Friday, February 15, 2019

Something Beautiful 1905


Segment One

Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast by Dick Bakker
LP: Instrumentally Yours

Lady by Paul Fried
CD: Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Harbor Lights by Leo Diamond
LP: Off Shore

Let's Put Out the Lights by Reg Owen
LP: Cuddle Up a Little Closer

The Best of Everything by Helmut Zacherias
CD: Melodies From Famous Films

Felicidade by Edmundo Ros
CD: Strings Latino

Petite Waltz by David Carroll
LP: Stereo Into the Sixties

Golden Slumbers by James Galway
CD: Wind of Change

If He Really Knew Me by John Fox
CD: John Fox and His Orchestra, Vol. 2

Segment Two

In My Room by The Hollyridge Strings
LP: Memories of the Beach Boys and Four Seasons

It's Too Late by George Greeley
LP: The Just Beautiful Music Collection

I'll String Along With You by The SRP Orchestra
CD: SRP Collection, Vol. 2

The Last Waltz by Geoff Love
CD: In the Mood for Waltzing

Sweet Beginning by Dick Schory
LP: Selections From "The Roar of the Greasepaint"

I Love, I Live, I Love by Enoch Light
CD: Spanish Strings

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late by Bob Blaum
CD: Spotlight on Bob Blaum, Vol. 1

A Love Way to... by Mantovani
CD: More Mantovani Magic/An Evening With Mantovani

New World in the Morning by Al Capps
CD: Sweet With a Beat

The Girl That I Marry by Robert Farnon
LP: Two Hearts in 3/4 Time

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