Sunday, April 23, 2023

Jazz and More 04-23-23

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Hour One Segment One

I'll Remember April by The Steve Greene Trio
CD: Live in Your Living Room (self-released)

April in Paris by The Songbook Trio
CD: Time On My Hands (Temps)

April in Aeolia by The Benjamin Schaefer Trio
CD: Roots and Wings (Enja)

Hour One Segment Two

So What? by The Dexter Gordon Quartet
CD: Stable Mable (Steeplechase)

Milestones by Herbie Hancock
CD: The Herbie Hancock Trio (Columbia)

Hour One Segment Three

Rumours of Rain by Ralph Towner
CD: Blue Sun (ECM)

Aquarela Do Brasil by Egberto Gismonti and Nana Vasconcelos
CD: Duas Vozes (ECM)

Hour One Segment Four

In a Whisper by Spencer Brewer
CD: Dorian's Legacy (Narada)

Safe Harbor by Richard Souther
CD: Cross Currents (Narada)

Hour Two Segment One

Timeless by Gerry Niewood
LP: Gerry Niewood and Timepiece (A&M)

Red and Orange by John Abercrombie
CD: Timeless (ECM)

Hour Two Segment Two

All the Things You Are by Johnny Varro
CD: Speak Low (Arbors)

Speak Low by Harold Land
CD: Harold in the Land of Jazz (Contemporary/OJC)

Joy Spring by The Scott Kyle Quintet
CD: Full Circle (SKJ)

Hour Two Segment Three

The Ice Field by Leo Kottke
CD: A Shout Toward Noon (Private Music)

Wishbone Ash by Peter Finger
CD: Acoustic Rock (Acoustic Music)

Hour Two Segment Four

The Violet Flame, Part 1: Spirit Dancing by Joel Andrews
LP: The Violet Flame (Full Circle)

Moon Flow by Kay Gardner
LP: Moon Circles (Urana)

Hour Three Segment One

Candle Dance by Steve Reid
CD: Water Sign (Telarc Jazz Zone)

Yes I Can (Because of You) by Ed Hamilton
CD: Path to the Heartland (Telarc Jazz Zone)

Mood by Thom Rotella
CD: Can't Stop (Telarc Jazz Zone)

Hour Three Segment Two

Bahia by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd
CD: Jazz Samba (verve)

Manteca by The LA4
CD: LA4 (Concord)

Hour Three Segment Three

Slow Dance, Part 1 (Excerpt) by Anthony Phillips
CD: Slow Dance (Virgin)

Wonderful Land by Mike Oldfield
CD: QE2 (Virgin)

Book of Days by Enya
CD: Shepherd Moons (Reprise)

Hour Three Segment Four

The Hunting of the Unicorn by Judith Pintar
CD: At Last the Wind (Sona Gaia)

Saturday, April 22, 2023

The Jazz Scene 2308


Segment One

The Days of Wine and Roses by Andrew Moorhead
CD: Interleaved (OA2)

Lunar Escape by Mark Lewis
Digital Album: Sunlight Shines In (Audio Daddio)

That's All by Leon Lee Dorsey
Digital Album: Cantaloupe Island (Jazz Avenue 1)

Segment Two

Spinning by Sara Caswell
Digital Album: The Way to You (Anzic)

Until the Real Thing Comes Along by Kenny Burrell
CD: Weaver of Dreams (Wounded Bird)

Much Later by Wynton Marsalis
CD: J Mood (Columbia)

Falling in Love With Love by The Oscar Peterson Trio
Double CD: The Oscar Peterson Trio at Zardi's (Pablo)

Segment Three

Just Squeeze Me by Bill Anschell
CD: Blueprints (Origin)

Up Jumped Spring by The Steve Greene Trio
CD: Live in Your Living Room (self-released)

Just You, Just Me by The Jazz Brothers
CD: Hey Baby! (Riverside/OJC)

Bop's Your Uncle by George Shearing
CD: Great Britain's (Savoy)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2309


Segment One

Dream Tower by Wayne Gratz
CD: Panorama (Narada)

In the Deep by Alex Theory
CD: Saturn Returns (White Swan)

Connections by Steven Halpern by Paul Horn
CD: Connections (Halpern Sounds)

The Magician by Sky
CD: Beyond Passion (Magic Music)

Take it to Heart by Bruce Becvar
CD: Take it to Heart (Shining Star)

Segment Two

Hakusa-Sonso by Wall Matthews
CD: Zen Gardens (self-released)

Diving for Shells by Markus Segschneider
CD: Snapshots (Acoustic Music)

The Unveiling Moment by Paul Ellis
CD: The Infinity Room (Groove Unlimited)

Spirit Prince by Jim Chappell
CD: Dusk (Music West)

Lake Air 2309


Segment One

New Beginnings by Special EFX
CD: Play (JVC)

Light a Dandle by William Ellwood
CD: Guitar Works (Narada)

Tight by Claire Martin
CD: The Waiting Game (Linn)

Easy Goin' by Bob Kase
LP: No Time for Daydreams (self-released)

Segment Two

Monica by Fattburger
CD: Time Will Tell (Intima)

Follow Me by Bernward Koch
CD: Laguna de la Vera (Erdenklang)

Talk Walk Drive by Julia Fordham
CD: Swept (Circa)

Deja Vu by Walter Beasley
Single: Deja Vu (self-released)

Segment Three

Gotta Love It by Phil Walker
Digital Album: In the Air Tonight (self-released)

At the Break of Dawn He Pulled Back His Hair by Rachel Z
CD: Love is the Power (GRP)

Freedom Now by Tracy Chapman
CD: Crossroads (Elektra)

The River by Joe McBride
CD: Texas Hold'em (Heads Up)






Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Jazz Progressions 2308


Segment One

Inspection of Cruelty, Part 1 by Emergency Group
Digital Album: Inspection of Cruelty (self-released)

Segment Two

Pilgrim's Hope by Elton Dean, Steve Miller and Pip Pyle
Digital Album: Home Brewed (British Progressive Jazz)

Amusante Clementine by Patrice Meyer
LP: Dromadaire Viennois (FMR)

Segment Three

Demonic Velocities II by The Flying Luttenbachers
Digital Album: Negative Infinity (self-released)

Friends is Big Business by Chris Corsano, Andrew Scott Young and Ryley Walker
Digital Album: Belladonna Garnish (self-released)

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Monday, April 3, 2023

The Jazz Scene 2307


Segment One

Belew's Knot by Skip Grasso
Digital Album: Becoming (self-released)

Three Little Words by The Gerald Wiggins Trio
LP: The Gerald Wiggins Trio (Tampa)

In 'N Out by Joe Henderson
CD: In 'N Out (Blue Note)

Segment Two

Wave by Rich Thompson
CD: Who Do You Have to Know? (Origin)

What Color is Love? by Karen Marguth
CD: Until (Origin)

To a Star by Mike Allen
Digital Album: To a Star (self-released)

Segment Three

Don't Fall by The Carlos Jimenez Quintet
Digital Album: Don't Fall (self-released)

I Thought I Knew by Billy Childs
CD: The Winds of Change (Mack Avenue)

Flute to Boot by Osie Johnson
CD: Osie's Oasis (Period)

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2308


Segment One

Country Dance by Michael Jones
CD: Magical Child (Narada)

Infant Dreams by Bill Douglas
CD: Jewel Lake (Hearts of Space)

For Eamonn by Nightnoise
CD: A Different Shore (Windham Hill)

Fairwood by David Malmberg
CD: Fairwood (self-released)

First Cool Hive by Moby
CD: I Like to Score (Mute)

Segment Two

Just Friends by Craig Chaquico
CD: A Thousand Pictures (Higher Octave)

Old Family Portrait by Kostia
CD: Romance: Music for Piano (Narada)

The Stones Are Blasted by Johan Agebjorn
CD: The Mountain Lake (Brain Laughter)

Legende by Jean Pascal Boffo
LP: Jeux de Nains (Musea)

Spring Shower by Riley Lee
CD: Buddha's Dream (Narada)

Lake Air 2308


Segment One

Shamballa by Dave Valentin
CD: Pied Piper (GRP)

Horse Latitudes by EKO
CD: Future Primitive (Higher Octave)

Hideaway by Michael Franks
CD: Tiger in the Rain (Warner)

Vibrations by Rodney Franklin
CD: Endless Flight (Columbia)

Segment Two

Anything and Everything by Chieli Minucci
CD: Renaissance (JVC)

Distant Thunder by Checkfield
CD: Distant Thunder (American Gramaphone)

Ten O'clock in Toronto by Christine Lavin
CD: Compass (Philo)

Going Home by Dan Siegel
CD: Going Home (Epic)

Segment Three

Bridge Over the Stars by Keiko Matsui
CD: Dream Walk (Countdown)

Bahama Beach by David Cullen
CD: Blue Counterpoint (Tall Tree)

(She Will) Take You Down to Love by Patrice Rushen
CD: Straight From the Heart (Elektra)

Rebecca's Hideaway by Flim and the BB's
CD: Big Notes (DMP)