Saturday, July 3, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2117 With Guest Host Kyle Jameson


Segment One

 Arcturian Sunbird by Steve McDonald
CD: Spinfield (Hearts Of Space)

 Island-Sunrise by Software
CD: Digital-Dance (Innovative Communication)

 Cloud Walker by Paul Lawler
CD: Sundance (New World Music)

 Falling by Julee Cruise
CD: Floating Into The Night (Warner Bros. Records)

The Castle On The Mountain by Maxxess
Digital Album: Landscapes (Klangdesign Records)

 Segment Two

 Winter Moon by Elgin Wells
CD: Butterfly Dreams (Earth Records)

 Sudden Revelation by Tangerine Dream
CD: Canyon Dreams (Miramar)

 My Sky At Twilight by Peter Maunu
CD: Warm Sound In A Gray Field (Narada Mystique)

 Jhalinka by Davol
CD: Paradox (Silver Wave Records)

 A Shield About Me by Jeffrey Lams & John Andrew Schreiner
CD: Prisms-Portraits In Synthesis (Maranatha! Music)