Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sounds From the Global Village 1614


Segment One

Long Wait by Omar Faruk Tekbilek
CD: Whirling (Celestial Harmonies)

Sô Bô Sô by Fantcha
CD: Viva Mindelo (Lusafrica)

Chaminuka by Dumisani Maraire
CD: Chaminuka: Music of Zimbabwe (Music of the World)

Segment Two

Dle Yaman by Hraach
CD: Sark 6: Ethnic Remix (Thara)

Pajaro Campana by Nicolas Caballero
CD: The Paraguayan Harp (self-released)

Baba Hammuda Allah Bali-li by Hassan Hakmoun
CD: The Fire Within: Gnawa Music of Morocco (Music of the World)

Segment Three

Robaim Choun Por by The Sam-Ang Sam Ensemble
CD: Echoes From the Palace: Court Music of Cambodia (Music of the World)

Su Determinu by Tenores de Oniferi
CD: Polyphonic Singing From Sardinia (Music of the World)

Bundu by James Makubuya
CD: Watik Watik: Music From Uganda (Music of the World)