Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Jazz Scene 1904


Segment One

Window Views by Alexander "Sandi" Kuhn
CD: The Place in the North (Unit)

Stairway to the Stars by The Claremont Standards Band
CD: Conversations 1 (self-released)

One Hundred Ways by Tom Dempsey
CD: Saucy (Planet Arts)

Segment Two

Mind the Bubbles by Andrew Lawrence
CD: Trialogue (self-released)

My Funny Valentine by Beth Goldwater
CD: Vintage (self-released)

Yes or No by Ricky Ford
CD: Shorter Ideas (Muse)

Segment Three

Powder Keg (Take 5) by Wayne Shorter
CD: Wayning Moments (Koch)

East of the Sun by Michael Kocour
CD: East of the Sun (OA2)

Daahoud by Steve Hobbs
CD: Second Encounter (Candid)

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