Saturday, August 7, 2021

Jazz and More 08-01-21

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Hour One Segment One

Either End of August by Bill Bruford
CD: Feels Good to Me (EG)

Alaska/Time to Kill by U.K.
CD: U.K. (EG)

Hour One Segment Two

Short Story by The Jill McCaron Trio
Digital Album: Jazz Motif (self-released)

How Deep is the Ocean? by The Russell Ferrante Trio
Digital Album: Inflexion (Blue Canoe)

What's the Meaning of This? by The Ted Moore Trio
CD: The Natural Order of Things (Origin)

Hour One Segment Three

Moonlit Starfish by Stephanie Sante
Digital Album: Clear Light (self-released)

The Vigilante by Blue Mair
CD: Swans in July (ITI)

Hour One Segment Four

Greenstone Waters by Andrew White
CD: The Heart of the Celtic Guitar (White Cloud)

Six Picture Dream by Danny Heines
CD: What Worlds They Bring (Vada)

Hour Two Segment One

Pieces of Dreams by Stanley Turrentine
CD: The Sugar Man (CTI)

Cast Your Fate to the Wind by George Benson
CD: Good King Bad (CTI)

Hour Two Segment Two

Transition by Chembo Corniel and Andrea Brachfeld
CD: Beyond Standards (Consolidated Artists)

Light at the End of the Tunnel by Norman Hedman's Tropique
CD: Taken by Surprise (Palmetto)

Hour Two Segment Three

Bougainvillea Suite by Alex de Grassi
CD: Clockwork (Windham Hill)

Hour Two Segment Four

Summer Fields by Wayne Gratz
CD: Romance: Music for Piano (Narada)

Sweet Rose by Scott Cossu and Eugene Friesen
CD: Reunion (Windham Hill)

Hour Three Segment One

Homecoming by The Yellowjackets
CD: Samurai Samba (Warner Brothers)

Reflections by George Howard
CD: Reflections (MCA)

Three Quarters by Steve Bach
CD: More Than a Dream (Soundwing)

Hour Three Segment Two

Satellite by Billy Childs
CD: Portrait of a Player (Windham Hill)

Naima by Cedar Walton
CD: Eastern Rebellion (Timeless)

Hour Three Segment Three

Sentimental Story by Dan Siegel
Digital Album: Far Away Place (self-released)

Watershed by Michael Gettel
CD: The Art of Nature (Narada)

As if We Didn't Know by Philip Aaberg
CD: Upright (Windham Hill)

Hour Three Segment Four

Kite Music by Jeff Richman and Wayne Johnson
CD: Apache (Miramar)

Spider's Dance by Ron Cooley
CD: Fireplace Memories (self-released)

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