Pulsation by Christopher Hollyday
CD: Dialogue (self-released)

Swinging on a Star by The Tardo Hammer Trio
CD: Swinging on a Star (Cellar Live)

Segment Two

Chi Chi by Oliver Gannon and Bill Coon
CD: Two Much Guitar (Cellar Live)

Close Enough for Love by Dianne Reeves
CD: That Day... (Blue Note)

Pavane by The Ramsey Lewis Trio
CD: Appassionata (Narada)

Segment Three

Argyle by Jocelyn Gould
Digital Album: Elegant Traveler (Posi-Tone)

I Could Write a Book by Scott Hamilton and Andrea Pozza
CD: I Could Write a Book (Fone)

Something in Common by The Jae Sinnett Trio
Digital Album: Alter Egos (self-released)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2124


Segment One

A Breath of Autumn by Michael Jones
CD: Morning in Medonte (Narada)

Solitary Alignment by Geoff Hall
Digital Album: While it Lasts (self-released)

Baby Interphase by Biosphere
CD: Two A.D. (Waveform)

Slieve Russell by Deborah Henson-Conant
CD: The Celtic Album (self-released)

Segment Two

Rubycon, Part Two by Tangerine Dream
CD: Rubycon (Virgin)

14 Steps by Ancient Future
CD: World Without Walls (Narada)

As the Stars Appear by Wayne Gratz
Digital Album: The Wisdom to Wait (self-released)

Lake Air 2125


Segment One

Teardrops by Spyro Gyra
CD: Got the Magic (Windham Hill)

Euphonia by Vincenzo Zitello
CD: Euphonia (Narada)

Valentine Eleven by Jordan de la Sierra
CD: Valentine Eleven (Global Pacific)

Smooth Sailing by Peter White
CD: Excusez-moi (CGR)

Segment Two

Behind Closed Eyes by 3rd Force
CD: Force of Nature (Higher Octave)

Urban Jungle by Yutaka
CD: Brazasia (GRP)

Been So Long by Anita Baker
CD: Rapture (Elektra)

The Shuffle by Kenny G
CD: Kenny G (Arista)

Segment Three

Come On Over by Brian Culbertson
Digital Album: The Trilogy Pt 1: Red (self-released)

Feathers by Crystal Wind
CD: Cafe Tropique (Higher Octave)

Why Are You Leaving? by Level 42
CD: Level 42 (Polydor)

Flow by Terje Lie
Single: Flow (self-released)

Friday, October 1, 2021

Jazz and More 10-03-21

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Everywhere by Richard Stoltzman
CD: Begin Sweet World (RCA)

Flying Into Red Square by Ira Stein and Russel Walder
CD: Under the Eye (Narada)

Fawn by Scott Cossu
CD: Islands (Windham Hill)

Hour One Segment Two

Seasons of Shifting Recall by Byron Metcalf
Digital Album: Rhythms of Remembering (self-released)

Fetish by Tuu
CD: One Thousand Years (Waveform)

Hour One Segment Three

Phoenix by Jeremy Pelt
CD: November (Maxjazz)

Game Theory by Rick Germanson
CD: Heights (Fresh Sound)

Hour One Segment Four

Around and Around by Steve Hobbs
CD: On the Lower East Side (Candid)

Nostalgia by The Australian Jazz Quartet
CD: The Australian Jazz Quartet (Bethlehem)

Hour Two Segment One

Autumn in New York by Christopher Hollyday
CD: Telepathy (Jazzbeat)

Autumn in Washington Square by The Dave Brubeck Quartet
CD: Jazz Impressions of New York (Columbia)

Hour Two Segment Two

It's All Right With Me by Jocelyn Gould
Digital Album: Elegant Traveler (Posi-Tone)

Blues for Alice by Mike Denny
CD: Now... Here... This (Origin)

Hour Two Segment Three

Road of Miles by Ekimi
CD: Road of Miles (self-released)

The Precise Moment of Dusk by Michael Manring
CD: Toward the Center of the Night (Windham Hill)

And Then There Were Ten by Mo Foster
CD: Bel Assis (Relativity)

Hour Two Segment Four

Rumors of Egypt by David Arkenstone
CD: Citizen of Time (Narada)

Jinja by Diane Arkenstone
CD: Following the Equator (Mulamu)

Hour Three Segment One

Velocity by Tom Keenlyside
CD: The Fortune Teller (Cellar Live)

I Found a Million Dollar Baby by The Tardo Hammer Trio
CD: Swinging on a Star (Cellar Live)

Tones for St. Joan by Oliver Gannon and Bill Coon
CD: Two Much More! (Cellar Live)

Hour Three Segment Two

Top Secret by Barbara Dennerlein
CD: Hot Stuff (Enja)

Revenge by Niacin
CD: High Bias (Stretch)

Hour Three Segment Three

Ich Mache Einin Spiegel: Dream Part 4 by Popol Vuh
CD: Affenstunde (Bell)

Sunrise in the Third System by Tangerine Dream
CD: Alpha Centauri (Relativity)

Hour Three Segment Four

Arrival by Geoff Hall
Digital Album: While it Lasts (self-released)

Give Me Seven Reasons by Don Ross
CD: Passion Session (Narada)

It's Never Too Late by Tommy Emmanuel
CD: It's Never Too Late (CGP)