Saturday, September 25, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2123


Segment One

Seasons of Shifting Recall by Byron Metcalf
Digital Album: Rhythms of Remembering (self-released)

A Vision in White by David Nevue
Digital Album: A Delicate Joy (self-released)

The Auran Vector by Jonn Serrie
CD: Planetary Chronicles, Vol. 1 (Miramar)

Beginnings by William Eaton
CD: Wisdom Tree (self-released)

The Distance From Heart to Mouth by Michael Whalen
CD: The Softest Touch (self-released)

Segment Two

Something Shared by Dave Beegle
CD: Beyond the Desert (self-released)

Passing Through by Bob Holroyd
CD: A Different Space (Soundscape)

Through the Kaleidoscope by Steven Cravis
Digital Album: The Sound of Light (self-released)

Monte Alban by Majestica
CD: Auriga to Orion (Heart Dance)

Indian Summer by Friedemann
CD: Indian Summer (Narada)

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