Sunday, December 10, 2023

Jazz and More 12-10-23

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Hour One Segment One

Orion by Steps Ahead
CD: Yin Yang (NYC)

Midnight in San Juan by Earl Klugh
CD: Midnight in San Juan (Warner)

Along the Milky Way by David Benoit
CD: Freedom at Midnight (GRP)

Hour One Segment Two

I'll Be Seeing You by Joe Magnarelli
CD: My Old Flame (Give@Go)

Ballata in Forma di Blues by Chet Baker
CD: Chet in Italy 1962 (Rev-Ola)

Hour One Segment Three

Into Blue Snow by Himekami
CD: Moonwater (Higher Octave)

Flying Condor by Cusco
CD: 2000 (Higher Octave)

Seven Windows by Jim Jacobsen
CD: The Messenger (Narada)

Hour One Segment Four

Colonel John Irwin by Maire Ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
CD: The Carolan Albums (Old Bridge)

The Long Long Note by Deiseal
CD: The Long Long Note (Starc)

Hour Two Segment One

It's Almost Gone by The Yellowjackets
CD: The Yellowjackets (Warner)

Sise by Steve Khan
CD: Public Access (GRP)

Hour Two Segment Two

New York State of Mind by Ben Sidran
CD: Have You Met... Barcelona? (Orange Blue)

Too Close For Comfort by Pete Malinverni
CD: Autumn in New York (Reservoir)

All the Things You Are by Jodie Christian
CD: Experience (Delmark)

Hour Two Segment Three

Bali Sunrise by Mind Over Matter
CD: The Colours of Life (innovative Communication)

Endless Running by Double Fantasy
CD: Universal Ave (Innovative Communication)

Hour Two Segment Four

Fortune Cookie by The Freeway Philharmonic
CD: Freeway Philharmonic (Spindletop)

To Be by Montreux
CD: Sign Language (Windham Hill)

Hour Three Segment One

The Way You Look Tonight by Sara Caswell
CD: But Beautiful (Arbors)

Another New Beginning by The Jim Cutler Quartet
CD: For Real (Pony Boy)

For Dizzy by Roni Ben-Hur
CD: Anna's Dance (Reservoir)

Hour Three Segment Two

The Other Theme by The Uli Fiedler Trio
CD: Frizzante (Nagel Heyer)

RIP (Rest in Peace) by Uli Lenz
CD: Rainmaker's Dance (Arkadia)

Hour Three Segment Three

More Than Words by Tom Barabas
CD: Sedona Suite (Soundings of the Planet)

Afternoon in Sedona by Nicholas Gunn
CD: Afternoon in Sedona (Real Music)

Dance Beneath the Moon by John Boswell
CD: Count Me In (Hearts of Space)

Hour Three Segment Four

Heaven and Earth by Ansgar Dalken
Rise to Fall by Bernd Strohm
CD: Acoustic Guitar Highlights Vol. 4 (Acoustic Music)

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