Sunday, December 3, 2023

Jazz and More 12-3-23

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Hour One Segment One

Lady by George Benson
CD: Breezin' (Warner)

Clean Sweep by Bobby Broom
CD: Clean Sweep (GRP)

Missing You by Henry Johnson
CD: Missing You (Heads Up)

Hour One Segment Two

Smooch by Wallace Roney
CD: Munchin' (Muse)

Smada by Terell Stafford
CD: This Side of Strayhorn (Maxjazz)

Hour One Segment Three

Wide Asleep by Michael Manring
Redonda by The Modern Mandolin Quartet
Asleep the Snow Came Flying by Tim Story
Double CD: Sanctuary (Windham Hill)

Hour One Segment Four

Jainus' Daughter by Jim Earp
CD: Rosewood (self-released)

Spiral Staircase by Doug Smith
CD: Order of Magnitude (American Gramaphone)

Hour Two Segment One

Alone Together by The Ed Barrett Trio
CD: Listen Hear (Louisiana Music Factory)

Pedals by Emily Remler
CD: Catwalk (Concord)

Hour Two Segment Two

Skating in Central Park by The Mike Mainieri Quartet
LP: Insight (Solid State)

Dualism by Michael Sagmeister and Dave Samuels
CD: Dualism (Timba)

Hour Two Segment Three

Aquasonic by A Positive Life
Baby Interphase by Biosphere
CD: Two A.D. (Waveform)

Hour Two Segment Four

Swinging Butterfly by The Lenny Mac Dowell/Christoph Spendel Project
CD: Autumn Breath (Blue Flame)

And She Cries by Checkfield
CD: A View From the Edge (American Gramaphone)

Hour Three Segment One

Chant For Peace Eternal by T.K. Blue
CD: Another Blue (Arkadia)

Blues For D.P. by Grover Washington Jr.
CD: Then and Now (Columbia)

Hour Three Segment Two

Bunny Dune by The Bert Seager Trio
CD: Open Book (Cloud)

Compassion by Larry Fuller
CD: Easy Walker (Pony Boy)

For Jan by The Laura Caviani Trio
CD: Dreamlife (Igmod)

Hour Three Segment Three

Tide Pool by Oregon
CD: Winter Light (Vanguard)

Downstream by Paul McCandless
CD: Navigator (Landslide)

Hour Three Segment Four

Caressed by the Wind by Tom Barabas
CD: Journey Back to Sedona (Soundings of the Planet)

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