Classical and Arts Programs

Classics and Beyond

Classics and Beyond is a fresh, unique approach to Classical music programming on the radio. This series presents a wide array of Classical and Serious Music styles. Listeners can expect to hear composers ranging from Bach, Beethoven and Mozart to John Cage, Philip Glass and Mike Oldfield. Music styles presented range from Early Music straight through to contemporary Avantgarde and Experimental compositions. Music is sourced from everything from Digital albums to CDs, LPs and even 78s.

Upstate Radio Theatre

This series presents a wide variety of programs from the "Golden Age of Radio". The time period roughly ranging from the 1930s into the early 1960s. The era of the "theatre of the mind", where listeners used their imaginations to paint the pictures to go along with the amazing sounds coming from their radio sets. You will hear everything from comedy legends such as Jack Benny and Burns and Allen to thriller series like Suspense and Inner Sanctum. Police dramas like Dragnet and Gangbusters, and classic westerns like The Lone Ranger and Gunsmoke. From time to time, we'll also present some "modern" radio dramas from long after the end of the golden age of radio, such as CBS Radio Mystery Theater and Nightfall. So, sit back, rest your eyes, and open your ears to experience the magic of radio theatre.