Sunday, April 21, 2019

Lake Air 1912


Segment One

Promenade by Peter White
CD: Promenade (CGR)

Easy Like Spring by Peter Kater
CD: Rooftops (Silver Wave)

Closer to Your Love by Al Jarreau
CD: Breakin' Away (Warner Brothers)

Hands Down by Rod Williams
MP3: Hands Down (self-released)

Segment Two

Zulaya by Ray Obiedo
CD: Zulaya (Windham Hill)

Spirit by Peter Buffett
CD: One by One (Narada)

That's Enough for Me by Patti Austin
CD: Havana Candy (CTI)

Kei's Song by David Benoit
CD: Freedom at Midnight (GRP)

Segment Three

A Moment in Time by John Nyerges
CD: Points of View (self-released)

Monkeys and Bears by Billy Joe Walker Jr.
CD: Painting Music (MCA)

I Can Give You Love by Alphonse Mouzon
CD: Early Spring (Optimism)

Stylin' by Gregory Goodloe
Single: Stylin' (Hip Jazz)

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