Sunday, February 28, 2021

Jazz Progressions 2103


Segment One

For Example by Tetragon
CD: Agape (Garden of Delights)

Eating it Raw by Miroslav Vitous
CD: Guardian Angels (Evidence)

Segment Two

Mobius Strip by Trokut
Digital Album: Shapeless (Rika Muzika)

Infinite Square Well by Austin Loman
Digital Album: Infinite Square Well (self-released)

Galapagos by Adriano Campagnani
CD: Galapagos (self-released)

Segment Three

Again by Bill Frisell
CD: With Dave Holland and Elvin Jones (Nonesuch)

Argentine Scalp Massage by Scott McGill, Michael Manring and Vic Stevens
Double CD: Controlled by Radar (Free Electric Sound)

Jazz and More 02-28-21

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Captain Marvel by Return to Forever
CD: Light as a Feather (Polydor)

Double Image by Joe Zawinul
CD: Zawinul (Atlantic)

Hour One Segment Two

Adaptation by Jack Breslin
Digital Album: Trio (self-released)

Pound for Prez by QOW Trio
Digital Album: QOW Trio (Ubuntu)

Hour One Segment Three

O'er the Lonely Mountain by Pentangle
CD: Think of Tomorrow (Green Linnet)

Night Vision by Lorin Grean
CD: Hand Woven (Silver Wave)

Planxty Wilder by William Coulter
CD: The Crooked Road (Gourd)

Hour One Segment Four

Forest Bath by Julie Hanney
Digital Album: Painting in Sound (self-released)

Water Ride by Kostia
CD: Suite St. Petersburg (Narada)

Water Circles by Mia Jang
CD: Water Circles (Narada)

Hour Two Segment One

B. Quick by Sonny Rollins
CD: Sonny Boy (Prestige/OJC)

La Villa by Kenny Dorham
CD: Jazz Contrasts (Riverside/OJC)

Hour Two Segment Two

Alone in Brooklyn by Alex Skolnick
CD: Veritas (Palmetto)

Victory by Eric Johnson
CD: Tones (Reprise)

Hour Two Segment Three

Toward the Sea by Fareed Haque and Maria Bergagna
CD: 20th Century Music for Flute and Guitar (Haven)

Hour Two Segment Four

Transmission: NBC 97293 by Bill Nelson
CD: The Summer of God's Piano (Cocteau)

Home by David Sylvian
CD: Gone to Earth (Virgin)

Hour Three Segment One

Questions and Answers by Bruce Hornsby
CD: Camp Meeting (Legacy)

Emily by Bill Anschell
CD: More to the Ear Than Meets the Eye (Origin)

Freedom by The Yoko Miwa Trio
Digital Album: Songs of Joy (Ubuntu)

Hour Three Segment Two

Jitterbug Waltz by Lew Tabackin
CD: Rites of Pan (Inner City)

Hot House by Joe Farrel and Sam Most
LP: Flute Talk (Xanadu)

Hour Three Segment Three

Journey Through the Night by Steve Haun
CD: Inside the Sky (Silver Wave)

Forward Motion by Craig Anderton
CD: Forward Motion (Narada)

Within Attraction by Yanni
CD: Out of Silence (Private Music)

Hour Three Segment Four

Mori Sonando by Miguel de la Bastide
Callejon de las Canteras by Tomatito
CD: Flamenco: Fire and Grace (Narada)

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Lake Air 2104


Segment One

Gliding by Mike Levine
Digital Album: Just Chillin'

Windows by Jam Hammer
CD:  Beyond the Mind's Eye (Miramar)

Let Us Dream by Michael Tomlinson
CD: Still Believe (Cypress)

Sentimental Soul by Jeff Ryan
CD: Duality (Woodward Avenue)

Segment Two

Good Vibes, Always by Dexter Moore
Single: Good Vibes, Always (self-released)

Firmament by Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: Life Enigma (JLP)

Soft Words by Maysa
Single: Soft Words (Blue Velvet Soul)

There's a Monk in My Garden! by Oystein Sevag
CD: Link (Windham Hill)

Segment Three

Sailing by Carl Roland
Digital Album: Let's Ride (Mu'Sonique)

Panama by Gary Burton
CD: Reunion (GRP)

Simply by Sara Hickman
CD: Equal Scary People (Elektra)

Naima by Kevin Toney
CD: Special K (Fantasy)

The Jazz Scene 2103


Segment One

Stablemates by Andy Goodrich
CD: Motherless Child (Delmark)

False Alarm by Jack Breslin
Digital Album: Trio (self-released)

Bombs Away by The Louie Bellson Big Band
CD: I'm Shooting High (Four Star)

Segment Two

Billy Boy by Red Garland
CD: Red Garland Revisited! (Original Jazz Classics)

My Romance by James Hudson
Digital Album: Tomorrow (self-released)

Mellow Minor by Mark Colby
CD: Yesterday's Gardenias (RCI)

Segment Three

Lazy Afternoon by The Manfred Fuchs Trio
Digital Album: Foxology (Ears Love Music)

Hum Then Sing Then Speak by Jason Moran
Digital Album: The Sound Will Tell You (self-released)

Cow Song by Herb Geller
CD: Gypsy (Fresh Sound)

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Upstate Radio Theatre 2102


Theater of Famous Radio Players "The Devil's Laugh" 1945
Nick Carter, Master Detective "The Body on the Slab" 11-3-43

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Sounds From the Global Village 2101


Segment One

Raga Charukesi by Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande
CD: North India: Khyal: The Art of Imagination (Inedit)

Praise of the People of the Land by Maryam Yusuf Kabara
CD: Nigeria: Hausa Music (Inedit)

Si Tu Me Dices Ven by Diego el Cigala
CD: Cigala Canta a Mexico (Sony)

Segment Two

Danzon Legrande by Yamile Cruz Montero
CD: Rapsodia Cubana (Naxos)

Berlo by Wor
CD: About Towers: New Energy for Old Belgian Music (Naxos)

Wa-Trimbo by Group of Young Girls
CD: Arabian Peninsula, Vol. 4: Women's Songs (VDE)

Segment Three

Lamento by Vivalda Ndula
Digital Album: Dula (self-released)

O Boro Braindi Braindi by Aine Minogue
CD: Dublin to Dakar: A Celtic Odyssey (Putumayo)

Soekasari by Nji Iti Narem
CD: The Secret Museum of Mankind II: Ethnic Music Classics (Yazoo/Shanachie)

 Zumbajam by Cimarron
Digital Album: Orinoco (self-released)

Monday, February 22, 2021

Something Beautiful 2102


Segment One

Little White Lies by Norman Greene
Once in a While by Alex Gould
No More Blues by Alfredo Lombardi
One Note Samba by Geoff Love
I'll Never Fall in Love Again by Wim Overgaauw
Seasons by Peter Appleyard
Embraceable You by Norrie Paramor
Wandering Star by Mantovani
Jean by Claudio Casanova
Love is Stronger Far Than We by Claudio Casanova

Segment Two

I'm in the Mood for Love by Robert Farnon
Aria by Geoff Love
They Say It's Wonderful by Wally Stott
Corcovado by Percy Faith
Beyond the Sea by Unknown Artist
Blue Moon by The Melachrino Strings
Here in My Arms by Richard Jones
Mandy by Claudio Casanova
No Other Love by Henry Mancini

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Jazz Progressions 2102


Segment One

Quartet Piece No. 2 by Circle
Double LP: Circulus (Blue Note)

Segment Two

Silhouettes by Jason Kao Hwang and Karl Berger
CD: Conjure (True Sound)

Many Journeys by Karl Berger and William Goldstein
CD: Soul Scapes: 4our Improvised Movements for Piano and Vibraphone (New Gold)

Segment Three

Theme by The Yosuke Yamashita Trio
LP: Dancing Kojiki (Super Fuji Discs)

Classics and Beyond 2102


Segment One

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Double Concerto No. 10 in E-Flat Major, K 365
Chick Corea and Friedrich Gulda: Piano
The Concertgebouw Orchestra
Nikolaus Harnoncourt: Conductor
CD: Mozart: Double Concerto/Corea-Gulda: Compositions (Teldec)

Segment Two

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major, K 488
Chick Corea: Piano
Bobby McFerrin: Voice/Conductor
The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
CD: The Mozart Sessions (Sony Classical)

Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Jazz Scene 2102


Segment One

Enforcement by Jim Snidero
CD: Blue Afternoon (Criss Cross)

Motherless Child by Grant Green
CD: Iron City (Savoy)

Poinciana by Petros Klampanis
Digital Album: Rooftop Stories (self-released)

Segment Two

Bam Bam by Jake Leckie
Digital Album: The Abode (Outside In)

Lie in Wait by Aubrey Johnson
Digital Album: Unraveled (Outside In)

Moody's Mood for Blues by James Moody
CD: Moody's Mood for Blues (Prestige)

Segment Three

As a Child by The Laura Caviani Trio
CD: Dreamlife (Igmod)

J&L by The Acoustic Jazz Quartet
CD: Organic (Origin)

Manhattan Blues by The Manhattan Jazz Quintet
CD: Manhattan Blues (Compose)

Friday, February 19, 2021

Jazz and More 02-21-21

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Aja by Christian McBride
CD: Sci-Fi (Verve)

Deacon Blues by Steely Dan
CD: Aja (MCA)

Hour One Segment Two

How About You? by The Pete Christlieb/Warne Marsh Quintet
CD: Apogee (Warner Brothers)

I Thought About You by Hadley Caliman and Pete Christlieb
CD: Reunion (Origin)

Hour One Segment Three

Glory of Spain by Jon Mark
CD: Alhambra (Celestial Harmonies)

Espana by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: Indigo (Private Music)

Spanish Love by Tangerine Dream
CD: Rockoon (Miramar)

Hour One Segment Four

Velvet Midnight by Jorge Strunz
CD: Neotropical Nocturnes (Selva)

Mani Mani Kuru by Songhai
CD: Songhai (Hannibal)

Hour Two Segment One

My Funny Valentine by Miles Davis
CD: Cookin' With the Miles Davis Quintet (Prestige/OJC)

Look for the Silver Lining by Chet Baker
Triple CD: Chet Baker Sings: The Complete 1953-1962 Vocal Studio Recordings (Valentine)

Gentle by Chad McCullough
CD: Forward (Outside In)

Hour Two Segment Two

Morning Ride by Nestor Torres
CD: Morning Ride (Verve)

In the Fast Lane by Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: Storytelling (Columbia)

Just When You Thought by Danny Heines
CD: One Heart Wild (Silver Wave)

Hour Two Segment Three

Temples of Joy by Patrick Moraz
CD: Patrick Moraz (Charisma)

Alpha by Vangelis
CD: Albedo 0.39 (RCA)

Hour Two Segment Four

Double Rondo by Steve Howe
CD: The Steve Howe Album (Atlantic)

Pipe Tune by Mike Oldfield
Double CD: Incantations: Deluxe Edition (Mercury)

Hour Three Segment One

500 Miles High by Chick Corea, Christian McBride and Brian Blade
Double CD: Trilogy 2 (Stretch/Concord)

No Mystery by Chick Corea and Gary Burton
CD: Native Sense: The New Duets (Stretch/Concord)

Hour Three Segment Two

Theme to the Mothership by Return to Forever
CD: Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (Polydor)

View From the Outside by The Chick Corea Elektric Band
CD: Light Years (GRP)

Hour Three Segment Three

Snowline by Shadowfax
CD: The Dreams of Children (Windham Hill)

Usually/Always by Fred Simon
CD: Usually/Always (Windham Hill)

Dancing on the Edge by Bruce Mitchell
CD: Dancing on the Edge (Narada)

Hour Three Segment Four

Nascente by Gregg Karukas
CD: Serenata (Atrain/Nightowl)

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Lake Air 2103


Segment One

A Place in Paradise by The Tim Chokan Quartet
Digital Album: In the Key of Cool (self-released)

Intimate Candle-Light Dinner by Atlas
CD: Excursions (Crown)

10 Minutes Till the Savages Come by The Manhattan Transfer
CD: The Offbeat of Avenues (Columbia)

Blow (NY Version) by Takeshi Itoh
CD: Visions (Atlantic)

Segment Two

Body and Soul by Lee Jones
Digital Album: Take Two (self-released)

Valpolicella by Yoshio Suzuki
CD: Morning Picture (Pan East)

Hello Like Before by Nancy Wilson
CD: If I Had My Way (Columbia)

After the Kiss by Michael Ward
CD: After the Kiss (Sweet Music)

Segment Three

Whatever Your Heart Desires by Jay Rowe
CD: Jay Walking (Positive Music)

Oceans Apart by Craig Chaquico
CD: Once in a Blue Universe (Higher Octave)

Colour Me by Maireid Sullivan
CD: Dancer (self-released)

Tia Dia by Tia Dia
CD: Tia Dia (Solid Rock)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2103


Segment One

Forget-Me-Not Blue by Evan Wish
CD: Forget-Me-Not Blue (Wish 4 Music)

Dawn by Susan Mazer
LP: The Fire in the Rose (Sunrise)

Varuna Ghat by David Parsons
Double CD: Yatra (Fortuna)

The Road That Leads to You by Peter Finger
CD: Made of Rosewood (Acoustic Music)

Segment Two

Twilight by Gary Stroutsos
CD: Pacific Moon (Paras)

Tosa Dunes by Himekami
CD: Moonwater (Higher Octave)

Reflecting Pool by Julie Hanney
Digital Album: Painting in Sound (self-released)

Tip O'Neill by Sue Richards
CD: Hazel Groove (Maggie's Music)

Private Dawn by Peter Blake
CD: Private Dawn (White Cloud)

Crescent by Danny Heines
CD: Every Island (Silver Wave)