Saturday, August 28, 2021

Lake Air 2122


Segment One

Love Goes On by Michael Fair
CD: Back for More (self-released)

Becoming Became by Dan Balmer
CD: Becoming Became (Chase)

Laronda by Paul Taylor
CD: Prime Time (Peak)

Only in a Daydream by Henry Johnson
CD: You're the One (MCA)

Segment Two

Don't Wait by Alex D. Banks II
Digital Album: Endless Journey (self-released)

Simple Pleasures by Doug Cameron
CD: Journey to You (Narada)

Sailing Without a Sail by Michael Johnson
CD: The Michael Johnson Album (Capitol)

Sun Dress by Bryan Lubeck
Digital Album: Midnight Sun (self-released)

Segment Three

Why Not? by Edison Herbert
Digital Album: Time for Love (self-released)

Night Games by Lisa Downing
CD: A Delicate Balance (self-released)

Bittersweet by Leslie Letven
CD: Make it Right (Sin-Drome)

Glisten by The Jeff Lorber Fusion
CD: Lift Off (RCA)

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