Friday, October 14, 2016

Jazz Progressions 1621


Segment One

Elijah by Spirit
CD: Spirit (Epic)

Ortodoxia by Jarka
CD: Ortodoxia (Pricap)

The First Tune by Exmagma
LP: Exmagma (Neusi)

Segment Two

The Shadow of Lo by Return to Forever
CD: Where Have I Known You Before? (Polydor)

Euroaquilo Silence by Horacee Arnold
Double CD: Tribe/Tales of the Exonerated Flea (Mig)

One for Dianne by Dr. Tree
CD: Dr. Tree (EMI New Zealand)

Segment Three

Unshielded Desire by John Abercrombie
CD: Gateway (ECM)

Over Birkerot by Terje Rypdal
Triple CD: Odyssey in Studio and in Concert (ECM)

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