Sunday, November 19, 2023

Jazz and More 11-19-23

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Hour One Segment One

Rice Field by Ira Stein and Russel Walder
CD: Elements (Windham Hill)

Thanksgiving by George Winston
CD: Windham Hill Sampler '84 (Windham Hill)

Visual Promise by Scott Cossu
CD: She Describes Infinity (Windham Hill)

Hour One Segment Two

Batista's Groove by David 'Fathead' Newman
CD: Straight Ahead (Atlantic)

Come, Gone by Sonny Rollins
CD: Way Out West (Contemporary/OJC)

Hour One Segment Three

Reflective Current by Behn Gilece
CD: Walk of Fire (Posi-Tone)

Rain by Mike Freeman
CD: Wiggle Stomp (VOF)

Hour One Segment Four

Karima by Maher Cissoko
Digital Album: Kora World (Ajabu!)

Yankadi by Paul Horn and Nexus
CD: Africa (Kuckuck)

Hour Two Segment One

Pent-Up House by The Christoph Spendel Trio
CD: Back to Basics (Blue Flame)

Remembrance by Christian Jacob
CD: Maynard Ferguson Presents Christian Jacob (Concord)

Can't We Be Friends? by The Sonny Clark Trio
CD: Blues in the Night (Blue Note)

Hour Two Segment Two

Meeting of the Spirits by The Mahavishnu Orchestra
CD: The Inner Mounting Flame (Columbia)

Crazed Fandango by Tommy Bolin
CD: Live at Ebbets Field (Zebra)

All 4 One by Billy Cobham
CD: Spectrum (Atlantic)

Hour Two Segment Three

Farther Than the Stars by Bill Douglas
CD: Cantilena (Hearts of Space)

Na Laethe Bhi by Clannad
CD: Banba (Atlantic)

Hour Two Segment Four

Facades by Philip Glass
CD: Glassworks (CBS Masterworks)

Hour Three Segment One

Healing the Wounds by The Crusaders
CD: Healing the Wounds (GRP)

Leading Me Back to You by Joe Sample Feat. Michael Franks
CD: Spellbound (Warner)

Small Town Girl by Larry Carlton
CD: Collection (GRP)

Hour Three Segment Two

Angel Eyes by Richard Cole
CD: The Forgotten (Origin)

Blood Count by Joe Henderson
CD: Lush Life (Verve)

Back Burner by Tom Scott
CD: Born Again (GRP)

Hour Three Segment Three

Terra Vista by Paul Speer
CD: Collection 983: Spectral Voyages (Rainstorm)

Mountain in the Mist by Craig Chaquico
CD: Acoustic Highway (Higher Octave)

Hour Three Segment Four

An Arc of Doves by Harold Budd and Brian Eno
CD: Ambient 2: The Plateau of Mirror (EG)

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