Saturday, July 3, 2021

Jazz and More 06-27-21 With Guest Host Kyle Jameson

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Hour One Segment One

Adirondack by The Dave Harger Group
LP: Radio Ranch (Seat Of Your Pants)

Bleu Citron by Sixun
LP: Explore (Open)

Remembrance by Passport
CD: Heavy Nights (Atlantic)

Hour One Segment Two

Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Full Circle
CD: Full Circle (Columbia)

The Gift by 3rd Force
CD: 3rd Force (Higher Octave Music)

Meu Mestre Coração (Heart Is My Master) by Milton Nascimento
LP: Yauaretê (Columbia)

Amaranth by T-Square
CD: Impressive (Sony)

Hour One Segment Three

Rain Dance by Yutaka
CD: Another Sun (GRP)

Waterfall by Danny Gottlieb
CD: Aquamarine (Atlantic Jazz)

Perfect Flight by Billy Currie
CD: Transportation (I.R.S.)

East/West by Chi
CD: Pacific Rim (ProJazz)

Hour Two Segment One

Winter’s Ending by Pruett/Davis Quartet
CD: PDQ Sampler (self-released)

Photogenic Memory by Randy Roos
CD: Photogenic Memory (Agharta)

Sweet Dreams by Stan Samole
CD: Gliding (Jazz Inspiration)

Christopher by Françoise Joly
LP: Night And Deal (Cerise)

Hour Two Segment Two

Empty Harbor by Paul Sullivan
CD: Sketches Of Maine (River Music)

Full Moon And The Shrine by Keiko Matsui
CD: Full Moon And The Shrine (Countdown)

In My Pocket by Victor Feldman
CD: Rio Nights (TBA)

The Shrimp by The Jason Rebello Trio
LP: Freedom Principal: Acid Jazz & Other Illicit Grooves Vol. 2 (Urban)

Hour Two Segment Three

Mirage by Dimension
CD: Le Mans (Rhizome)

Love Is Stronger Than Pride by Sade
CD: Stronger Than Pride (Epic)

Take Off To Padang by Karimata
CD: Jèzz (Aquarius)

Acoustic Time by Norman Brown
CD: After The Storm (MoJazz)

Hour Three Segment One

Dance Of The Fireflies by Barbi Benton
CD: Kinetic Voyage (Takoma)

One Summer Night by Steve Haun
CD: Collage (Silver Wave)

Horizon by Oystein Sevag
CD: Close Your Eyes And See (Siddhartha Spiritual)

Oregon by Dan Balmer
CD: Becoming Became (Chase Music Group)

Hour Three Segment Two

Aguasonica by Jean Robitaille
LP: Pendulum (Paroles & Musique)

Naturalist by Euglossine
Digital Album: Coriolis (Hausu Mountain)

Lisdonvarne by David Hayes
CD: Sunbathing In Leningrad (Gold Castle)

Hour Three Segment Three

Alfred’s Book One by Left Lane
CD: In Common (Sison Music)

Wonderful Garden by Mimi Verderame
CD: Speed Limit 130 Km (B. Sharp)

Uptown Charme by D-Code
CD: D-Code (Timeless)

One For The Road by Acoustic Alchemy
CD: Red Dust And Spanish Lace (MCA)