Saturday, July 3, 2021

Lake Air 2118 With Guest Host Kyle Jameson


Segment One

 Every Island by Danny Heines
CD: Every Island (Silver Wave Records) 

Necessary Autumn by Vital Information
CD: Easier Done Than Said (Manhattan Records) 

The Heart At Rest by Robin Frederick
CD: How Far? How Fast? (Higher Octave)

 Mind Operation by Dimension
CD: Le Mans (Rhizome)

 Segment Two

 Fresh Out The Box by Mr. Gone
CD: Fresh Out The Box (Run Recordings)

 Sunbeam by Larry Bright
LP: New Dimensions (New Dimensions Productions)

 Deeper Blue by Full Swing
CD: The End Of The Sky (Cypress Records)

 Having A Great Day by Dotsero
CD: Essensual (Ichiban International)

 Segment Three

 Second Chance by Prime Time
LP: Prime Time (self-released)

 Moongame by Gianluca Mosole Group
LP: Eartheart (Polydor)

 And Then There Were Ten by Mo Foster
CD: Bel Assis (MMC)

 Clear Light by Frédérick Rousseau
CD: Illustrator 6 (Koka Media)