Thursday, February 18, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2103


Segment One

Forget-Me-Not Blue by Evan Wish
CD: Forget-Me-Not Blue (Wish 4 Music)

Dawn by Susan Mazer
LP: The Fire in the Rose (Sunrise)

Varuna Ghat by David Parsons
Double CD: Yatra (Fortuna)

The Road That Leads to You by Peter Finger
CD: Made of Rosewood (Acoustic Music)

Segment Two

Twilight by Gary Stroutsos
CD: Pacific Moon (Paras)

Tosa Dunes by Himekami
CD: Moonwater (Higher Octave)

Reflecting Pool by Julie Hanney
Digital Album: Painting in Sound (self-released)

Tip O'Neill by Sue Richards
CD: Hazel Groove (Maggie's Music)

Private Dawn by Peter Blake
CD: Private Dawn (White Cloud)

Crescent by Danny Heines
CD: Every Island (Silver Wave)

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