Friday, December 29, 2023

Sounds From the Global Village 2319


Segment One

Wonder by Catrin Finch and Aiofe Ni Bhriain
CD: Double You (Naxos World)

Bali Doo by David Hudson
CD: Rainbow Serpent (Celestial Harmonies)
Bana by Jali Musa Jawara
CD: Soubindoor (World Circuit)

Segment Two

Le Rendez-Vous by Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca
CD: Sao Salvador (Putumayo World Music)

Valle Me Potpouri Tinane by The Tirana Folk Ensemble
CD: Songs and Dances From Albania (ARC)

Chyraa-Khoor by Huun-Huur-Tu
CD: Ancestors Call (World Village)

A Casa da Mariquinhas by Alfredo Marceneiro
Double CD: Fado: Coimbra - Lisbonne 1949-1961 (Fremeaux)

Segment Three

Cayo la Luna by Tania Libertad
CD: Costa Negra (World Village)

Punza by Biggie Tembo
CD: The Rough Guide to the Music of Zimbabwe (World Music Network)

In the Forest by The Warsaw Village Band
CD: Uprooting (World Village)

Bajo Esta Cielo by Gustavo Pazos Conde
Digital Album: Rincon de las Penas (self-rel;eased)

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