Saturday, July 3, 2021

Jazz and More 06-20-21 With Guest Host Kyle Jameson

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Hour One Segment One                                               

Sky Crusin’ by Katsumi Horii Project
CD: Sky Crusin’ (Air)

Southbound by Vincent Henry
CD: Vincent (Jive)

At First Sight by Eliane Elias
CD: So Far So Close (Blue Note)

Jeanne by Victor Biglione
LP: Victor Biglione (Elektra Musician)

Hour One Segment Two

Double-fault by Hawk On Flight
LP: Talk Of The Town (Four Leaf Clover)

Into The Azure by Dezolve
CD: Sphere (VEGA Music Entertainment)

Amanda’s World by Joe LoCascio
CD: World With A View (Optimism Incorporated)

Hour One Segment Three

Naima by Caribbean Jazz Project
CD: Afro Bop Alliance (Heads Up International)

Creepin’ by Kenia
LP: Rio / New York (Jazzmania)

Christine by Ron Cooley
LP: Daydreams (American Gramaphone)

Hour Two Segment One

Dreaming In Blue by Kris Landrum
CD: Dreaming In Blue (TRI)

Apassion by Henrik Janson
CD: Livingroom (LCM)

Noon Flight by Gontiti
CD: Sunday Market (Portrait)

October Sends A Favorable Wind by David Huntsinger
CD: Autumn In New England (Unison Music)

Ocean Song by Early Byrds
LP: Up And Coming (Self-released)

Hour Two Segment Two

Spring by Rosenstein & Wagener
CD: Seasons (UBM)

Seascape by Pete Bardens
CD: Seen One Earth (Capitol)

Before You Go by Lyle Mays
CD: Street Dreams (Geffen)

Soundscape by Dave Samuels
CD: Living Colors (MCA)

The Phoenix by Senri Kawaguchi
CD: Buena Vista  (Most Company)

Hour Two Segment Three

Encore Toi by Marco Cerletti
CD: Random And Providence (Soundways)

Event Horizon by Joe Taylor
CD: Mystery Walk (ProJazz)

Hour Three Segment One

Helicopter by Richard Wester
LP: Heimat (Monopol)

Fingerprints by Olli Ahvenlahti
LP: The Way You Walk (Flamingo)

Child At Heart by Najee
CD: Rising Sun (Heads Up International)

Move Like A Dancer by Barry Coates & The Hats
CD: Move Like A Dancer (Artful Balance)

Hour Three Segment Two

Toe To Toe by Teruo Nakamura
CD: Super Friends (Eastworld)

Deluxe by Recoil
LP: The Fantasy Continues (Pausa)

Free Style by The Bridge
LP: The Bridge (New Phantom)

Hour Three Segment Three

Papaia by Alex Malheiros
LP: Atlantic Forest (Milestone)

Think Again by Wishful Thinking
CD: Think Again (Pausa)

Eleven Four by Soichi Noriki
LD: Vision Of The Heart (TOEMI)

My Mood by Deems
CD: Living (J-Town Sound)

Rikki’s Shuffle by Michael Hedges
CD: Live On The Double Planet (Windham Hill)