Sunday, September 19, 2021

Jazz and More 09-19-21

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Hour One Segment One

Flora's Song by Airto Moreira
CD: Free (CTI)

The Magician in You by Keith Jarrett
CD: Expectations (Columbia)

Hour One Segment One

September Song by The Gianni Basso Quartet Feat. Enrico Rava
CD: Tea for Two (Philology)

September in the Rain by Roy Hargrove
CD: Public Eye (Novus)

Hour One Segment Three

Mediterranean Concerto, Movement 1: Rhythmic by John McLaughlin
CD: Mediterranean Concerto (Columbia)

Buleria de las Golondrinas by Ottmar Liebert
CD: Leaning Into the Night (Sony)

Hour One Segment Four

Last Scene in September by Preston Reed
CD: Pointed Up/Playing by Ear (Flying Fish)

September by Anthony Phillips
CD: Private Parts and Pieces V: Twelve (Blueprint)

Hour Two Segment One

Unsquare Dance by The Mark Zaleski Band
CD: Our Time (Origin)

Maori Blues by The Dave Brubeck Quartet
CD: Time Further Out (Columbia)

Nancy by Paul Desmond
CD: Take Ten (RCA)

Hour Two Segment Two

Norwegian Wood by The Jack Van Poll Trio
CD: Kantaloop (self-released)

Piano Etude No. 16 by Aaron Diehl
CD: The Vagabond (Mack Avenue)

Hour Two Segment Three

Chronologie, Part 1 by Jean-Michel Jarre
CD: Chronologie (Dreyfus)

Stuntman by Edgar Froese
CD: Stuntman (Virgin)

Hour Two Segment Four

Dancing Kachinas by Ralf Illenberger
CD: Soleil Narada)

Walking With Alfredo by David Lanz and Paul Speer
CD: Bridge of Dreams (Narada)

Ports of Call by John Nilsen
CD: From the Sky (MagicWing)

Hour Three Segment One

Dig by Miles Davis Feat. Sonny Rollins
CD: Dig (Original Jazz Classics)

If You Could See Me Now by Joe Magnarelli
CD: If You Could See Me Now (Cellar Live)

Hour Three Segment Two

Blue Jake by The Bruce Forman Trio
CD: Formanism (self-released)

Resplendor by Peter Bernstein
CD: Let Loose (Smoke Sessions)

Hour Three Segment Three

The Lake by Mike Oldfield
CD: Discovery (Virgin)

Hour Three Segment Four

From Green to Gold by David Lanz
CD: Cristofori's Dream (Narada)

Change is in the Wind by Ann Sweeten
Digital Album: Change is in the Wind (self-released)

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Jazz Scene 2115


Segment One

Blue Rondo a la Turk by The Mark Zaleski Band
CD: Our Time (Origin)

Tenderly by The Johnny Smith Quintet
CD: Moonlight in Vermont (Roulette)

Night and Day by Thomas Heflin
CD: Symmetry (Blue Canoe)

Segment Two

3D by The Gerald Clayton Trio
 CD: Bond: The Paris Sessions (EmArcy)

It's Like Reaching for the Moon by Diana Panton
CD: If the Moon Turns Green (EWise)

Sea of Cortez by The Ben Adams Quintet
CD: Old Thoughts for a New Day (Lunar Module)

Segment Three

Downside Up by The Doug Hall Trio
CD: Three Wishes (Igmod)

Stella by Starlight by Joe Beck
CD: Get Me (Wailing City Sound)

It's Only a Paper Moon by Miles Davis Feat. Sonny Rollins
CD: Dig (Original Jazz Classics)

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2122


Segment One

A Light Rain by Ann Sweeten
CD: Flying Solo Silhouette (self-released)

Serene Insomnia by The Great Northern
Digital Album: Nocturnes (self-released)

First Touch by Ralf Illenberger
CD: The Kiss (In Joy)

Along the Salmon by Bob Leon
CD: Windham Hill Piano Sampler II (Windham Hill)

Precious Beauty by Dan Gibson
CD: Solitudes: Woodland Harp (Solitudes)

Segment Two

Ungana by Wouter Kellerman and David Arkenstone
Digital Album: Pangea (Next Music)

Dreaming of Skye by Michael Gettel and Elizabeth Naccarato
CD: One Piano (Seventh Wave)

Noble Heart by Bill Douglas
CD: Kaleidoscope (Hearts of Space)

A Walk in the Park by Steven King
CD: Somewhere With You (self-released)

Sirens by Mychael Danna
CD: Sirens (Hearts of Space)

Engravings by Ira Stein and Russel Walder
CD: Transit (Windham Hill)

Jazz Progressions 2110


Segment One

Dubya by Attention Deficit
CD: Idiot King (Magna Carta)

Ramblin' by The Ginger Baker Trio
CD: Going Back Home (Atlantic)

Fun House bo Ohm
CD: Circus of Sound (Tone Center)

Segment Two

Titan Moon by Evan Parker
CD: Topography of the Lungs (PSI)

Segment Three

Rufus 3rd by The New York Art Quartet
LP: Mohawk (Fontana)

Tee by Anthony Williams
CD: Spring (Blue Note)

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Lake Air 2123


Segment One

Quiet as It's Kept by George Howard
CD: Dancing in the Sun (TBA)

Distant Thoughts by Dan Siegel
CD: Northern Nights (CBS)

Arms of Love by Keith Thomas
CD: Kaleidoscope (Day Spring)

People Make the World Go 'Round by Preston Smith
Digital Album: Beneath the Surface (self-released)

Segment Two

Rainy Nights by Christopher Mason
CD: Red's Blues (GSR)

Solving a Dream by John Jarvis
CD: Something Constructive (MCA)

Mr. V.J. by Carl Anderson
CD: Carl Anderson (Epic)

Power Wave by Dave Grusin
CD: Night Lines (GRP)

Segment Three

Girl in the Red Dress by Gregg Karukas
CD: Looking Up (Night Owl)

Explorations by Randy Roos
CD: Passion: Music for Guitar (Narada)

Breathing by Jenny Bird
Digital Album: Deeper Than Light (self-released)

Go Wes Young Man by Chris Camozzi
CD: Windows of My Soul (Higher Octave)