Saturday, August 1, 2020

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2003


Segment One

Wrong Reasons by Davol
CD: Nature of the Beast (Silver Wave)

Los Moros by Gino D'Auri
CD: Flamenco Mystico (Hearts of Space)

Natural Habitat by Kit Walker
CD: Dancing on the Edge of the World (Windham Hill)

Unicorn by the Blue Chip Orchestra
CD: Magic Age II (Erdenklang)

Toys Not Ties by Nightnoise
CD: Something of Time (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

Footprints in the Sky by Meg Bowles
CD: Blue Cosmos (Kumatone)

Sleeping Lady by Alex de Grassi
CD: Slow Circle (Windham Hill)

The Medicine Wheel by James Asher
CD: Globalarium (Silver Wave)

Water Circles by Mia Jang
CD: Water Circles (Narada)

L'enfant by Vangelis
CD: Opera Sauvage (Polydor)

Impreston by David Stevenson
CD: Echoes of an Inner Domain (self-released)

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