Saturday, October 9, 2021

Sounds From the Global Village 2107


Segment One

Thiosano by Kadialy Kouyate
CD: Aado (Naxos)

Caballito de Raquira by Niyireth
CD: Music From Colombia (ARC)

Bulbulake Sangshekan by Abdul Mazari
LP: An Anthology of the World's Music: Afghanistan II (Anthology of the World's Music)

Motifs From Banat by The Branko Krsmanovic Group
CD: Music of Serbia and Montenegro (ARC)

Segment Two

Mother I Told You by Henna Haj Hassan
Digital Album: Henna: Young Female Voices From Palestine (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)

Mar de Lagrimas by Rafael and Energia Dominicana
CD: Enamorarse en la Playa (ARC)

Darombi Solo by Unknown Artist
CD: Music From South New Guinea (Smithsonian Folkways)

Moviti Ferma by Eleonora Bordonaro
Digital Album: Moviti Ferma (Finisterre)

Segment Three

First Sign of Morning by The Young Folk
CD: First Sign of Morning (ARC)

Gbenta by Edikanfo
LP: The Pace Setters (Glitterbeat)

Chamamesseiro by Aldeia dos Anjos
CD: Music From Southern Brazil (ARC)

Pireotiko Taximi by S. Giorgiadis
Digital Album: Secret Muscum of Mankind: Guitars Vol. 1: Prologue to Modern Styles (Jalopy)

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