Saturday, August 1, 2020

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2005


Segment One

Black Garden View by Christopher Franke
CD: Pacific Coast Highway (Private Music)

Sunset by David Qualey
CD: Soliloquy (Windham Hill)

Angelico by Bill Douglas
CD: Jewel Lake (Hearts of Space)

A Delicate Balance by Lisa Downing
CD: A Delicate Balance (self-released)

You Are the Ocean by Schawkie Roth and Deborah Henson-Conant
CD: You Are the Ocean (Orb)

Segment Two

Half Moon Bay by William Aura
CD: Half Moon Bay (Higher Octave)

Hope for the Sun by Laura Sullivan
CD: Piano Solos (self-released)

Riding With Thunder by The Native Flute Ensemble
CD: Riding Thunder (Talking Taco)

Another Journey by O Yuki Conjugate
CD: Undercurrents (Solei Moon)

Wind River by Scott Moulton
CD: Light on the Mountain (Revere)

The Child Grows by Jon Mark
CD: Land of Merlin (Celestial Harmonies)

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