Eclectic Programs

Sounds From the Global Village

Sounds From the Global Village is a musical trip around the world. Each show features an eclectic mix of artists and styles from all corners of the globe. African, Celtic, Latin, Bollywood, Reggae, the list goes on. You'll hear vintage field recordings and forgotten vinyl gems to the latest popular music from around the world, along with incredible fusions of different styles from afar. Tune in to Sounds From the Global Village, and explore our world through music.

Jazz and More

Jazz and More is a weekly three hour program produced exclusively for WQNA/Springfield Community Radio in Springfield, Illinois. This is a revival of a series which was on the air for many years here in Upstate New York. The show offers a mix of Jazz, Fusion and New Age music with occasional detours into Classical and World music. You might even call it a "sampler" of the entire Quality Radio Productions musical output. Tune in and hear a little bit of everything each week on Jazz and More.