Sunday, August 29, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2121


Segment One

The Swan Has Flown to the Mountain Lake by Michael Harrison
CD: In Flight (Fortuna)

Shanti (Black Mountain Mix) by Banco de Gaia
CD: One A.D. (Waveform)

Adria by Sandor Szabo and Michael Manring
CD: Inner Smile (Acoustic Music)

Energy as Matter by Software
CD: Electronic Universe, Part II (Innovative Communication)

Courtship Song by Robert Mirabal
CD: Music From a Painted Cave (Silver Wave)

Segment Two

Blue Rose by Judith Pintar
LP: Changes Like the Moon (Sona Gaia)

Railroad Sunset by David Mauk
Digital Album: Ground Swell (self-released)

The Astronomer by Craig Urquhart
Digital Album: Streamwalker (self-released)

Detroit Snack Bar Dreamer by Edgar Froese
CD: Stuntman (Virgin)

the Children's Garden by Tingstad and Rumbel
CD: Give and Take (Narada)

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