Friday, February 15, 2019

Jazz Progressions 1905


Segment One

The Name of the Flight - Obscurity by Denis Krupin
MP3: Antisuicide (self-released)

We Need a Plan by Electric Outlet
CD: On! (Lion Music)

Ohmage by Ohm
CD: Ohm (Lion Music)

Segment Two

Havakak by Riff Raff
CD: Original Man (Big Pink Music)

The One Who Knows by Contraband
LP: Time and Space (Epic)

Vuenta Abajo by The Tony Williams Lifetime
CD: Turn it Over (Polydor)

Segment Three

Playing, Part 7 by The Rafal Gorzycki Trio
CD: Playing (For Tune)

The Red One by Pat Metheny With Christian McBride and Antonio Sanchez
CD: Day Trip (Nonesuch)

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