Relaxation Programs

Lake Air

From the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York comes the sound of Lake Air. The name Lake Air refers to a long defunct FM radio station based in Canandaigua, New York, whose call letters were WLKA. The station was around from late 1989 through the Summer of 1993. Their music format was known as "New Adult Contemporary" (NAC). The current Lake Air radio series attempts to recreate that classic sound for a new generation. The program blends contemporary Jazz instrumentals and vocals with touches of New Age and Acoustic music. Key artists include Pat Metheny, The Rippingtons, Joe Sample, Sade, Bob James, Earl Klugh, George Benson, Yanni, and Enya along with many others. It's an hour of "unique contemporary music" perfect for any occasion.

Lake Air Deep Tracks

This is an extension of the original Lake Air concept. Many of the classic New Adult Contemporary radio stations of the 80s and 90s often had specialty shows emphasizing New Age music, usually presented late at night, or on Sunday mornings. Deep Tracks attempts to recreate the sound of these shows by featuring a wide range of relaxing New Age music. You will hear everything from solo piano to electronic ambient music, and from acoustic guitar to Native American flute to Celtic harp. Artists include Tangerine Dream, George Winston, David Arkenstone, Tingstad and Rumbel, William Ackerman, Jonn Serrie, Nightnoise, and the R. Carlos Nakai to name a few. Relax, unwind, and escape with Lake Air Deep Tracks.

Something Beautiful

From approximately the late 1950s through  the late 1980s, one of the most popular music formats on FM radio the world over was known as Beautiful Music. This was primarily a radio industry term to describe
Easy Listening" styles of music. The genre featured primarily instrumental, orchestral renditions of popular songs from Broadway, movies, the Great American Songbook, and then current pop hits. This music has all but disappeared from the radio dial in most places. Something Beautiful does what it can to recreate the Beautiful Music sound. We feature authentic recordings from some of the top orchestras and performers of the genre. Key artists include Henry Mancini, Percy Faith, The Living Strings, 101 Strings, Roger Williams, Ronnie Aldrich, John Fox and the Fantasy Strings.


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