Sunday, February 3, 2019

Lake Air 1904


Segment One

The Light by Jarrod Robinson
CD: Visions (self-released)

Evening Poem by Himekami
CD: Moonwater (Higher Octave)

The Look of Love by Grover Washington Jr. Feat. Jean Carne
CD: Strawberry Moon (Columbia)

Midnight Caller Theme by Rick Braun
CD: Intimate Secrets (Mesa)

Segment Two

Slide by Norman Johnson
EP: The Art of Life (self-released)

Morning Glory by Don Harriss
CD: Vanishing Point (Sonic Atmospheres)

New Day For You by Basia
CD: Time and Tide (Sony)

East by South by Yutaka
CD: Brazasia (GRP)

Segment Three

L.A. by Art Porter
CD: Pocket City (Verve)

Sequoia by Eric Tingstad
CD: Masters of Acoustic Guitar (Narada)

Take Me Higher by Aysha
CD: Take Me Higher (Innervision)

Forever the Optimist by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: Between Two Worlds (Private Music)

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