Sunday, October 24, 2021

Jazz and More 10-24-21

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Hour One Segment One

The Epic by The Pat Metheny Group
CD: American Garage (ECM)

American Express by The Connection
CD: Inside Out (Shanachie)

Hour One Segment Two

Weaver of Dreams by Nika Rejto
CD: Bridge Weaver (self-released)

Vadana by Dave Liebman
CD: First Visit (Philips)

Hour One Segment Three

Sundance Kid by Tangerine Dream
CD: 220 Volt Live (Miramar)

Vermilion Sands by Christopher Franke
CD: Electronische Muziek 1989 (KLWM)

Hour One Segment Four

Djiko by Kudialy Kouyate
CD: Aado (Naxos)

Alafia by Ben Aylon
CD: Xalam (Riverboat)

Hour Two Segment One

On the Way Home by Gabriel Santiago
Digital Album: Upright (self-released)

Venturing Out by Daryl Stuermer
CD: Steppin' Out (GRP)

Butane Elvin by Steve Khan
CD: Public Access (GRP)

Hour Two Segment Two

High Seas by Art Taylor
CD: A.T.'s Delight (Blue Note)

Keep it Moving (Take 3) by Wynton Kelly
CD: Kelly Blue (Riverside/OJC)

Hour Two Segment Three

Love's Labour's Never Lost by Rachel LaFond
Digital Album: Encounters of the Beautiful Kind (self-released)

Kites in the Wind by Paul Halley
CD: Pianosong (Living Music)

As for Us by Fernando Ortega
CD: Meditations of the Heart (RPI)

Hour Two Segment Four

Thinking of You by Jon Mark
CD: A Sunday in Autumn (White Cloud)

Mother of the World by Constance Demby
CD: Set Free (Hearts of Space)

Hour Three Segment One

Anna's Song by Sara Caswell
CD: First Song (Double-Time)

Beautiful Love by the Lynne Arriale Trio
CD: Melody (TCB)

Hour Three Segment Two

Happy Hour by Sean Gibbs
Digital Album: When Can I See You Again? (Ubuntu)

Bird's Word by Carlos Vega
CD: Art of the Messenger (Origin)

Hour Three Segment Three

Lost in Thoughts by Bernd Kistenmacher
Valley by Peru
Himalaya by Ron Boots
CD: Electronische Muziek 1989 (KLEM)

Hour Three Segment Four

Nomkhitha: She Who Turns Men's Heads by David Hewitt
CD: The Storyteller (Gresham)

Heliodor by Friedemann
CD: Aquamarine (Narada)

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