Friday, February 1, 2019

Jazz Progressions 1904


Segment One

Crazy Horse Chief by The Jazz Rock Experience
LP: J.R.E. (Deram)

Oasis by Ian Carr's Nucleus
Double CD: Elastic Rock/We'll Talk About it Later (BGO)

Segment Two

Overdraft by Continuum
CD: Autumn Grass (Flawed Gems)

Sector 17 by If
CD: Waterfall (Repertoire)

Segment Three

Theme to the Mothership by Return to Forever
CD: Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (Polydor)

Yin by Larry Coryell and Eleventh House
CD: Introducing Eleventh House With Larry Coryell (Vanguard)

Ascorbic Acid by Alphonse Mouzon
CD: Mind Transplant (Blue Note)

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