Monday, October 30, 2023

Sounds From the Global Village 2314


Segment One

Afrojoropo by Edmar Castaneda
CD: Cuarto de Colores (self-released)

The Blacksmith by Steeleye Span
CD: Please to See the King (Castle)

Weda Weda by Ayfer Duzdas
Digital Album: Kilomen Arxawune (self-released)

Okinkela by Deltino Guerreiro
Digital Album: Eparaka (self-reeased)

Segment Two

Tu Ere' Bonita by Yasser Tejeda
Digital Album: La Madruga (Guitambu)

Gajdash' Kolo by Vanja Ilijev
Digital Album: Made in Zrenjanin (self-released)

Saboura by Mounira Mitchala
CD: Chili Houritki (Lusafirca)

Devgiri Bilawal Dhun by Ravi Shankar
CD: The Rough Guide to Indian Classical Music (World Music Network)

Segment Three

Mira Que Te Mira by Las Hijas del Sol
CD: Colores del Amor (Zomba)

Airylymadymy? Akmammet Redzhebov
CD: Turkmen Epic Singing: Koroglu (Smithsonian Folkways)

Ia Kataua by Elijah L
Digital Album: Zero (self-released)

Alena by Chikchika
Digital Album: Music Yared (self-released)

Jazz Progressions 2319


Segment One

Nordic Winds by The L.A. Express
CD: L.A. Express (BGO)

Stocking Suite by Janne Schaffer
Double CD: Katharsis/Earmeal/Presens (BGO)

Majesty Music by Miroslav Vitous
LP: Majesty Music (Arista)

Segment Two

Sound Barrier by The New York Contemporary Five
CD: Consequences (Cool Music)

Filters by Joe Farnsworth
CD: In What Direction Are You Headed? (Smoke Sessions)

Segment Three

My Favorite Things by Ronny Jordan
Crazy by Outside
Spock With a Beard by Palm Skin Productions
CD: The Rebirth of Cool 4 (4th and Broadway)

The Jazz Scene 2320


Segment One

Fitzroy by The Affinity Trio
CD: Hindsight (Origin)

Taro by Kenny Werner
CD: The Space (Piouet)

I'm All Smiles by The Holly Hofmann Quartet
CD: Further Adventures (Capri)

Segment Two

Why Not? by Eddie Henderson
CD: Witness to History (Smoke Sessions)

A House is Not a Home by Kurt Elling
CD: 1619 Broadway: The Brill Building Project (Concord)

Groovin' High by The Hampton Hawes Quartet
Double CD: All Night Session 1-3 (Phoenix)

Segment Three

Sneid Remarks by John and David Sneider
CD: Sneid Remarks (Cellar)

Looking Back by Frank Kohl
CD: Pacific (OA2)

Rosie by Renee Rosnes
CD: Beloved of the Sky (Smoke Sessions)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2322


Segment One

Harvest Time by Ed Van Fleet
CD: Fire Journeys (Elfin Music)

Sea of Life by Stephen Jacob
CD: Personal Touch (MMMusic)

The Opening of Doors by William Ackerman
CD: The Opening of Doors (Windham Hill)

In 7 by Another Fine Day
CD: Three A.D. (Waveform)

Tonight My Sleep Will Be Restless by Alasdair Fraser and Paul Machlis
CD: Celtic Twilight 2 (Hearts of Space)

Segment Two

One by Mike Dawes
Digital Album: Era (self-released)

Stadium Drive by Purelink
Digital Album: Signs (self-released)

Starlight by Joseph Akins
Digital Album: Dream World (self-released)

Eternal Moment by Gershon Kingsley
LP: Much Silence (Relativity Theory)

Waltz for Spring by Dustin Furlow
Digital Album: Serene (self-released)

Lake Air 2322


Segment One

We Belong Together by Tom Scott
CD: Them Changes (GRP)

Colorado Dawn by Tangerine Dream
CD: Canyon Dreams (Miramar)

Don't Ask My Neighbor by Bobby Caldwell
CD: Soul Survivor (Sin-Drome)

Off the Record by Ronny Jordan
CD: Off the Record (Blue Note)

Segment Two

That's the Way She Wants It by Kilauea
CD: Midnight On the Boulevard (Brainchild)

Daydreams by Schonherz and Scott
CD: Under a Big Sky (Windham Hill)

Secret Combination by Randy Crawford
CD: Secret Combination (Warner)

History Lesson by Dave Grusin
CD: Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown (GRP)

Segment Three

Yearning For Your Love by Michael Cates
Digital Album: New Lives (self-released)

Lazy Susan by Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg
CD: Twin Sons of Different Mothers (Epic)

Deja Vu by Dionne Warwick
CD: Dionne (Arista)

Blue Ballet by Joe Sample
CD: The Hunter (MCA)

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Something Beautiful 2314


Segment One

Dear Heart by Henry Mancini
More Than a Woman by John Fox
Peaceful by Paul Cassidy
Her Town Too by Victor Vanacore
It Must Be Him by Leon Young
Emotion by The Buckingham Strings
Pretty Butterfly by Charlie Byrd
Sweet Memories by Floyd Cramer
Fly Me to the Moon by The Fantasy Strings

Segment Two

Shining Star by Lex de Azevedo
Woman in Love by Frank Chacksfield
Songbird by Pat Valentino
Light My Fire by Ronnie Aldrich
Eye Level by Simon Park
More Than I Can Say by Bernard Ebbinghouse
Easy by John Gregory
Baby, Come to Me by Paul Mauriat
We're In This Love Together by Syd Dale

Upstate Radio Theatre 2316


Mercury Summer Theatre "Passenger to Bali" 7-5-46
Somebody Knows "Gladys Kern Murder" 7-6-50

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2321


Segment One

Her Knees Deep in Your Mind by Ray Lynch
CD: Nothing Above My Shoulders But the Evening (Windham Hill)

My Angel by Renee Michele
Digital Album: The Space Within (self-released)

The Art of Perfection by Mark Dwane
Digital Album: The Utopian Paradigm (self-released)

In Pete's Country by Joe Mersch
Digital Album: Enough Talk (Candyrat)

One Moment in the Sun by Curved Light
Digital Album: Quartzsite (self-released)

Segment Two

Stepping Stars by David Arkenstone
CD: Valley in the Clouds (Narada)

The Wishing Tree by Seamus McGuire
CD: The Wishing Tree (Green Linnet)

Run to the Light by John Paris
Digital Album: Journey of Soul (self-released)

Illusion Hill by Capsula
CD: Sense of a Drop (Waveform)

Corrientes by Oscar Lopez
CD: Seduction (Narada)

Messenger of the Son by Cyrille Verdeaux
CD: Windham Hill Piano Sampler (Windham Hill)

Lake Air 2321


Segment One

Full Bloom by Kayla Waters
CD: Coevolve (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)

Azul by Jesse Cook
CD: Gravity (Narada)

Lost for Words by Paul Hardcastle
CD: Hardcastle 6 (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)

Nightfall by Kim Waters
CD: Love's Melody (Shanachie)

Segment Two

Dancin' Shoes by Paula Atherton
Single: Dancin' Shoes (Dream On)

This Side Up by Alex de Grassi, Michael Manring and Chris Garcia
CD: De Man Ia (Tropo)

Feel Like Flying by Gino Vannelli
CD: Brother to Brother (A&M)

Passing By by Sadao Watanabe
CD: Sweet Deal (Warner)

Segment Three

Kellie's Theme by Norman Connors
CD: Remember Who You Are (MoJazz)

Almost Home by The Network Music Ensemble
CD: Light Lifestyles (self-released)

It's Love by Livingston Taylor
CD: Life is Good (Critique)

Donja by Candy Dulfer
CD: Saxuality (Arista)

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Sounds From the Global Village 2313


Segment One

Sumaq Kawsay Manarimuy by Luzmila Carpio
Digital Album: Inti Wanata (ZZK)

Twine Weel the Plaiden by Salt House
Single: Twine Weel the Plaiden (self-released)

Sala Sala by Les Mamans du Congo and Rrobin
Digital EP: Kikento (self-released)

Men Senara by Bebe
CD: Telaranas (Parlophone)

Segment Two

Amor de Millones by Estrella Acosta
Digital Album: Tierra (self-released)

Bia Tsa Tsa by Hani Singers
Digital Album: Hani Polyphonic Singing in Yunnan China (Sublime Frequencies)

Denke-Denke by Yehou Tere Sedou Baba
Digital Album: Burkina Faso, Vol. 3 (Sublime Frequencies)

Mirando Tejados Vecinos by Claudio Ceccoli and Diego Suarez
Digital Album: A Lost Saltos (self-released)

Segment Three

Meneer de Graaf by Pijpekruid
Digital Album: 1978-1981 (Pan)

Illimine by Bokante
Digital Album: History (self-released)

Eh Na Tov Tahnsor? by Sinn Sisamouth
CD: Wat Phnom: Best of Sinn Sisamouth (Dontrey)

Pachijal by La Malamana
Digital Album: Manual de Urbanidad y Buenas Costumbres (self-released)

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Jazz Progressions 2318


Segment One

What Happened to the Old Cop Sets, Clancy? by Pierre Favre
LP: Pierre Favre Quartet (Wergo)

Segment Two

Kitchen Solos by Dickie Landry
LP: Fifteen Saxophones (Wergo)

Segment Three

Condo in the Jungle by Anthony Smith
CD: Play it Forward, Vol. 1 (self-released)

Intermission Music by The Gary Burton Quintet
CD: Dreams So Real (ECM)

Monday, October 2, 2023

The Jazz Scene 2319


Segment One

Kindling by Kelly Jefferson
CD: Rituals (Cellar Live)

ESP by Billy Rogers
CD: The Guitar Artistry of Billy Rogers (Stash)

Past Reflections by John Wojciechowski
Digital Album: Swing of the Pendulum (self-released)

Segment Two

The Injuns by Donald Byrd
CD: Byrd in Hand (Blue Note)

Looking Back by Carol Sloane
CD: Carol Sings (Audiophile)

Without a Song by Rob Schneiderman
CD: Standards (Reservoir)

Segment Three

Tell Me a Bedtime Story by Dan Wilson
CD: Things Eternal (Mack Avenue)

If You Can by Patricl Cornelius
Digital Album: Book of Secrets (self-released)

Theodore the Thumper by The Tim Ray Trio
CD: Fire and Rain (Whaling City Sound)

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Lake Air 2320


Segment One

Living Water by Tony Craddock Jr.
Digital Album: H2O (self-released)

A Love for Life by Yanni
CD: Dare to Dream (Private Music)

Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight by George Benson
CD: Songs and Stories (Concord)

It's a Feelin' by Norman Brown
CD: Just Between Us (MoJazz)

Segment Two

Strength by Bob Baldwin
Digital Album: B Positive (City Sketches)

Esperanza by Crystal Wind
CD: Cafe Tropique (Higher Octave)

River of Fallen Stars by Pete and Maura Kennedy
CD: River of Fallen Stars (Green Linnet)

Fool Me Twice by Dino Soldo
Single: Fool Me Twice (self-released)

Segment Three

San Jose by Darryl Williams
Single: San Jose (self-released)

Banana Shakes by Richard Souther
CD: Cross Currents (Narada)

Sleep Warm by Lisa Addeo
CD: A Kind of Daydream (self-released)

So Into You by Greg Chambers
CD: Can't Help Myself (self-released)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2320


Segment One

Revelation by Roland Sante
CD: Music From Heaven (self-released)

And He Left Off Dreaming by Spencer Brewer
CD: Where Angels Dance (Sona Gaia)

Naiads by Kirsten Agresta Copely
Digital Album: Aquamarine (self-released)

Mariah's Watermill by Simon Wynberg
CD: Guitar Works (Narada)

Floating Above by Bryan Carrigan
Digital Album: Inspired (self-released)

Segment Two

Daydreams by William Goldstein
CD: First Impressions (self-released)

Simpler Times by Denis Turbide
Digital Album: Simpler Times (self-released)

Zarvatzia by Richard Bone
Digital Album: Refraction (self-released)

Waves of Bliss by Cynthia Lynn Douglas
CD: An Open Heart (World Disc)

Golden Bird Duet by Al Jewer
Digital Album: River Crossing (self-released)

Water Ballet by Peter Kater
CD: Elements Series: Water (Real Music)