Saturday, October 21, 2023

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2321


Segment One

Her Knees Deep in Your Mind by Ray Lynch
CD: Nothing Above My Shoulders But the Evening (Windham Hill)

My Angel by Renee Michele
Digital Album: The Space Within (self-released)

The Art of Perfection by Mark Dwane
Digital Album: The Utopian Paradigm (self-released)

In Pete's Country by Joe Mersch
Digital Album: Enough Talk (Candyrat)

One Moment in the Sun by Curved Light
Digital Album: Quartzsite (self-released)

Segment Two

Stepping Stars by David Arkenstone
CD: Valley in the Clouds (Narada)

The Wishing Tree by Seamus McGuire
CD: The Wishing Tree (Green Linnet)

Run to the Light by John Paris
Digital Album: Journey of Soul (self-released)

Illusion Hill by Capsula
CD: Sense of a Drop (Waveform)

Corrientes by Oscar Lopez
CD: Seduction (Narada)

Messenger of the Son by Cyrille Verdeaux
CD: Windham Hill Piano Sampler (Windham Hill)

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