Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2126


SEgment One

Cloud Walker by Paul Lawler
CD: Sundance (New World)

Picture of Romance by Ben Woolman
CD: Many Moons (self-released)

Mecca of Space by Original Rockers
CD: Three A.D. (waveform)

Woods by George Winston
CD: Autumn (Windham Hill)

Moongate by Secret Garden
CD: Dawn of a New Century (Philips)

Segment Two

Dance of the Lambs by Kim Robertson
CD: Wood Fire and Gold (Dargason)

White Dunes by Open Canvas
CD: Nomadic Impressions (Groove Unlimited)

Breath by Bill Connors
CD: Swimming With a Hole in My Body (ECM)

I Call Your Name by William Aura
CD: Timepiece (Higher Octave)

Ireland by John R. Burr
CD: Piedmont Avenue (Compass)

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